Saab 9-3 Griffin Technical Data

In Sweden and Germany the new 9-3 Griffin can be on-line configured over the corresponding Saab site.

This is a Griffin Aero in Oak metallic with the new standard Rims for the Aero line.

But this is not the most interesting of all. The best part is the technical data of the new engine.

While the diesel engines have remained unchanged, the petrol and BioPower engines have been updated. Looking at the power figures for the top of the line engine it doesn’t look like a big change, (220 hp vs. 210 hp) but the torque has increased from [email protected] 2500 rpm to [email protected], and this is a big change !!

So let’s look at the effects of 50Nm more torque.

The acceleration from 0-100kph has decreased from 7.7 sec too 6.9 sec (Hi 9-5 Turbo6).
The acceleration from 80-120kph is worse now, from 10.9sec to 11.5 sec but I think the reason to that is the next figure.

The EuroCycle consumption has been reduced from 7.3 l/100km to impressive 6.7l/100km, all that with standard technology.

The car has moved to the BMW,Audi league leaving Volvo far behind.

Yes, they did it again.

72 thoughts on “Saab 9-3 Griffin Technical Data”

  1. I think its interesting how quickly the current 9-3 is sedan style has aged. The previous generation 9-5 aged much better than the current 9-3, even “Griffined”

    Why is that?

    • On the very contrary, IMHO, the looks seem to be one of the few things that don’t seem to have aged at all. It still is a major head-turner, and an instant classic in all body styles.

        • Yepp, I agree and join the party; we can agree to disagree. That said, comparing the 9-3SS with that Chevy Malibu isn’t fair. That Chevy wasn’t even near to be good looking when it was brand new (like most US-cars for that sake). Everything is better on the 9-3SS compared with the extremely bad looking Chevy Malibu. But that’s my opinion.

          What I can agree upon, is that the previous 9-3 generation (3 and 5 door) aged somewhat better than todays 9-3 version. That said, I still find todays 9-3 to be a very timeless and distinct car. It has a bold but smooth design.

          Previous 9-5 SC aged beautifully well. It is actually still a very good looking wagon.

          Well, that was my 2 Norwegian Kroner. πŸ™‚

          Cheers from Norway
          Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

          • The 9-3 sedan looks good to me. Whenever I see one I think it’s such a beautiful car…truth is, I don’t see them enough. It looks very sleek and sporty. Especially in red.
            Compare the 9-3 SS with a 3 series BMW of the same age (design wise) and you’ll get a much better picture about how old the 9-3 SS looks.

            And the 9-3 SC is the best looking estate (we’ll see what happens when the 9-5 SC comes out).

            Thankfully, Saab has more than one model, so we can all be happy ;). These really are exciting times.

      • Those two cars are two worlds regarding design! 4 wheels and sedan-silhouette is only connections.
        9-3 ss is still a very distinguished car with nice proportions and “through-floating” lines.

    • I wouldn’t say the sedan aged since I actually never liked it. It’s something with SAAB and sedans, they never really got it right. The only SAAB sedan that looks good is the new 9-5. The 9-3 SportCombi on the other hand I think qualify as the best looking estate ever! It has not aged at all, It could have been released as a new model now without problem.

      • x, I strongly disagree. Not about the combi, but the sedan.

        I am no big fan of how the Saab 9000 looks, but compared to other sedans at the time it stands out as the best looking sedan of them all. The first generation 9-5, compared to other sedans back in 1998 is also quite good. And I think the same holds true for the 9-3.

        In your opinion: What other sedans, back in 2003, have a nicer design than the 9-3?

      • Why when you reply to someone at the top agreeing does it end up at the bottom where the opposite opinion could be? I agree with Quijote and Olav they have said exactly what I was thinking-the older slope back Aero’s look way more modern than the recent 9-3 Saloons-not sure if this is a divide in aesthetics from US/EUR since the Amercans seemed to prefer Sedans and think they were more “premium” hence GM’s change a while back. all I know is I would have my 2001 Aero over the current saloon. it just looks better still. I do like the fact that the new 9-5 does now look totally up to date-that is an awesome design that will also be good for +10 years.

  2. And that 80-120 figure is not interseting anyway since people that do overtaking on highest gear should bought an automatic anyways πŸ™‚ The fun bit of overtaking is throwing third gear in and watch cars dissapear in the mirror : D

    • Hehehe. I love that kind thinking, Anders. So much that I got a speeding ticket for doing 120kph in a 100kph zone. Sure took the smile off my face when the cop handed me a ticket for $175. My first speeding ticket in nearly 30 years of driving and hopefully my last.

      Regarding the 9-3SS, I think the design has aged very well particularly in its 2003-2007 ‘state’. The shape is very organic and timeless like a good Saab should be. I suspect JC is going to change Saab design forever though with his new 9-3.

