Saab 9-5 SC spyshots

Here it is. The first Saab 9-5 SportCombi spotted in the wild.

The car was seen earlier today, out in the open, in Trollhattan. This car will make its public debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 1.

Thanks to Djup Strupe for the images.


Saab 9-5 SportCombi

The car was badged as an Aero TTiD and it’s certainly got some significant road presence.

The registration information on the car is as follows:

Registreringsnummer: LFB248
Fabrikat: SAAB
Färg: SVART Fordonsslag: PB
Fordonsår: 2011 Fordonsslagsklass: I
Chassinummer: YS3GR5MK7C9000003
Senaste EU-regbevis del 1: 2010-12-16
Senaste EU-regbevis del 2: 2010-12-16

Postnr: 461 80 Förvärvsdatum: 2010-12-15

Försäkringsbolag: ZURICH IRELAND LTD
Försäkringsdatum: 2010-12-15

Fordonsstatus: I trafik (2010-12-20)
Tillfällig registrering: Nej Privatimport: Nej
Antal ägare: 1 Yrkesmässig trafik: Nej
Fordonet tillverkat:
Producentansvarig: 556258-8912
I trafik första gången i Sverige: 2010-12-20
I trafik första gången i utlandet:

Ägarbunden dispens: Ja
Ägarbunden dispens upphör: Nej

Besiktningstermin: 2013-08-01 – 2013-12-31
Senast godkända besiktning:

Fordonsskattepliktigt: Ja Användningsförbud: Nej
Årsskatt, kr: 5350

Återbetalning vid avställning, kr: 1738
Debiterad fordonsskatt, kr: 0
Debiterad avgift, kr: 0
Betalningsmånad/er: januari, maj, september

Förfallen fordonsskatt/avgift, kr: 0

Vägtrafikregisteravgift: 65 kr ska betalas samtidigt med årsskatten. Har fordonet delad uppbörd ska vägtrafikregisteravgiften betalas i huvuduppbördsmånaden.

Tekniska data
Kaross: Kombi (03)
Karosserikod särskilda ändamål:
Slagvolym, cm3:
Växellåda: MANUELL

Antal passagerare, max: 4
Antal sittande passagerare, max:
Antal bältade passagerare, max:
Antal passagerare i rullstol, max:
Antal stående passagerare, max:

Skattevikt, kg: 1910
Tjänstevikt, kg: 1910
Totalvikt, kg: 2375
Sänkt totaltvikt, kg:

Max släpvagnsvikt, kg:
Max släpvagnsvikt kg, obromsad:
Släpvagns maximala totalvikt vid B-behörighet, kg: 1125
Max sammanlagd bruttovikt, kg:
Max lastvikt, kg: 465

121 thoughts on “Saab 9-5 SC spyshots”

  1. It looks very nice! I think it can sell very well just through its design, since a lot of comments on the first official 9-5 SC picture were very positive at many car websites. 😀

  2. I do feel, looking at the rear line on the left hand side (in front of the 9-3), it resembles the line of a 2007/2008 Subaru Outback. Not the roof line, just the way the rear window transitions into the light cluster.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like myself a good looking Saab Wagon, but I’ll have to get used to this. What I am also wondering is why the badging is so low on the trunk lid. Then again this may change when going into production.

    • I agree with the badges, they would look more aesthetic on the same line as the Saab emblem. Unlike the first photo which was released a fortnight ago this one has low profile roof-rails that real add a classy look.

    • The badging might stay in this position as the upper part is used by the lamps. – The saloon doesn’t have these split rear lights.

      Don’t like badges, so mine wouldn’t get it anyway.

      • One member of the Finnish Saab Club forum who lives in Nyköping, Sweden wrote that the badges will not stay down there. Apparently he still has some connections to Trollhättan factory as he used to work for Saab.

        • My dealer got two 9-3 a few weeks ago. They also got the badges way down. Not my cup of tea but I’d remove them anyway.

    • I don’t think so.
      The car is 5 kilo lighter than the 9-5 Sedan TTiD XWD, and only 75 kilo heavier than the FWD TTiD.

      I say only because the 5-series Wagon is 90 kg heavier than the sedan, and the E-Klass Wagon is 110 kg heavier than the Sedan.

      • That”s compared with the registration info. And probably correct when registrating.
        Like you never changed something you “forgot” to mention/report. 😉

  3. Wish it was a lighter color so we could see more of the body sculpting lines- but i love how the rear gate flows into the bumper. If they make it with a 9-5x body cladding, the wife will want it – she laments her old Audi allroad which is no longer availble in the states-

  4. Being from the US I tend not to favor wgaons like most of us here but this is different to me….I really feel this car could be successful here. It is large and with it’s roomy interior along with good mileage and technology and of course a very unique look it might sell well here….has a nice presence and chunky stance. Can’t wait to see in the metal!

