26 thoughts on “Saab 9-4x in Glamour Magazine”

  1. I like this but what I like better was the 9-4x brochure my dealer gave me today. The 9-4x needs to be here right now!

    • +1 It needs to be here in dealers yesterday. I feel by the time it gets to dealers it’ll be too late!

  2. I don’t know where this magazine is published, or what rules advertisers have to follow when placing an ad in a magazine. In Norway, at least, the ad can’t look like an editorial without it saying explicitly that it is an advert.. So my guess would be that it is an editorial.. Nice anyway!

  3. I think if it’s an editorial, then all the better. That means that someone looking to do a modelling shoot thought “what would look great behind this beautiful model?” “A Saab” That’s awesome, hopefully next will be a movie or something like that. Photos like that can be somewhat subliminal as well, maybe people will see past the “curves” and think “what the hell? a Saab? and it looks cool”

  4. Just to be cute and get a little comment out of my “better half”, I made this picture my “wallpaper”

    I cannot repeat what my wife said when she saw it … but “bimbo” was used…

    She just could not see the Saab in the ad… same problem we all seem to have. πŸ™‚

    No matter how it was used… that Saab looks rugged, tough and at home in any element.

  5. The more I look at this, I think it’s a subtle ad. No description of model’s clothing and a heavy emphasis on the Saab in the description at bottom. Either way, nice, tasteful, attractive and inviting.

  6. Now this is seriously MAGNIFICENT. Signs of life @ Saab’s marketing department! I do hope we shall see more of that in various other magazines, with advertorials styled accordingly and relating Saab’s features to the magazine’s content. My wet dream is this being a part of a wider deal with Conde Nast… Can you say Architectural Digest, Wired, New Yorker, Traveler…

    This is a great way to showcase the cars and their features without having to relate them to the competition, as most car magazines, enthusiasts and we here do. If Vogue shows how great a Saab convertible can fit a stylish lady’s lifestyle, she might start to want one regardless of whether it’s older or less powerful than an Audi or whatever.

  7. A little embarrassing purchasing 2 Glamour mags this AM but I had to check it out…it’s actually part of a multi-page ad by Saab. I’ll scan all pages shortly and post.
    The little that I saw I can tell you Jason Castriotta had his photo in it. Way to play your strengths, Saab!

  8. Great marketing and very nice photos — and very nice model as well: classy outfit, boyish yet romantic haircut (and nothing that even reminds of a bimbo). Simple, clever, elegant and classy! And the 9-4X looks stunning in that color — I’m starting to be a bit bored of the white one we usually get to see…

  9. Take it from someone in the industry – this is an editorial. It is called an entrance page and leads into an article later in the mag. I would guess that this appears in the first 20 pages or so (which is good positioning) and the actual article on Scandinavian design is in the back two-thirds.

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