  3. I might be very wrong here, but it is my understanding that the engine has been replaced rather than updated, i.e. the old LK9 has been replaced with the LDK. Unless I am very wrong here, we’re dancing on the grave of the Trionic.

    That said, a welcome change in terms of specs. The LK9 was a grand engine, holding its own even after 9 years, but after so much time its younger brother is indeed better in many regards. It certainly serves the 9-5 very well.

    • I was going to ask about Trionic myself. Anybody know, is this the end?
      Also, I agree with you on the looks of the 9-3. I think it looks much better than the Ford Fusion, a much newer design.

      • I still have the impression, that at least the BioPower version of the LHU (the new 2L engine of the 9-3), and not the LDK, is not using a Bosch ECU, but what I’ve heard is called Saab System 3.,
        Next week I will be in Geneva, and will ask everyone about that. πŸ˜‰

        • You are too good J. So many questions to ask those execs. You should get a chance to interview Mats F or some of the engineers sometime like Swade, since you’re so in tune with all of these changes.

          As to Bosch vs. Trionic, doesn’t matter who is programming the ECU to me, so long as it’s competitive.

        • J, I am afraid what Saab calls “Saab System Whatever” is simply a thinly veiled Motronic. You don’t get “Bosch inside” stickers on cars, do you πŸ˜‰

        • At least in Scandinavia you can already from 2011 mod., order a 9-3X xwd with 163 hp Biopower engine. This is also a twinturbo?! Is this the same engine as the 163hp in the Griffin series??

    • That is my understanding too, they have simply replaced the old LK9 with the LDK. A much needed upgrade I would say as the LK9 was quite outdated compared to the engines offered by the competition.

  4. XWD is even more impressive now!

    0-100kph 6.8 sec
    80-120kph 9.8 sec

    The 80-120kph was worse with XWD than with FWD with the old engine.

  5. The “smaller” 163 hp engine is not a bad proposition either 320 Nm at 1750 rpm, average consumption of 6.7 L/100km and 155 g/km CO2 is close to diesel territory. 0-100 in 7.9 sec is not so bad either, at least not for an entry engine.

      • At least in Scandinavia you can already from 2011 mod., order a 9-3X xwd with 163 hp Biopower engine. Is this the same engine as the 163hp in the Griffin series??

  6. OTOH, there’s something not quite right when equipped with the automatic. 0-100km/h comes in at 9.1, which is pretty slow for the class and remarkably similar to the outgoing 2.0T. Hoping it’s a misprint.

  7. Too sad that in Germany the TTiD 180hp-variant can just be ordered as Griffin-Aero. But in the Aero-trim it doesn’t reach the 119g, so you’ll only get the 160hp-Version with 119g πŸ™
    In Sweden you can connect the 180hp with the Griffin-standard-trim and get 180hp/119g.

    Does anybody know if the “big” TTiD will be availabe in Germany too whith 119g?

  8. Ha! From the side, the new lines in the fog lights almost make you think Q’s been there fitting rocket launchers or some similar Bond-style contraption. Next time though, I’d rather he equipped the rear with anti-tailgating missiles.

  9. 350NM made wonders to my 9-3X XWD. I Hirsched it and now the engine cope with the XWD much better so I guess the new 220hp/350NM is going to be a nice match.

    I used to have a 9-3SC fwd with the 210hp engine and it was much smother then the XWD before I got the upgrade.

    • How do you feel this better handling on the XWD after the Hirsching?

      Cheers from Norway
      Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

      • Well the one thing that describes this the best I think is the 80-120 numbers. It cuts 4.6sec on the 80-120 figure! That is just 0.5sec short from the Porsche Boxter (well lets not compare them, but it gives a cool figure to match it against).

        I also think the car responds better in lower revs thanks to the higher torque. With the extra power you get better response on the higher gears, so for example you don’t have to change gears just because the traffic is changing somewhat. Just adjust your throttle and the car gives you what you want.

        Another thing that might be a measure of the handling is by two tickets from the police!

      • Off course I can see that difference in numbers and that it brings a different character to your engine, I know all about it, but in what way do your car’s XWD behave better after Hirsching the engine?

        Cheers from Norway
        Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

        • I don’t know.
          I only meant that the base engine seems to have an impressing performance, but Hirsching it can only make it even more impressing.

          • Absolutely. Tuning a car today is both easy and fun. When I was young(er πŸ™‚ ) it was a hell of a job and not always that fun either.

            Have a nice weekend, all!

            Cheers from Norway
            Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

  10. Awesome specs! So, is there any reason (except smoothness and sound, perhaps) for me to stick with my Aero V6 anymore? [email protected] rpm and 0-100km/h @ 7,9s — but like 11l/100km…

    • You’re giving yourself the arguments, Peter; smoothness and sound! Diesels both smell and sound terrible. Your V6 is pure eargasm and a joy to ride. Don’t follow the masses into the diesel traps πŸ™‚

      Cheers from Norway
      Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

      • Haha, yep, you don’t have to try to convince me twice about getting a diesel πŸ˜€ But this post is about the petrol and BioPower-engines, and that is just a tiny bit more tempting… But still, the smoothness and sound-issues would still be there — I even thought the new 9-5 2.0T was a bit harsch and noisy.