    I was blown away on how big the new 9-5 was when I first went to take a look at it and this SC is obviously larger than that so I can imagine potential buyers being attracted to it. Saab needs to market it on TV just like the sedan.

    Can’t wait to see it!

      • Ah my friend, I doo have a diabolic side too. 🙂

        There can hardly be another brand with a wagon as sexy at the moment as the new 9-5SC. The Merc C-klasse is good looking, but it´s still just to conservative. The new BMW 5-series tries to mimic Audi and well the Volvo V60 looks… strange.

        I thought that there would be a risk of Saab going the same way as BMW and looking to closely at the competition.. But no.. Saab has made their own style for others to follow.
        I truly believe that Saab has something big here.. And not just in size.

        Just a moment ago a spoke to collegues, driving other brands than Saab and infact.. ALL were amazed of what the above images shows. One said: – I can see it´s a Saab.. But I like it… alot!


  5. Great to see it on the road.

    But I think I will have to see one in the flesh before I finally decide on if I like the line sloping line of the doors. From this photo I am not overwhelmed with the result…

    • +1

      Sorry guys. I just can´t get around howthe lines of the rear looks like thay have been just added to the sedan. The slope of the rear door don´t harmonize with the rear end of the car at all. Too bad. When the OG 9-5 SC was released, Saab acually pronoused how proud they were that basically everything fron the front doors and backwards were unique for the SC compared to the sedan. Whatever happened to that way of thinking in the designprocess of the NG 9-5 SC?
      Sure it looks different, and Saabs should be different, but there are ways of being different AND looking good at the same time…

      Anyway. I might change my mind seing the car i person, but i have a feeling that I won´t… Too bad though..


      • I agree with you Danny. Now, we know that SAAB has short of cash, but how much does it really cost to design a new backseat passenger door, because this is what basically is missing in the harmony of the car.
        Second point. The chrome “hockeystick” on the sedan is very effective on the sedan, but on the SC, they should take that away. Again, it does not give the harmony to the lines and strengthens the impression that this is a sedan which they have but a big trunk on and not a unique car.
        Otherwise it looks stunning and I am sure that even with these “flaws” this has the possibility to be a big seller. Especially if it can be priced competitively towards the Volvo / A6 / BMW / Mercedes.
        Some price examples (SEK);
        Volvo V70 2.5T From 293 000 (231 hk)
        Audi A6 2.0 TFSI From 316 800
        BMW 523i From 375 900 (6 cylinder)
        Mercedes E200 GDI From 385 900 (1.8 with compressor)

        • Rumour has it that for the Combi, they will add something like 12 000 kr to the price of the Sedan. A Linear Turbo 4 manual (220 hp) would then have an MSRP of 323 000 kr.

          I wonder how many Swedish buyers will want to spend 30 000 extra for a 9-5 SC instead of a V70. It certainly looks better, but are there any other advantages?

          • Yes. Its better and doesnt look like a brick on wheels. 😉

            Nice looking wagon. I bet there will be a rush of Swedes to their local dealer now this picture has been leaked followed by the rest of the world once they have woken up.

          • Who in their right mind would buy a wagon ovlov now that there’s a big Saab wagon around the corner 😉 Even if it end up costing a tad more than the old hideous V70. (sorry)

            SAAB profitability UP!

          • A big part of SAAB sales in Sweden are company cars and there is à limit (7,5 basbelopp?) 2010=321 000 SEK before you get a very high tax on the company cars. You then typically get 10% discount on a company car. A base S/C Linear diesel (that I think will be the most common version here) will have price over 330 000 SEK before discounts, and I wonder how this will affect sales.

      • I understand how you’re saying the sedan and this sportcombi have the same roof line and door/side window graphic from the A to the C pillar. What I don’t understand is how you’re saying the the OG 9-5 had a pronounced difference in the same area. For me this looks like they followed the exact same design strategy.

        I like how this differentiates itself from the 9-4x’s rear window design which is integrated into the hatch itelf while remaining true to the OG 9-5’s details. I don’t mean this in a harsh way, but I think you’re blowing this detail way out of proportion, and creating an issue that doesn’t exist.

        • +1 I think it pays homage to OG 9-5 design, which I have really come to like over the years and which I think will be true this time around as well. Normally I’m not a big fan of turning a sedan into a wagon simply by adding a box. However, in this case I think it resembles the OG 9-5 in just the right way and not like the “cheap” solutions you have seen from some other manufacturers.

