Press Release: Saab Automobile AB Announces New Global Sales Structure

  • Saab Automobile AB creates new global sales organization with four regions
  • New structure brings company closer to markets
  • Saab Cars North America Announces New Executive Director Marketing

TROLLHATTAN, Sweden, Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Saab Automobile AB today announced the introduction of a new global sales structure aimed at enhancing support and communication with its markets around the world. The announcement comes as Saab Automobile AB is embarking on its biggest-ever product offensive and expansion into several new markets around the globe.

Effective February 1, Saab Automobile’s new global sales organization is divided into four regions, each led by a regional director responsible for market development, sales and aftersales. The regions identified in the new structure are: Americas, Nordic, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

The Americas region includes the United States, traditionally Saab’s largest market, and will be led by Alan Ludwell, currently responsible for importer markets at Saab Automobile AB. Magnus Hansson will continue as regional director for the Nordics, where Sweden is the largest market. The Europe region will be led by Jonathan Nash, who leaves his position as managing director of Saab Great Britain. Over the course of the next few months Saab Automobile AB aims to announce a regional director for Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, where China will become the main focus.

All regional directors will be based at company headquarters in Trollhattan, Sweden, where they will report directly to Saab Automobile AB Executive Director Global Sales & Aftersales, Matthias Seidl.

Announcing the new structure, Seidl said: “This new organization gives individual markets a direct link with company headquarters through their regional organizations, creating shorter lines of communication and a more effective decision-making process. Getting this new structure in place is an important step as we focus on realizing the full sales potential of our markets and build on the recent sales momentum.

“This year will be extremely important for Saab Automobile AB as we continue our biggest-ever product offensive with the introduction of exciting new vehicles like the Saab 9-4X crossover and the Saab 9-5 SportCombi. The new sales structure should help us make the most of the volume opportunities these products will create for us.”
Saab Cars North America today also announces the addition of Mr. David Rooney as Executive Director Marketing for North America.

David has a very extensive executive marketing background. He spent the duration of his career at Chrysler/DaimlerChrysler where he held several director level positions in areas such as customer relationship management, marketing and global communications, brand communications, media operations, events and cross brand marketing. David’s most recent accomplishment includes authoring a book entitled: The 31st Second to stimulate organizations and individuals to “think like Marketers” by developing client centered strategies and tactics focused on brand positioning, integrated communication and measurable business development.

“We are very pleased to have David Rooney join our North American team in a very pivotal year for Saab Cars North America,” said Matthias Seidl, Executive Director Global Sales and Aftermarket. “David’s experiences and achievements over his career will help enhance Saab’s overall brand image, ultimately influencing positive sales momentum.”


And in a seperate article…..

Saab GB has appointed Charles Toosey as its new managing director following Jonathan Nash’s promotion to regional director of Europe.

Toosey was Saab GB’s finance director for the past six years. He started his employment in 1991 with Saab GB as a financial accountant, and has, since 2001, held various management positions in Spain, Sweden and the UK for Saab Automobile and General Motors.

Toosey said: “The coming year will be extremely important for Saab Great Britain as we continue our biggest-ever product offensive with the introduction of exciting new vehicles like the 9-4X crossover and the long-awaited 9-5 SportWagon.”

Andrew Hill, formerly finance director at Saab’s London dealership, Saab City, will take over as finance director at Saab GB February 7, 2011.

28 thoughts on “Press Release: Saab Automobile AB Announces New Global Sales Structure”

  1. Saab are looking for a regional director for Asia Pacific etc. There is this guy I know in Tasmania who imho fits that position nicely. But then he would have to relocate to Trollhättan and listen to what his boss thinks he should do…


  2. Another thought: it’s a pity SCNA seem to have mislaid the phone number of our Curvin O’Rielly. He may be quite able to contribute something useful to SCNA’s marcom effort.


  3. This is a very good idea because different regions have different needs and the Saab marketing can become more focused.

      • we’re waiting for a year 🙂

        the last snippet I’ve heard is that some Swedes from SAAB visited Moscow, but no perspectives still.

        If any of you guys knows something please tell!

      • Yep, it’s February and still no dealers. My friends sometimes ask me why I don’t buy some other car, but I still want a 9-3, fresh from the factory.

        • Is it possible for you to buy from a Finnish dealer and import it yourself?

          St Petersburg is not so far from the border… 🙂

          • It is better to buy in US, prices there is much lower than in Finland. Also SAAB was cheaper in Russia than in Europe days before.

          • finnish prices + russian customs fees = unaffordable price

            I know guys from Belarus are picking their cars in Lithuania and we have a common custom….. maybe there are some possibilities, but this is not what an average customer needs..

            Joe, thanks for the link

            Rune, are you checking your facebook account?

          • Nah, I’l better wait some more. Don’t want to bother with huge customs fee for the car, Finnish visa, insurance, etc. I’m not that crazy about Saabs. The only problem is that I don’t really love the future 9-3 restyling, I like the current look better. By autumn only facelifted 9-3s will be available. But maybe some Hirsch exterior parts will do the job for me.

          • svizzera, when Norwegians buy new cars in Sweden, they get the dealers to withdraw Swedish taxes first before bringing the car into Norway. I would be surprised if a similar deal can’t be struck in Finland.

            But the hassle of all that paperwork is a downer for sure.

            I rarely check facebook. Is there something going on there now? (I check SU every ten minutes OTOH)

  4. Hm, regional directors based at head quarters sounds awkward. This means that there has to be some kind of a leader in the regions itself who’s taking care of day-to-day business there. That sounds too much like two captains on a ship to me. Especially since they are separated in space and time, as a company you set yourself up for communication problems (unintentional AND intentional) and friction. Don’t think that modern communication tools can replace personal involvement.
    But, I assume they know what they are doing.

  5. Procyon, I have seen them but you cant really alot from that!! At least I will wait until I see a proper picture and see it live!

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