          • Hej Peter,
            If you seriously like torque, with the V6 in the 9-3, I can only recommend a tune.
            After having looked at Maptun, BSR, Hirsch, et al, I went with Brian and VtunerSaabs.
            The car will take slightly less fuel (=improved mileage) after the tune, in normal driving and there is not much that will beat you at the red-light, should you so want… The most fun you can have on four wheels under 50kUSD+, IMHO… Loving the curves, pushing it, I (think) I can feel the reAXS work, brilliant!!! The engine might take some fuel, but having fun will cost a bit of moneys…
            Though I agree the 9-3 (both ss and sc) is one of the best looking, timeless designed cars the are, I think I just hold out and wait for the new 9-3 in less than 24 months…

  11. The 9-3X with turbine rims looks soooooo good ( Saab Sweden 9-3X ).

    I do not complain now, but I can’t help to wonder how the 9-3X would have looked with new fog lights as the rest of the 9-3 series now.

  12. Maybe I’m a little conservative but I still think the 93 has one of the cleanest and most classic set of proportions around. The engine updates sound pretty good too. These would have been drip-fed for years under GM. Long live independent SAAB.

    • I totally agree with your statement about GM. They would have never been this responsive and proactive in a million years. Team Saab has accomplished a TON of work in the last 367 days on a thousand different levels.

  13. I actually believe this is the the LNF that was in the Solstice/Sky. The torque is on the same point as that engine and this was the only 2.0 direct injected powerplant that GM put a twinscroll turbocharger on…

    • No, it’s not the LNF but the LDK. The BioPower version is probably the LHU, which is a flex fuel version of LDK.

      LDK has a twin scroll turbo, direct injection and produce 220 hp and 350 Nm.

      • Hi Edis,
        Do you have a URL for all these engines and their respective data?
        Just curios in regard to their internal relations….

    • The 9-3X profites from all the improvements, too. If you have a look at the configurator on the German Saab site you can find the consumption figures.

  14. So the figure for the acceleration from 80-120kph (being 11.5 sec) is with 6th gear?
    Swade does not make any reference in its initial post with what gear the above figure is achieved. So it’s misleading.

    Swade, can you please add the necessary info in your post so to have it clarified?

    • Chris,

      Swade stated that the griffin is available in the online configurator. There it says ‘fifth gear’ for the 80-120 kph time of 11.5 seconds (9.8 w/XWD — different gearing?).

  15. WOW! I cannot express enough how happy I am to read this. I’m one of those sorry bastards that every now and then brings up “oh yeah, but the 9000 aero had [email protected], now thatΒ΄s a nice kick”. I really really miss the low end torque in my 4cyl 93ss, the SAAB torque. This is wonderful news, and to lower the consumption makes this even more impressing. Kudos SAAB!! My next SAAB will definitely have maximum torque at 2000rpm (or lower).

  16. What I notice is a poorer consumption for the 9-3X XWD. the previous 210 hp engine had a combined figure of 8.1 l/100kms now, it goes up to 8.4 l/100 kms !
    The 4% average reduction could be much better then without this 9-3 X figure, I guess…

  17. An interesting detail is the seats. It seems like the former Linear seats are still the base option, but that you can get sports seats for the “Griffin” range as an option, without going to Griffin Aero.

    I regret that the current base seats in the Linear are not as good as the base model seats in the OG-9-3 and OG 9-5, which were very, very comfortable. But at least one now can get the softer sports seats as option for the base model. This is interesting for those of us who’d like a soft and comfortable setup.

    • I like that the Linear seats are available, actually I would hesitate to buy a new 9-3 if only the Vector or Aero seats were offered. The Linear seats are very comfortable in my opinion. The reason I bought a Linear instead of Vector was for the seats, I wanted a Vector with Linear seats…

      • Hi Daniel, thanks for the info. I went for a test drive with a 9-3SC Linear some weeks ago, and found the seats on the firm side. In the showroom, there was an Aero -9-3 cabriolet, that had some really nice and soft sports seats. I believed that these seats were offered for the Vector and Aero trims, but perhaps there are more than 2 seat variants. Anyway, I find the standard seats in the old 9-3 and 9-5 hard to beat.

  18. Just had a quick gander at the German site. If I’m correct, the 9-3SS 2.0t Automatic 163/220 now has a CO2 output of 185 g/km. That is a drop of 11 g/km. The previous motor tax rate was €1050 for this car. Now, thanks to that 11 g/km drop, it is €630 – making it somewhat viable. I look at this car, as it is the spec 9-3 that anyone in my house would order, myself included.

    Well done, Saab πŸ™‚

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