        • I noticed the same thing as Daniel + agree with him + UWb. Find a picture of the OG 9-5 wagon and compare: the line of the top of the rear door window of the OG 9-5 is aligned with the top of the window in the wagon. In the new 9-5, the rear door window line swoops downward + there is no way for the glass in the wagon part to pick that up. They needed to redesign the door to get that alignment, and it’s pretty clear that this was likely a decision made to save cost (using a standardized part saves money).

          The chrome hockey stick also has nothing to tie in on the back window line, though I don’t think that is critical.

          To these comments, I would add that I do not love the non-raised roof rails (though I know that is the trend, eg Audi), largely for reasons of utility + compatibility with existing equipment I have… I also wonder about the way the bumper + tailgate are integrated kind of as 1 piece: what happens in a minor rear end accident to the hatch?

          Otherwise, I think it is a fantastic looking car. I love the rear tail light design on these cars + I think with time they will get better + better. Would be neat to eventually see a variant along the lines of the 9-3X (raised a touch for more clearance in snow), though I suppose 9-4X largely fills that market, especially if it handles very nicely.


          • Maybe the hockey line in chrome could also be picked out against the rear windows too, in other words the c-pillar becomes picked out in chrome to balance the front hockey line? Radical, tacky, bling – don’t know but might be worth a quick sketch anyone who is good at that sort of imagery.

        • Hi Jeff,

          When I was attending the release of the OG 9-5 SC in 1999 the made it quite clear that all netal behind the front door was unique, and not just some “add-on” to the sedan.

          James coment below explains the issue just wonderfully.

          What I don´t get is that the basic design of the NG 9-5 was made back in the GM-era, just when they had realized that Saabs had to be special, so saying that Saab is short of cash and therefore the sedan and Sportcombi uses the same back doors, just don´t do it for me.. Sorry..
          I tried the NG 9-5 Sedan out a couple of months ago, and the thing that irritated me the most was lifting my kids in the backseat into their child-safety seats. It was basically impossible to do so without banging ( ever so lightly I might add) my kids heads into the roofline..
          I figured that this would change on the SC so that the top of the door would be higher like in my “old” 9-5 SC..
          Apperantly not. And IMHO it´s just too bad.

          • I absolutely understand what you’re saying, and I also respect your view of it and at first glance when I saw it I thought the same thing myself, but I think you need to step back and look at the car three dimensionally. The back end of the car tapers in every direction towards the roof spoiler. Saab made a conscious decision to form a reverse wedge on the 9-4x and carried the same theme through on the 9-5 SC, which I believe adds a consistency to the range without aping each other.

            In order to do what you’re suggesting the line of the glass from the C-Pillar back would have to continue sloping downward as it does on the OG 9-5. In order to have all ends taper in as it does on this model, it would result in a very thick roof wedge at the back which would probably end up blocking visibility. One of the beautiful things about the NG 9-5 is it’s subtle curves as opposed to the rigid lines of the OG 9-5. I’m sure you’ve seen them before but take a good look at the patent images and pay particular attention to the plan shot (the one from above). This car needs to be seen in person to understand how the volumes work best. I wish they’d just release a video so you could see how the lines flow in movement.

          • Well Jeff, we can both agree on one thing, and that is that the car probably will LOOK a LOT better IRL:)
            But the slope of the door will FUNCTION just as bad, unfortunately. Most definately a problem that one can learn to live with, but I think that it is unfortunate all the same. (IMHO)

            I do understand what you mean about how the ends of the lines and curves taper togehter at the end of the car and it it alot more curved than the OG 9-5, but iI still dont understand why that same lines can´t work if you raise the sloped curve of the rear door towards the c-pillar as well as doing the same on the rear “trunk” window.
            No need to argue though:)
            – This is what the car will look like and it probably will be a great car. I just feel that the way the OG 9-5 was composed in sake of, design, practicalitym function etc has not been carried out to that extent in this model.

            Design is of course like music or art or food etc etc.. You like and love what you like and love. There is no right or wrong. -So I might not enjoy that specific line ( although I think the rest of the car is STUNNING!!) -But you ight love it and that´s all fine:)

            10 years ago, -( I know! one shouldn´t look back but forward..:)) – buying a estate in Sweden it was basically down to three options:
            Volkswagen Passat ( Boring and it did have a lot of problems) -Ugly as well but that is just my opinion.. useless seats. useless headlight etc etc…
            Volvo V70 ( Practical, quite nice looks, great seats functional, sensible but a bit boring..)
            Saab 9-5 ( Almost as practical as the V70, More functional, great to drive, fantastic interior, fantastic design, smart AND sexy ( well done Einar Hareide)
            Buying a 9-5 Sc you basically got all the good thing of the other cars, BUT i had soul, looked stunning and was smart.

            A sloping doorway that you bang your kids heads into… -Well to me that´s just not smart at all…

            PS: I truly hope that those patent images don´t hang around too long. The do not do credit to the car.

