Report: Saab sales news

I just wanted to bring one quick report from the Swedish press to your attention. I think this has been mentioned in the many (many) comments here over the last few days, but may have got lost in the rush.

I’m taking this from the Swedish paper, Affars Valden:

According to Muller, Saab sold 1990 cars during [Week 7]. It is the largest figure since Spyker bought Saab. The sales manager also said that Saab has 700 orders for new 9-4X, which is manufactured in Mexico.

During the party was the brand-new 9-5 Sport Combi, and a refreshed 9-3 Cab Independence Edition which will be manufactured in 366 copies. The goal to sell 80 000 cars this year remains unchanged.

That’s nearly 2,000 cars in one week during February – and that’s 99% likely to be before the sub-120g/km Saab 9-3 SportCombi comes online in Europe and before the Saab 9-5 SportCombi books were opened.

Things are looking up.

I like this bit at the end, too….

And for those who doubt that Saab is going well, said Muller.

– Today, I can collect the tons of Russian caviar and champagne from all those who a year ago made a bet that we would not even get by even one year. But all doubters were wrong. They were wrong!


Whilst I know VM wouldn’t say this (he’s a lot more polite than I am), I’ve had enough run-ins with the press from various places to invite people to share a toast. I’m thinking of various members of the press, from Sweden, the US and especially a couple of guys in Canada.

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags,
Let’s have a toast for the a$$holes,
Let’s have a toast for the scumbags,
Everyone of them that I know.

That’s not for those who simply reported facts. It’s for those who used the power and gravity of their opinions to write about Saab negatively when they could and should have written fairly. They made the hill that Saab have had to climb that much steeper.

But hey, we are still here. And I think we’ll toast you all again in December, and again on Feb 23, 2012.


Thanks to Ronald L for the news tip!

47 thoughts on “Report: Saab sales news”

  1. I have become increasingly confident in Saab, heard a lot of former Saab owners talk about delaying their new car purchases awaiting a glipse at the new 9-3, similar with the 9-4x, a lot of positive comments from non owners happy with the size and look. There is definitely a strong interest out there, they just need the products and they are starting to arrive. Good times!

  2. Once the order books open, etc., we can expect 2,000+ weekly, meaning that statistics say 104,000 cars sold this year.

    Long live Saab!

    • Not so sure… be aware that it was 6 weeks before that with lower sales data, and for the first 4 weeks (January) they sold about 2500-2700 cars in total. But yes, IF that number keep as high as 1900 cars we will have over 80.000 cars at the end of the year. But as we always talk about delivered cars to customers, there is a delay between when cars are ordered and when they are delivered. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Swade- nice and well placed Kanye West reference. The products are the best since I started following Saab in 1990 (and yes I love the 900 and 9000). Great job to all. Cannot. wait. for. the. Concept.

  4. The simple fact that Saab has managed to stay on target on the product development front and delivering new fresh model line up, the distribution network front and the marketing and promotions front is to me a strong guarantee of the success that is already beginning. As stated yesterday, having VM and JAJ leading this organization and push is a greater guarantee for the success to continue exponentially. I concur with all the statements to the press and remain united on the tone and wording used here Swade, they can all go to hell and I am being very polite here !!!

  5. Swade,

    Too funny, I can’t stand Kanye, but those lyrics just made me almost wet myself. I hear you loud and clear because I’ve dealt with some of those same people. Still laughing at that.

    • That’s great news. I was out to dinner with some friends who were visiting Boston a couple weekends ago. I happened to look up and there was a huge billboard for the new 9-5. Later that night, we were leaving a party and as I crossed the street I noticed a new 9-5 (only the second one I’ve seen in the wild) parked on the street.

      I’m kind of thrilled about all of this momentum building.

  6. Things are going to be good this year i can feel it. Nice f***in video i had no clue Kanye West was worth listening to. This simple but yet strange and maybe controversial video might be cool. At lest its a lot of ballet girls legs in it and i like that.

      • Jeff,one is when you come out of the midtown tunnel going towards Long Island,second one is close to canal street on the west side highway going downtown and the third I just saw today and it is located on the BQE going towards the Bronx.
        Hey I did a lot of driving today…….

    • I saw 9-5 billboards both north and south of New Haven, Ct. Heavily travelled and lots of tie ups there during rush hour. Perfect placement! Also, my 9 year old son loves the new history ad that airs heavily on ESPN and History Channel.

  7. What interests me in this report, besides the great news, is how fast they are getting sales number in now. Just a few months ago we were getting monthly numbers by country, and now it seems Saab has improved the speed of their reporting system. Perhaps these are flash numbers as we sometimes see in poll reporting?

