Independence Day coming in Trollhattan

It’s just a few hours away from being February 23 here in Australia, but over in Trollhattan they’ve still got a bit of time to get their Independence Day celebrations ready.

Saabs United has a man on the ground in Trollhattan – my good mate Dave R from England was heading there anyway so he’s got the invitation I couldn’t fill myself, and will be emailing the occasional update as time progresses.

What can Dave expect to see?

TTELA have a quick rundown:

  • Music and events, including presentations from Saab’s senior executives
  • 300 special car-inspired cakes (I hope Dave gets one)
  • Saab 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible
  • Saab 9-3 Griffin
  • Saab 9-3 SportCombi TTiD under 120g/km
  • ……plus, a little Djup Strupe has mentioned that there may be a sneak peek of the Saab 9-5 SportCombi at around 1830. Wait and see. Might be for attendees only.

    17 thoughts on “Independence Day coming in Trollhattan”

    1. So, what was the final conclusion? Are we regular punters unofficially invited as well, or not?

      That said, I hope Dave ends up getting that nice convertible rather than the cake. 🙂

      (Dave, if you’re reading this, are you heading up north afterwards by any chance? Through, say, Mariestad? ;))

      • Sorry Rune, heading back to England via Gothenburg on Thursday morning.

        Though hopefully I might see you and Anna at the Museum tomorrow evening.

        By the way, surely you are a ‘valued customer’, not a ‘regular punter’ 🙂

        • It is very tempting to attend. I will see if I can leave early from work tomorrow… Traffic in Oslo won’t be so bad tomorrow though (winter holidays), so I might make it. 🙂

          And I think I was demoted to “regular punter” after my recent 9-5 off-road experience. (this week’s “froze my door shut” 9000 incident did not help much either)

    2. The museum is open for everyone tomorrow, it´s “open house” 11-16 regular opening hours and then 18:30 to 22:00 with all the fun stuff 😉 Be there!

    3. A quick check at the Saab museum learns us that it will be free entrance at the museum from 18:30 and the 9-5 wagon will be there. As well as coffee and cake. It hangs out on the window so it must be a public event!

    4. Independence from whom?

      Look… Don’t get me wrong. GM is garbage and good riddance. Saab is certainly m-o-r-e independent than before, but it is not independent. It’s owned by Spyker instead of GM. Granted, this is a MUCH better arrangement before, but I’m surprised no one has brought this up. It’s also surprising for WM and other members of the Saab Spyker board to describe Saab as independent.

      Just a thought.

      • I don’t think you can compare GM with Spyker, I mean GM is slightly bigger than Spyker, but this is not the point.

        The point is, under GM, Saab was dependant on the decisions taken by GM, Saab had to use the parts other brands at GM were using, Saab had to develop the cars GM thought were best for Saab.
        Under Spyker the situation is slightly different, Saab can decide which engines are best for Saab, as Saab and Spyker use very different engines, Saab can decide how the platform Saab cars are/will be based on should look like, and I don’t think that Spyker will tell Saab to build RWD cars, so Spyker can build an inexpensive baby Spyker.

        This is what people mean when they say independent.

        Just a thought.

    5. I was phoned by a assistant editor at AMS asking me if I knew what was going on in Trollhättan. Information has been somewhat unclear. STCS says it is is an evening event at the Museum with a show of the 9-5 SC and cheap books…..
      Who are invited? Just VIPs and employees or any fan around the globe?

      • My understanding from what was said at the Museum is that it is open to all from 18.30.

        Cake was mentioned. Perhaps now they will just have to order some more …….

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