Saab 9-4x: US key equipment listing

I’ve just had some (update) information about the Saab 9-4x DjupStrupped through to me and figured people might want to know what’s going on with Saab’s first ground-up crossover when it comes to market.

The following table summaries some of the key equipment and the manner in which it will be available amongst the three model lines of Saab 9-4x that will be offered in the United States.

This is not an exhaustive options listing, obviously, but has been put here just to provide a basic overview of some of the packaging that will be available for the 9-4x.

Equipment included in the various packages has been listed below the table.

[table id=11 /]

Power Pack: Auto dimming Inside and Outside Mirrors, Memory Mirror Settings, Power Adjustable Pedals, Power Liftgate, Riewview Camera Displayed in Inside Rear View Mirror, Heated front Seats.

Tech Pack: Front and Rear Park Assist, Bi-Xenon Cornering Headlights.

RR Pack: Rear Seat Dual Display DVD Screens, Remote Control, Auxiliary Jacks, 2 Wireless Dual Channel Headsets, Heated rear Seats, Tri-zone Auto Climate Control System.

Tow Pack: Trailer Hitch

Interior Colors: Jet Black, Gray, or Parchment

Exterior colors: Diamond Silver*, Black, Atlantic Blue*, Zodiac Black*, Crystal Red*, Ice Pearl*, Birch White, Cobalt Gray*, Moreland*

* = metallic (extra $)


For those coming across the Saab 9-4x for the first time….

  • The Saab 9-4x is the base model, with a 3.0L non-turbo V6 engine.
  • The Saab 9-4x Premium has the same engine but an expanded equipment list.
  • The Saab 9-4x Aero is the top-line model, with a 2.8T V6
  • The base model and the 9-4x Premium will both have FWD and XWD sub-variants, making for five models in total. It’s unknown if equipment will differ between a FWD and XWD version of the same model, aside from the drivertrain.
  • Further specs, as of November 2010, are available here.

20 thoughts on “Saab 9-4x: US key equipment listing”

  1. I wonder if these will stay the same for Australia, as the us suv market is pretty big here too.

    I’m sick of seeing lexus RH’s :). Hope the 9-4x makes it here by Christmas.

      • As long as he is involved in Saab I am happy. Saab Australia would be fools not to
        do everything they can to integrate him in there organisation. I think they allready had asked him. It´s up to him now. The hardest thing is to use him in the best way and I think Steven know whats best for Saab and him.

        Swade stop his SU thing about the same time Saabs is entering Ausie? COINCIDENCE?

        PS. All air just dropped when Swade desided to leave SU, what now! Emptiness. I´m going to miss his way of writing, who can replace that solid ground and his everything….! Time will tell.

    • BMWs have it too so no big deal. The base model is quite obviously value priced and there probably arent that many people who can tell the difference between leather and leatherette anyway. Vegertarians will LOVE it. 😉

      • Well, but leatherette is what …….. vinyl, right ? What’s vinyl made of …….. ?

        So no, vegetarians won’t love it unless it’s made of vegetable peelings [wink]

        • I had a bizarre conversation last evening. I was dining at some friends’ place, and they had two young girls from east europe (relatives of my hosts) visitting.

          Turns out they were vegetarians.

          – “so you haven’t tasted moose?” (much shaking of head) “reindeer? _Whale_?” (even more fervent shaking of head)
          – “oh, they are not only vegetarians, they’re vegans” my host interjected, “that means they don’t even drink milk!”
          – “what? So you haven’t even tasted moose milk?!?”

          Kids today are so strange.

          Anyway, vinyl is plastic, right? I.e. unhealthy, not made from animals and looks strange. That sounds like something vegetarians should love. Given its carbon-content, I suspect they may even be tempted to eat it.

          Note to Saab: Leather made from moose. Think about it. It makes perfect sense.

  2. Which Saturns would that be? Saab had the first ventilated seats in a car with the 9-5 in 1998 and they’ve appeared many places since, but I’ve never seen them on a Saturn. (Ventilated and Perforated leather are two different things)

    I wish they wouldn’t bundle the rear seat DVD system with heated seats and tri-zone climate control. Or rather, I wish you could get the rear seat amenities minus the DVD players. If I wanted rear screens I’d rather get aftermarket blu-ray put in — but I would still like rear-heated and tri-zone climate.

    • Ryan,
      they can’t do it. It is the same with the 9-5. They have only 2 rear consoles, one with the complete button list (DVD, 3 zone climate, rear seat heating) and one without buttons, only 2 air-vents.