    • As I understand it from what has been written in Swedish media it is ordered cars, not delivered cars. So there should be a delay between the order date and the delivery date. And we usually only speak about delivered cars to customers when we talk about sales numbers.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Yeeeah Yeeeah!… Saab is kicking on and Kicking a$$!! Liking the trib..Bwoyyyy!! GRIFFIN UPPP!


  9. “But hey, we are still here. And I think weโ€™ll toast you all again in December, and again on Feb 23, 2012.”

    So Swade, you are now a Saab employee using “we” when referring to Saab? This seems to be a departure from I, the reference you previously referred to.

  10. Lovin the Kanye West video !

    and yep…we’re flyin now boys!!!

    at this rate, by 6 months from now, Saab sales should be about 9000 units per month (guestimate based off of assumptions and info given in post)

    Thats some LOVELY numbers right there!!

  11. According to yesterdays GP, swedish paper, all the independence day convertibles have orders… Great news

  12. As I said before:
    Optimists and pessimists prove right equally often.
    But the optimists have a lot more fun!

    Go SAAB!

  13. This is great news, but I do want all of us to remember that these are orders, not deliveries. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But when those cars are delivered.. we know that month will look rather interesting.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. In an interview in DI (and broadcasted on the Swedish Radio Economy news) it is reported that Antonov has stated that he and a group of investers from China, India and Russia can take care of the EIB loan – provided that they get a share of SAAB Automobile.

    • I’d rather see private investors (through Stockholm stock exchange) have an opportunity to buy new Saab shares with a 5% ownership restriction, if that’s what required to get in money to pay off loans or collect capital for R&D. China already owns half the world so why sell them the rest (for a bargain). Saab as a company will be worth billions in a few years time and workers should have a chance to get their piece of the pie as well.
      I just think it would be better to wait an other year to get the sales going and get a good foundation for the stock value.

  15. I think that the really good news is that there are 700 orders for the 9-4X.

    Hopefully this car will sell godd in the US

    • Yes, it is good, but I am concerned a bit because I think that 700-figure can include orders from dealers, and not only from customers.

      • Carl, I don’t think that it really matters if that whole number of 700 is dealer orders. If dealers have put an order out for 700 as an initial order, that shows that they believe in the vehicle and aren’t afraid to order. Up in Canada, we haven’t been able to order yet so we aren’t even part of those numbers. This is also a short production year for the 9-4X and 700 for an initial order to me is a good start. Watch the monthly results to follow, I think they will plesently surprise people in the near future.

  16. Definitely great news and a toast to all of us who fought long and hard for the survival of this brand. Here’s to many more years to come!

    On the subject of of spotting the new 9-5, I saw my first new 9-5 Aero yesterday in Beirut, Lebanon, the last place I expected to see my first 9-5. Definitely a good sign ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. When it becomes a general concensus that SAAB is highly likely to become a stable and profitable company, it will end any associations between expected failure and SAAB. The widespread fear of being associated with failure must have been a major hurdle to SAAB during the last 12-18 months and it has probably caused lots of overly negative press. Going from expected failure to expected success in the eyes of the general public, can give a tremendous boost to SAAB sales. Nobody wants to be associated with failure, everybody wants to be associated with a hero. I get the feeling that we can be really close to a pivotal switch in the general perception of SAAB. E g an obvious success for 9-4X in the US might be enough to do that trick.

    In the end it may very well turn out that those irresponsible opinion makers will have contributed to a great SAAB success, by building hurdles to prove to the world that SAAB is something quite out of the ordinary. In the end we may have to thank them. In the end 99.9% of them will come around. In the end many of them will drive a SAAB and be a part of the SAAB community. They will be given a second chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. The fact that VM is selling Spyker to put his focus all on Saab should prove to most that he is very serious in making Saab a very competitive car manufacturer in the very near future!!!

  19. None of this is surprising to me. These are excellent and unique cars that are beginning to recapture the public interest and imagination. Go Saab!

  20. “Letโ€™s have a toast for the douchebags,
    Letโ€™s have a toast for the a$$holes,
    Letโ€™s have a toast for the scumbags,
    Everyone of them that I know.”

    Steven…the language!

    Now you go right to your room until you simmer down young man. We’ll have none of that around here.

    OK…maybe just a little. ๐Ÿ˜€


  21. 9-3 lineup looks very strong now with new gasoline engine, I have always laughed on comments saying that 9-3 is totally too old, who cares about how old it is, specs count.

    Also more and more people are forgetting “bad days” and will view Saab more normally, effecting the buying decision.

    As long as there wont be huge oil crisis, Saab will be fine this year.

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