Press Release: Saab Automobile to Host Independence Day Celebration

• Factory celebration of Saab’s first year as independent company
• Live music, awards, product displays and presentations
• Launch of Saab’s latest product news, including special edition model
• 300 special edition birthday cakes

Trollhättan, Sweden: All 3,800 employees at Saab Automobile will down tools next Wednesday (23 February) to hold a huge birthday party – the first anniversary of Saab’s rebirth as an independent carmaker. They will be joined by dealers, suppliers, VIPs and media

Part of Saab’s state-of-the-art factory in Trollhättan will be converted into an entertainment arena, it will be ‘open house’ at the Saab Car Museum, and many of the town’s bars and restaurants are expected to join in the festivities as Saab Automobile celebrates its first year as an independently-run business.

The celebration will be exactly one year to the day after General Motors sold Saab Automobile to Spyker Cars N.V. of the Netherlands. When the deal was signed, new Saab Automobile Chairman Victor Muller promised his jubilant workforce that this day would be commemorated and next week he and Saab President & CEO Jan Åke Jonsson will keep their word.

The factory entertainment program includes live music sessions, video shows, presentations, awards for top suppliers, a photo competition on the theme of ‘Independence’ and the announcement of Saab’s latest product news, including a unique special edition car. A celebratory birthday cake – of which more than 300 will be produced – will be shared among all those attending.

The event will be broadcast live for screening at Saab dealerships around the world and also recorded for video distribution.

“This is our Independence Day,” said Jonsson. “We will be celebrating becoming masters of our own destiny again, being free to make our own decisions and back our own judgements.

“Saab has come a long way in the last 12 months. We’ve restructured our operations here in Sweden and around the world, we’ve introduced new ways of working, entered new markets and forged new business partnerships. We’ve also triggered the biggest new product offensive in Saab’s history with the launch of the 9-5 Sedan and the 9-4X crossover, the introduction of the 9-5 SportCombi later this year, and the arrival of a new generation 9-3 range next year.

“So we will be looking forward as well as back during our celebrations next week. We are at the beginning of a bright new future for the company.”

Saab Automobile Chairman Victor Muller added: “Saab is being reborn as an independent and entrepreneurial business. We are giving full rein to the free thinking and innovative spirit that has always been part of this company’s DNA. The celebration next week will be part of that process.

“No other carmaker has such a loyal workforce, such a loyal dealer network or such a loyal customer following. With exciting new products now on sale and in the pipeline, we have all the ingredients in place for a successful future.”

During the last 12 months, Saab Automobile’s major achievements include:

• Concentration of all design, development and vehicle production at Trollhättan
• Reorganization of engineering and technical development processes
• Introduction of a new global, Saab-controlled sales and distribution network
• Creation of new business partnerships: e-AAM Driveline Systems, BMW engine supply, 9-3 ePower electric vehicle research program with several partners
• Establishment of SES (Saab Engineering Services) as an entrepreneurial business division marketing Saab expertise
• Launch of all-new Saab 9-5 Sedan and 9-4X, Saab’s first crossover vehicle
• Introduction of 180 hp, turbo diesel 9-3 Sport Sedan with class-leading 119 g/km CO2 emissions

24 thoughts on “Press Release: Saab Automobile to Host Independence Day Celebration”

  1. Spyker is really an epic owner, it’s hard to believe that such an exclusive brand has bought Saab, son of Trollhattan.

    I’m going to enjoy some time in a virtul Spyker later on today, Atari and Eden Games has added the Spyker Aileron and the D8/12 Peking to Paris along with the Spyder version of the Aileron in their latest racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2 – truly amazing automobiles, it’s an honor to have them as Saab owners.

    • Superbly done Trollhättan!!!

      Now eat alot of cake, easy on the cocktails, enjoy the show… and then continue your wonderful work! We are so proud of you all!

      Smithy.. PC, Xbox or PS3? The graphics seems a tad bellow that of ForzaIII judging by the trailer. But if dirttracks is a part of the experience I´m going to buy the game! I´m an Xbox man myself.
      Ps. I spent about 100 GBP in 1987 as a 16 year old playing the original arcadegame Test Drive. 🙂 And ofcourse I bought it for my Amiga Ds.


  2. It´s incredible the results achieved by SAAB during this first independance year.

    Victor Muller, Jan Åke Jonsson and all the Saab workers, together with us, Saab customers, have to be very proud of this special and unique brand.

    SAAB Up!!!

  3. Time sure goes by fast…. this month I pass the 2 year mark with my first Saab, my SportCombi. It’s a good feeling to be a part of this celebration, in my own little way. I simply cannot see a time that I will not have a Saab in my life.

    • If your schedule permits, you should attend the 2011 Saab Owners Convention in Parsippany NJ. I hope to have another vintage Saab by then. If not, I will bring my own 9-3 SC.

      • Argh, missing that one. Would have loved to go but I’m in Europe in August. Any Saab celebrations in The Netherlands in August?

  4. I wish the nice & happy celebration of “First Independence Day” to the Saab Automobile, to all managers, workers, dealers, quests in Trollhattan and to fans, enthusiasts over the world.

    Special acknowledgement to Mr Spyker, Mr. Jonsson and to Steven Wade.

    We stay at home but we will be with you togheter.

    Happy birthday Saab.

  5. Two comments – first, congratulations to Saab, VM, JAJ and all the employees of Saab on their incredible achievements! Second, I hope that in the future, Saab and Spyker licenses their designs to toy manufacturers to reproduce more model cars…would love to see more numerous and affordable and Saab Matchbox and Hotwheels models – good for marketing, too.

  6. Congratulations to Victor and JAJ! Congrats to all at Saab for the hard work day in and day out.
    When you have a leader and product that you can believe in, it “moves your mind” in a positive way, every day.

    Saab and all associated with the brand should be very proud.

  7. First of all my apologies if I sounded a bit negative about the virtual celebration yesterday. In fact I appreciate it very much to get a life video stream since crossing the big pond to join in person is a bit too much right now. It really shows how much Saab appreciates its global supporters.
    However, my question from yesterday still stands; are visitors welcome to join in at the factory party?

    Congratulations Saab and Spyker! I’m eagerly awaiting the new concept car, the new 9-3 and the smaller thingie. When we were sitting at our computers last year, with a knot in our stomach and hitting the refresh button every 10 seconds, who could have hoped for this outcome. This world is still a better place with new Saabs in it!

  8. would have preferred to see the word ‘customers’ instead of ‘VIPs’. Unless VIP refers to Mr. Saab or someone like that, and not some reality star from Big Brother. But still would have liked to see the word ‘customers’.

  9. Interesting how their press release says: “9-4X, Saab’s first crossover vehicle” as if the 9-7X never existed.

  10. This celebration is a great idea. SAAB employees can be proud of their company once again. Which car maker organizes such meetings for employees? (Spyker? :)) I wish all the hardworking people at SAAB to enjoy the Independence day.

  11. It is hard to believe it has been a year since the long and winding road led to Saab being saved! I am glad they are having this day to celebrate.

    I am due for my 15,000 service and was planning on calling today to make an appointment. I saw the post Saab made on Facebook announcing the Independence Day celebration and decided that I would make my appointment on that day so I can be at my Saab dealer. ;’)

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