Saab 9-4x at Cincinnati Auto Expo

UPDATE: More photos below


The Cincinnati Auto Expo is coming up, starting February 17th and continuing over the weekend to the 20th.

The Saab 9-4x will be there. Here’s an image shot by the guys at Just Saab and loaded on to Twitter earlier today.

It’s an interesting image in that we’re only seen one white pearl colored 9-4x so far – in the press release about the first 9-4x coming off the line at Ramos Arizpe – and that one had turbine wheels. The 9-4x at the Chicago show was the same silver one that was in LA.

This is the first time I’ve seen a 9-4x other than the black one from Boston, with the six spoke wheels.

Saab will be located next to Porsche at the Cincinnati show, with Chevy and Cadillac across the way.

It’s great to see the 9-4x rolling out in Ohio and I know we’ve got a lot of Ohioans here at SU. I hope you all take the opportunity to head out and see it.



AJ from Just Saab has sent through some more photos. The stand is still being set up, which is one reason why it doesn’t look like a full Saab stand.

The other reason is that this display has been booked, funded and constructed solely by Just Saab. This is not a Saab Cars North America show, but Just Saab wanted to make sure people had a chance to see that Saab’s back. They had to move heaven and earth to get the 9-4x there, too, so I really hope you all go down and have a look at it. It’s a 3.0 Premium model.

Looks great in pearl paint, too!

21 thoughts on “Saab 9-4x at Cincinnati Auto Expo”

  1. It seems like it’s lower than the Aero to me, looks very CUV, sleeker and more car like than I’ve ever seen it look. I’m wondering if they are belting out enough production models to get some to the auto shows, like you’re suggesting might be happening since we haven’t seen one like this yet.

    I love the 9-4x in white, and with the sunset red Independence Edition at the shows going forward, I think this shade of it sets off the other models really well.

  2. WOW!!!! You spoil us AJ! No wonder your sales are so high, that’s remarkable attention to detail. Incredible.

    This is the first I’ve ever seen public images of the 9-4x with wood interior, am I right? I don’t care how plastic the trim looks, the reflectivity and premium feel it adds for this class is incredible. And that color paint, outstanding. Did they let you drive it a few feet AJ? And if so, how did it feel!? Truly exciting.

  3. I thought I was a real 9-5 station wagon fan but I think the 9-4X looks better than the new 9-5 SC. Especially with a light color, the blacked-out A and B pillars makes it look really different from any other crossover. The best looking Saab to date. πŸ™‚

  4. Also, I don’t know if it’s been posted here, but…

    Congratulations to Victor and his wife on the birth of Audrey! She’s a lucky girl to have such incredible parents.

  5. As a 9-7x owner ( which we love) getting 17 MGP with a GM gasoline 3. L , 6V engine, what is this car going to do MPG wise? And how much smaller is it than the car it is replacing? (Interior demiensions.) Buying minds want to know, please help! Perhaps a deal is in the making here?

    • Since the 9-4x is so similar to the Cadillac SRX, the fuel economy numbers should be around:

      3.0L V6:
      FWD: 18/25
      AWD: 15/21

      2.8T V6:
      AWD: 15/21

  6. If my eyes are not deceiving me, that interior is one step up from the one in the NG9-5. Hope the 2012 model will have this improvements.

  7. Could this car have the same material upgrades as the 2012 9-5? It’s looks like a step up and better than what we have seen for even the Aero 9-4x. Like others have commented, I barely noticed the screen with the high quality materials.

  8. To address interior comments. This is a pre-production sample. The interior is very nice. The wood-effect trim is what we need in the 9-5. The color and grain is really well done. The center stack is much more compact vertically so the endless amount of plain plastic isn’t an issue.
    Fit and finish as well as quality of materials is top-notch.
    I would expect the production version to be the same in the above respects.
    I’ve now seen this vehicle twice in the flesh and each time gets better. Saab will sell these babies!!

    • Maybe Saab needs the Cadillac wood rather than the Opel wood. πŸ˜‰

      Let’s see if MY 12 wood from the 9-5 is different from the current.

  9. There are several of us from the Saab Club of Central Ohio — including a few members from northern Kentucky — heading down to the Cinci show to see the 9-4X. Thanks to Just Saab for bringing the vehicle here.

  10. I’m with Dan above, going to see it in Cincinnati on Sunday. Thanks to Just Saab for making this happen. We’ll take LOTS of photos.

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