      Is it bad designed? Maybe. but on the other hand, tri-zone climate makes you feel more comfortable, because you can move a dial to choose a temperature, but in fact, it doesn’t make no difference.

    • Perforated leather/whatever is what I meant. Solid leather over 20*C means the AC needs to be crankin. For long drives I use one of those cab-driver bead things…makes ALL the difference. Now if only those things could be buried inside the seat!!!

  3. Leatherette will not be a good selling point, unless the base model is hugely cheaper than the next one up. If you are paying £30-40k, you do not expect vinyl seats! Saab have discovered how fickle buyers are in the UK – even the base model 9-5 now comes with full- (rather than part-) leather seats.
    Volvo made the same “mistake” with the XC90 Active. It sold like hotcakes because it was c£5k cheaper than the SE, and the only significant difference was vinyl/textile vs leather seats (and bizarrely, the cheaper car also had bendy xenons, unlike the SE). Having realigned their prices, and chopped the xenons, the active is only a couple of thousand cheaper (if that), and is no longer selling well.
    The 9-4x is not a LR Defender, and is unlikely to used as a farmer’s prime mode of transport – leather is the order of the day, please, Saab.

    • Hi AyrshireXC90,
      those are US specs, and in the US the base 9-4X FWD will start at about $34.000, on the other side the price for the Aero will be at about $48.000.

      In Belgium you can get a 9-4X Linear for almost 50.000€ with leather seats as standard. The Aero will have leather sports seats (and a bunch of other things) and will cost about 60.000 €

      • I guess things might be different in America, but personally, I would much rather have the luxury velour from the days of the 9000 rather than vinyl. The only car I have owned with leatherette seats was a Triumph 2000 – fantastic car, but the seat coverings didn’t half make you sweat!

        • I think textiles have come a long way since the Triumph 2000 🙂

          Most US Saabs have “leather facings” in them rather than the full Elmo or Bridge of Wier leathers of a few decades ago. Most other manufacturers are the same, I think.

          The real thing is better, or course, but the base grade stuff is pretty good nowadays.

          • I think my view is based on “snob value”. The artificial stuff could be excellent, but it is not real leather. Interestingly, Bridge of Weir leather (which I think I had in my first 9000?) has opened a tannery in China, in addition to the original one in the West of Scotland. I see they still supply Volvo and Aston Martin, as well as 18 other marques – they do not specify if Saab is amongst them or not – it would be nice to think so.
            PS – the other “delight” in the Triumph was the wood trim – it was solid wood, none of that veneer nonsense. Did make for the odd splinter, though!

          • “Full leather” seats, that is, lether on the back, sides, and headrest as well as the parts you sit and lean against, are very rare, and not just with Saab. Not one C900or NG900 had full leather; perhaps the 9000 Aero seats were full leather – none of the other 9000 seats were. I think the Viggen seats were full leather, but I am not sure – none of the other OG9-3 seats were. In the 9-5, Aeros from 2002 through 2005 featured full leather – and it was an upgraded leather, being “natural” versus “corrected” (“corrected” meaning there is a coating over the surface. You can tell the difference when you apply a good leather treatment. It soaks right into natural leather, corrected leather it just remains on the surface until it gets rubbed off on your clothes.) In the last few years under GM, a “natural leathural” option was available in the US that very few poeple chose.

  4. I second what Swade said. Before passing judgement on the leatherette check them out first. My dads Infinity has leatherette made from plastic bottles and plastic grocery bags. It’s amazing and I would actually prefer it to leather. You would have a very hard time telling them apart.

    I’m more upset that tri-zone is an option on the Aero. My HONDA Pilot has tri-zone, rear entertainment and tow package STANDARD at a significantly reduced price. I’m not comparing the two vehicles I’m just pointing out that lesser brands have these items standard on the high end models.

  5. Stop burying the heated seats (especially the fronts) in a big expensive package! The rear seats may not be a big hangup for many, but front heated seats and a pano roof would make an attractive ‘base’ vehicle for for a large percentage of buyers. Not every buyer wants all of the latest and greatest electronics. In my experience (7 years with Saab), many customers are looking for: leather, sunroof, and power heated seats as a starting point. Now dealers will have to either stock vehicles without heated seats or stock vehicles with the extra package which some buyers may not wish to pay for. 99.9% of the new Saabs here in the Northeast US have heated seats for a reason – its cold and people want them!

  6. I’m with you Jeremy – they need to make the heated seats a unique option. The front ones anyway. And we have the same long winter problems here in the Midwest US! Cold for 6 months a year = Wanted Heated Seats!! If you’re old enough to remember when the side automotive mirrors weren’t controlled on the inside, you know the reason!

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