Monday Night Snippets

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words about my looming departure from Saabs United.

To those who suggested I post just every now and then – unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to work that way. This business has a flow about it, a cadence. Once you miss the beat, it’s very difficult to get back. That’s why you generally get four or five entries a day here, not one or two.

Hopefully there are some solutions out there than can see SU continue. As for me, well…. my time with SU is definitely coming to a close. Hopefully it’s not the end of the road completely, but it is the end of this road. I can’t juggle everything and something’s got to give. Right now, that something is SU.


Here’s a figure that might surprise you as much as it surprised me.

If I told you there were six pre-orders for the Saab 9-4x in Belgium, you might think “given the lack of a diesel option, that number sounds about right”.

What if I told you that those six orders for the Saab 9-4x were from just one dealership?



Good to see Sergio Marchionne tell VW to get their grubby eyes off Alfa Romeo.

Now he just needs to keep up the good work started with the Giulietta. Geneva will be interesting.


It was great to see the Saab Owners Club GB get together via Robin’s Flickr stream. Looks like they had a good gathering of cars there at Stratford on Avon

And it’s always good to see Elie having a good time. If anyone needs an event to be livened up, get this guy along and just watch him work – a Saab ambassador in the finest and most fun sense.


I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but people are blowing up my inbox with links to it.

So here’s the Norwegian beer guy in Germany doing his bit to show his Saab 9-3s usefulness. Bring Back The Hatch!

23 thoughts on “Monday Night Snippets”

  1. Aside from your strong participation in (hopefully) saving Saab, and being the hub of information exchange, What’s so special about SU is that it is a global community. It might well be the only special interest blog outside the “data processing culture”. So, I think it would be a shame if that was lost. Not to mention the tremendious level of skills and intelligence shown by everybody participating.

    Regarding Alfa, methink that Volkswagen manages their brands much better than Fiat (except Seat). Still, I hope that some passionate investor takes over and I also promote a cooperation with Saab ;-). Have you seen a Giuillietta in real life? I was a bit disappointed. And a friend of mine who formerly had a 156 switched to the Lancia Delta because she was not convinced of the G. as well.

    • I am very curious about that too, because according to the newspaper (see the link Swade posted), that particular Saab had Norwegian license plates. It looks like he intended to drive 1 metric ton of beer from Germany to Norway.

      The legal quota is 5 liters, about ten cans of beer.

      This story might be why the customs officer stopped me at the border this morning. He just wanted to look inside my hatch. 😀 A quick peek later and he waved me on.

      How is the rear axle on a 9-3 constructed? Is it split? The 9000, as far as I can tell from drawings, has a solid rear axle? (kinda makes me wonder how that affects cornering when the inner wheel will roll less — as there’s no diff)

      • Cornering is no problem either on the ng900 or the 9000. The wheels roll indipendently whether its a stiff rear or indipendent rear axle. But I believe the rear suspension on the NG 900 is indipendent. And its kind of weak, so if he made it to Norway i would be really surprised.
        By the way, I did a similar thing with my 900 79 model. I filled the rear of the car with sand (seats folded down and covered in plastic). Probably a ton. It had no suspension during the transport but it did survive.

        • Thanks Kjell Erik, the pieces finally fell into place now. 🙂

          I did some spirited driving in my 9000 this morning, so I know it has excellent cornering abilities! I just don’t fully understand the ‘how’ bit. It remains very stable on ice and snow.

  2. The guy with the beer reminds me of several occasions when my wife and I used our cars as pickup trucks.

    The most memorable was when I purchased 52 one cubic yard bags of landscape mulch from a garden center.

    When we pulled around to the loading area with her ’78 99 Turbo, and my ’80 900 Turbo, the employees just laughed. Well we had the last laugh, as we put 26 bags in each car…CLOSED the hatches…and drove off…leaving the folks at the garden center shaking their heads.

    There were many other times with refrigerators in the back, stoves, and a myriad of other large items, that no one thought would ever go in the car(s).

    I truly hope SAAB bring back a true hatch that has the interior floor at the same level as the bumper…ala the OG 900s. They were…and still are…the best “pickup truck” one could buy. We still use our ’90 SPGs for hauling to this day. 😀

    • +10 on the low interior floor part.
      A friend of my just recently jumped in his old c900 to pick up some sort of an enormous water container and the guys at the warehouse couldn’t stop laughing. Well it got very quite rather quickly after they’d loaded the beast and he was eyeing the cars parked outside the store that clearly belonged the employees (a couple of wagon 3-series and a few newer wanna be hatches).

    • I want the hatch back too. The old 99 and 900 cc are the most practical saabs made. The stiff axle and the rather narrow rims gave extreme cargo area. I too have been transporting big things the shop owners could not believe would fit in the tiny saab.

    • At Ikea once, I bought 6 dining room table chairs from the “as is” section, which means they were pre-built! 6 chairs AND 3 people in a 9000 without anyone having a chair on their lap!

  3. Beherman is doing a great job in Belgium. They have already a price list for the 9-4x on the Belgian and the Luxembourg site.

    I think it was good for the Dutch market that they are now in charge of the whole BeNeLux.

    • Am I right to say that the Belgian market was always amongst the 5 best selling markets the last few months? That’s quite impressive for such a small country! 🙂

  4. Excellent news that there is demand also in Europe for 9-4x. Hope that SU can continue at least as “news” service.

  5. I used my OG 9-3 last weekend for a little impromptu truck substitution. I needed to move 6 older Apple PowerMac G5 computers and couple of 24″ LCD displays. The PowerMacs fit perfectly in the hatch with the seat remaining upright. I had 4 standing upright between the wheel wells and 2 standing end to end across the front, up against the hatch. They are tall computers and I don’t think they would have fit at all in a standard trunk. The LCD panels were safe and secure, nicely belted into the back seat.

    I took it slow over the speed bumps and everything is well.

  6. Dear Swade,
    I’m still shocked by your imminent departure from SU. I’m not full surprised since lately I noticed that your emotional involvement was getting to a point that it starts devouring you. Especially your mentioning of your health makes me worry in that respect, hope that your going to be fine.
    Most has been said by most other regulars here. Your among the few that have meant so much for so many. Dear Sir, I salute you!


  7. The beer story was on the news on Norwegian national radio. Saab was mentioned, any news is good news? And all that for free 🙂

  8. It struck me that the feeling I’ve got about the Swade-era drawing to a close is the same I had a couple of years ago when Oliver Kahn finished his career. That means that it will stay for quite a while.
    But it is important to say I still support the decision wholeheartedly as there after all only is one person who can tell what’s right to do and that person is Swade. Once again thank you and sorry for getting tedious, I can’t avoid it in some rare situations.

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