Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin gets tinted tail

I hadn’t spotted this and I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned in comments (RedJ gets all the emails to comments on his posts) but I figured it would be worth a mention here anyway.

Well spotted by Markku, a saabnut from Finland.

Markku was taking a look at the new Saab 9-3 Griffin on the Saab Sweden website when he noticed the difference in the tail lamps between the regular Griffin and Aero Griffin models.

The regular Griffin:

And the Aero Griffin:


The tinted lights do not appear on the Sport Sedan, but do appear on the Aero versions of the SportCombi and Convertible.

And they look pretty darn cool.

It looks like they also make an appearance on the Independence Edition (which looks better and better every time I see it – just awesome)

48 thoughts on “Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin gets tinted tail”

  1. I also spotted that a couple of days ago, but I actually thought there was something wrong with the picture. I’m not sure I like it, but I think one needs to see it “in the plastic” to decide.

    • Same here. But I checked the 9-3 pictures from the celebration and those were not tinted so I also assumed it was something with the pictures.

  2. Wow, those look fabulous. It’s small details like these that make all the difference. Got to admit, after Spyker took over, I have not seen anything but improvements. So many changes in so little time!

  3. The 9-3 SC still looks right up to the second and I like the tinted lights. What I like best, though, is the use of the word mark instead of the Griffin badge on the rear. For years, I’ve contended you can’t see the name Saab under the griffin and that it was ineffective in letting other drivers know what car just passed. The new badging is superb. Wonder if I can retrofit my 2009 Aero SC.

    • Agreed, the Grififn type badges are not as stricking as say Audi’s rings or BMW’s propellors, so the simple badge of the word SAAB is more distinct (although chrome lettering on a silver background is very ‘subtle’).

      I do like round badges, but after the Saab Scania roundel was replaced by the plain Saab and Griffin I think it looked a bit poorly designed.

      Seems like over time we have just end up with the wording and no round badge?

      • I disagree so much. Where I live, everybody at least a bit versed in automobiles knows the Griffin badge, and the rear end looks so baren without it. It was the subtle touch that completed the whole.

        • Where I live, everybody at least a bit versed in automobiles knows the Griffin badge,

          – That’s just because you are such a good Saab ambassdor! 😉

        • I 100% agree with you Bravada. To me that badge represents a significant part of Saabs history.

          I love that badge. The colours, the design, to mde its very premium looking and also very warm.

          Now Saab is literally showing its roots by having a cold chrome look. Less inviting, very sterile. On that note though, the steering wheel looks cool with it but i really love the griffen badge there too.

          I will be very turned off the day the badge goes from the alloy centre and bonnet! No Griffen = no history = no sale.

          • There is plenty of history pre-the self peeling Griffin. That wasn’t introduced until MY 1985. You really wouldn’t consider a Saab without the GrIffin badge?

          • Totally agree the Griffin badge makes the backend much more lively, plus it’s part of the history.
            European manufacturers dont change their basic logo design very often, for instance Alfa, the logo is like that since 100 or so years ago.

    • I really hope not.I love the round badge with the Griffin and i consider it one of the most beautiful badges out there(with Alfa Porche Ferrari )

      I would prefer if it stayed on the back as well and on the steering wheel of the new 9-5

      Plain Saab letters are ok but the badge with the Griffin is just…nicier

      • I too prefer the badge – it does set SAAB apart and the letters are too understated, keep the badge and make the lettering on it slightly larger.

        Also, in passing, I ordered a 9_3 Sportwagon with TX and plus pack last Tuesday – delivery March/April.

    • I agree. I have never really liked the griffin logo. Not sure why, but I think it reminds me of trucks (Scania) and it does not feel very modern; a bit too cluttered and colourful in my opinion. I prefer the new one, very stylish.

  4. It might be a technical problem in the configurator. Trying to configurate the Saab 9-3 SC Griffin Standard on the german webiste in the back view the rear lights appeared to be black, in the side view they changed to white.

  5. I like the look, not so keen on the Griffin’s 3-spokes thought…

    Although I quite like the look of the griffin badge let us not forget the link of the Griffin symbol to Saab is tenuous. It’s the symbol of the district in Sweden that is home to Scania, Malmo in Skane (-> Scania) and the original symbol of 1984 represented movement – denoting Saab-Scania as a transport and techology company

  6. I’ll admit it….I’ve always hated the clear taillights on the 9-3SC, a little too boy-racer IMO. That being said, I really think the smoked taillights are a huge improvement. The independence edition convertible is a thing of beauty, I think we are witnessing a classic there.

  7. Those black tail lights comes with the “Sportpackage” on the regular Griffin modell too, its not specific to the Aero version

    • More specifically: Add the fog lights, and voila… Tinted tail lights…

      Someone (Swade?) said “CGI error”…

      The IE at the museum had fog lights, but no tinted tail lights.

  8. I prefer the clear lights maybe because I have them and I also prefer the Griffin badge especially on a Griffin model but maybe also because I am from Skåne (Scania) and it is our weapon.

  9. I don’t dislike the griffin badge, but I just prefer the word mark. I think they can live together with the prominent word mark assuming Scania gives Saab permission to use the badge. I guess that I recall the many, many years before the griffin badge made it’s appearance and the fact that many of them fail to age well has not been good. And I disagree that the majority of drivers associate the griffin with Saab.

      • Let me putt it this way, I drink like an automatic gearbox from an old american V8 “big block” in bad shape just before breakdown to begin with then the real party begins!? But thats just me and all Sweeds that I know of…….I think……I can´t remember……..Where am I…….What was the questian……Where is the toilet……………You know????????????

  10. I’m not so sure about the dark taillights, I’d have to see one in the flesh. I like the woodmark though.
    I think the 9-3 keeps getting better. As far as I’m concerned, they might as well wait with the replacement, the current generation is soooo good looking.

  11. I’ve checked the Saab sites where you can configure the new Griffin models.
    In the Swedish site you get the dark taillights with the Griffin if you chose the fog lamps.
    In the German site you have to choose the fog-lamps and the bi-Xenon lamps to get the dark rear lights.
    In the international site you must choose the fog lights and the roofrails in matt metal finish.

    So, yes they are standard for the Aero, but you can get them also with the Griffin, depending on the options you choose.

    Nonetheless, I think this is a SC only option, not even the 9-3X seems to get those.

    And on that IE 9-3 Convertible; on real pictures the car has clear back-lights with black lines as any convertible. Those CGIs Saab uses don’t always have realistic tone and colours.

    • I noticed that with the Griffin Aero in Sweden you get the turbine rims, but not with the Griffin, while in Germany you can choose the turbine rims to both models… and those rims are the sexiest rims ever on a Saab.

  12. I would like the badge slightly redesigned with larger lettering and positioned in the middle of the matt chrome strip with SAAB lettering also on the strip , but at the left end. The tinted taillights look good, pity I won`t get them on my new car. And I agree with Mikaik and olaf95, incredible to think the basic design is so old!

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