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For those Swedes who like their cars to be green, Preem are launching a new diesel variant that’s either 16% or 20% more environmentally friendly (depending on how you read the literature).

Describing the development of the product, which hits the market in April, as “unique”, the firm claims that Preem Evolution diesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 16 percent due to the fact that a fifth of the raw material is tall oil.

“New thinking on green solutions lies behind the development of the Evolution diesel. The tall oil has hitherto been regarded as waste by the forest industry. Through innovative thinking and co-operation it has been developed into a renewable resource,” the firm said in a statement.

The product is developed from processing a residue extracted from black liquor in pulp mills and is the result of six years of research and costing the firm more than 300 million kronor ($47 million).

The diesel is identical to fossil diesel molecularly, but is made up of 20 percent renewables, thus qualifying it for tax free status in Sweden and thus comparable in price to regular diesel.


Don’t blink as you’ll miss it, but here’s our mate Etienne and his Saab 99 in the Boucles de Spa over the weekend.


From what I can tell of the updates on the Saablog-in website, Etienne completed the course and finished 20th of 140 vehicle in the class.

An excellent effort by the world’s happiest Saab fan (anyone who’s met Etienne will know what I mean)


If you’re in North America (I think it may be cost-prohibitive otherwise and I’d recommend Maptun anyway) and you have a Saab 9-3 V6 and you haven’t already got a solution to your need for a fatter downpipe and midpipe on your exhaust, then some people at SaabCentral would like to hear from you. They’re looking for 25 people to get a job lot made up.

The thread starts here and ‘kanundrum’ from SC got in touch asking if I’d pass the word around. Consider it passed.


A little while ago I invited you to participate in some Saaby Student Research. A series of questions were posed and I’d like to thank the many people who completed the questionnaire and sent it to me via email.

I can pass on that I did indeed pass them along to Robin M, who in turn passed them over to the young student concerned.

More than that, though, Jette (the young lady conducting the research) went up to Robin’s neck of the woods over the weekend and a group of Southwest Saab Club members got together to provide more answers, and a few photos as well.


BMW ownership can come at a price some aren’t willing/able to pay here in Australia.

So much so that it actually made the news over the weekend.

BMW is pursuing hundreds of Australians in bankruptcy proceedings over luxury vehicles collectively worth up to $18 million, as dreams of enjoying opulent lifestyles crash.

The social aspirants now face losing their luxury vehicles and possibly their homes to repay massive debts to car financing giant BMW Finance…..

…..The Sunday Herald Sun inspected 32 BMW actions in the Federal Magistrates’ Court, where the debts ranged from $8000 to $190,000, with most in the $30,000-plus range.

18 thoughts on “Monday Snippets”

  1. Unfortunately, BMW has a track record for petty lawsuits. In the recent past it has hounded Triumph clubs around the world for using trademarks of the old firm in their club logos. They have sent threading letters to several clubs I belong to. What is sad about all of this is they have no plans to ever use the logos again by actually producing new Triumphs. So what is it they are protecting? Triumph owners have reacted by putting BMW at the bottom of their prefered buying list. Aussie Saab owners should do the same.

    • unsure if “not paying” your bill is petty, chasing up car clubs etc is petty, and yes BMW has lost its personal touch and Saab can fill that gap in the coming years.

    • Petty? If you buy something and don’t pay for it, you are going to be taken to court. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me at all. What I find most disturbing is that we are supposed to feel sympathetic towards people who can no longer pay the bills on high ticket items that they couldn’t really afford in the first place.

  2. I´m happy for you Jette! And I guess having Robin to show you around must have been a blast. 🙂

    As for BMW taking people to coart… Is it really worth taking a huge financial risk for the sake of wanting to be posh? And if you want to buy an expensive thing, well then have a good look around at what creditors are lining up for you in terms of well.. terms. Never sign the first best contract. There are loads of ways to get a loan.

    Concerning Triumph and rights to reproduction of logotypes without own financial gain, that Chris wrote about in comments, I can feel for. Why even bother trying to protect a logo that someone wants to lift up high in glory? Thats like saying that people are only allowed to idolise a brand if they pay for it. Gezz. I´m with you there Chris. Thank you Saab for letting enthusiasts show their pride.

    Go Etienne! I´ve never met a man that laughs as much as Etienne 🙂


    • It was a great experience! I feel lucky meeting all these nice people who spent their whole sunday afternoon to help me out with my project 🙂

  3. About the oil. It should say ” Pine Tree Oil” in English (Tall is the Swedish word for Pine Tree)
    We grow a lot of these trees up here in the North and make paper out of it. The Pine Tree oil is a residue from the paper making process, and it can obviously be turned into Diesel instead, which is great.

  4. Completey and utterly off topic: I seem to just have found out that neither the 1.9 nor the 2.0 l TiD have counter balancing shafts. The BMW N47 2.0 litre, and the Ford/Jaguar/PSA DW12 2.2 litre both have them. This may well explain why the former are considered as rough runners. Before talking about a V6 Diesel, maybe this problem should be solved first.

    Frustrating, if correct. Can somebody pls confirm/contradict.

  5. These engines don’t have them… and adding them means designing a complete new engine.
    Which brings us to a new (or old) topic. From who will they buy one??

  6. I remember reading a marketing analysis that stated that BMW owners incur the highest debt level of any brand to buy their cars. In other words, BMW owners will spend their last dollar, which explains why BMW offers free scheduled maintenance (owners wouldn’t pay for dealership maintenance otherwise). Subaru owners used the smallest percentage of their available credit. Lenders were willing to give them roughly 50% more than they actually spent.

    I’m sure the numbers aren’t all that different in Australia, so BMW Finance having to pursue delinquent accounts isn’t surprising.

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