New Salem Saab hosting Independence event this weekend

Re-Posted – event on this weekend


Our good mates at New Salem Saab are hosting an event to commemorate Saab’s sale to Spyker Cars.

It’s on this weekend. Here’s the Facebook page, and here are the details from it….

You are invited to come celebrate the one year anniversary of the Saab rebirth as an independent automaker! This anniversary is our way to celebrate our rebirth and to show that Saab has weathered the global economic slowdown and not only continues to sell great cars, but is in the midst of a product offensive with great new vehicles and ideas!

So we invite you to come out to New Salem Saab and celebrate with us! The party will start at 9am with refreshments and Scandinavian fun for all! Test drive our new 9-5 while your here! Bring your family and friends, Everyone is welcome! πŸ™‚

Time: Saturday, February 26 Β· 9:00am – 3:00pm

Location: New Salem Saab, 2017 Central Avenue, Albany NY

And whilst we’re talking New Salem Saab, check out the photos on their FB page of a customer’s car that was recently hit and spun. All occupants OK. Car did it’s job.

This car saved my husband’s life twice. I’m so grateful for Saab safety systems!

You can’t design a 100% crash-proof car. All you can do is develop the absolute safest car you can. That’s what Saab do and they’re second to none.

I’m glad you’re OK, sir.

People, if you’re in the area, make sure you drop in at NSS on the weekend and say G’day to Darryl and the team there. I know they’d love to see you and appreicate your support.

12 thoughts on “New Salem Saab hosting Independence event this weekend”

  1. Hey all

    Thanks SW for the post! We are planning a nice venue with an array of native Swedish foods to taste.

    Stop in and say hello and if so inclined even purchase a new Saab.

    We would love to meet and greet some of our SU fans!


  2. Hey everyone.

    Its snowing here AGAIN….Another 8-12″ but that will not stop us.
    We have been hand preparing the food for the last two days and plan to work hard tonight to put it all together. We have a lot of snow to move and preperations to finalize.
    Definately check out the FB page for some of the pics we have posted for the festival.

    Aside from the weather, we are excited to have our own Arctic adventure! In fact, don’t tell anyone, but I ordered this just for all our Saaby friends! It just makes it feel like Sweden outside as well as inside.



    • I was wondering about the weather too but looks like most of the snow is wrapping up on Friday and Saturday looks good – partly cloudy and a hight of 30 deg F. Perhaps some snow showers in the evening and another 1 or 2 inches of snow late night. Trollhattan is forecast for 32 deg F and light snow on Saturday.

  3. Good luck on a great turn out Darryl. Praying the snow eases up on your day and that lots of people get out the to support a dealer who is 100% SAAB. All the best New Salem Saab.

  4. Just got back from SAAB’s rebirth day party at New Salem SAAB – a truly impressive and truly ‘groaning’ table full of goodies: home made pickled herring and veggies – gotta get that recipe for gravlax!

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