            Cheers and peace and over and out!

          • Christ my speeling is not what it should be today…
            I blame my laptop keyboard :D:D:D:D

            Sorry guys.

          • No worries Daniel 🙂

            I get what you’re saying and I played with it a bit on photoshop and I don’t even mind it when I style it your way. But I still like it more with this asymmetrical slope, it’s a fresh take on wagon design to me. Everyone has different taste though, so oh well. It kind of reminds me when the 9-4x grill debuted where it was raised above the hood line and everyone went nuts. Fast forward a few years and it just makes sense in the design scheme. I hope this ends up just like that.

          • it’s funny, I don’t find the window line looks as glaring from the angle taken in the teaser image released by Saab (even though I would have thought silver would highlight it more than black). unfortunately that image is a non-everyday real life view in the sense that it is kind of from a birds’ eye perspective…

            Opel does a heavy D pillar + blacked out C, and has a sloping rear door + sloping roof line (that kind of curves into the D pillar) on the Insignia (9-5 platform mate). I like the 9-5 better, but that particular discontinuity in line looks a little funny to me… that said, it emphasizes the lines of the sedan if one likes to look at it that way…

            to be honest, given the shape of the sedan, it lends itself to be made into a very nice cavernous hatch a la (late model) 9000… though I suspect a wagon has a stronger market (outside of the core Saab fan base)… there also seems to be a dichotomy between the market for these cars new (executive sedans) and used (wagons, hatches), at least around here…


          • I think it will look a lot better IRL, but I agree that it could be a lot better. I’m a bit worried that Taxi sales will be impacted (and there are A LOT of OG 9-5 Taxis in Sweden) by the head banging issue.

      • Amazing! I always thought that was exactly what happened with the first 9-5, namely that Saab just put a backpack on the sedan, as manifested by the big C columns that look like those from the sedan.

        Incidently, i never liked the design of the 9-5 SC. Nor any other wagons with such dominant C columns, like the Renault 21, Mercedes ML, Nissan R’nessa, Subaru Impreza, etc.

      • I like how the rear doors are shaped, imagine if they were in line with the roof-line, the car would look rather ordinary then wouldn´t you say. This adds some “coupé” flavor to it if you ask me.

  6. SOOO NICE!!

    only one thing I think is strange and its the location of the emblems… looks like they are a bit too low for my taste =P

  7. I think the jury will be out on that rear window line, but in the right colours, I’m sure we’ll get used to it. Actually it is a point of interest versus the very conventional Audi 3-windows-in-one-blob approach.
    Imagine this with the proper alloys and I don’t think people will pay much attention to the window line.
    The badging is low, but the rear is wide and high so maybe this is a balance.

    Does anyone know if those are simply red refelctor units lower down beside the badging, or are they additional lights?

  8. The badges are at the same position as this , so my bet that`s were they are staying.
    A red one of these with som 19″ wheels…..would work just fine for me 🙂

    • I guess it´s just blurry compressed JPG that makes it look as it is. We have to wait for better images.

  9. Nice pics of a really good looking car…! These pics make this car so real…
    I wonder if the rear seat head room is bigger than in the sedan. I guess that this model will be popular in taxi use. Lets also hope that at least the Swedish Police Force will start using it.

  10. For us who want the diesel version the 9.5 SC has no premium engine alternative. I have for the time being an 9-5 TiD4 Auto, and it is ok. Have tested TTiD4, but sorry that engine is a disaster. Automatic transmission is not possible to have. GM is said to have something to do with it, and the engine is so noisy. The gear ratio is for some strange reason lower than fro the TiD4. Test drove on a road I drive with my own car every day. About 130km. Consumtion 30% higher. The Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld also found the consumption to be very high.
    Offer a good price on Hirsch upgrade for the TiD4 instead.
    Have also been informed that the 9-3 low emission diesel 1,9l, is not same engine is the 2,0l in the 9-5. Ok both Fiat from the start, but then Opel is being involved in a negative way.

  11. I’m liking that a lot, but I think it needs the Hirsch quad exhaust upgrade to add a hint of aggressiveness to the rear though.

    Slightly O/T, but is that a 9-7x pulling the flatbed trailer in the right hand lane? Or has someone put clear tail-light lenses on a Trailblazer?

    • Looks 9-7x to me and a 9-3 in the opposing lane… maybe support team for the test ride??

      The car looks a little higher than I would have expected but I like it. With the 9-3x cladding and maybe just a little bit more ride height…. = winner.

      • I thought it had a look of a 9-7x to it… It’s funny, in all the time I lived in Sweden I never saw a single 9-7x on the road – just one for sale at Biva in Linköping. Spent a week in Houston last year and saw dozens of them!

  12. My opinion. This 9-5 rear-part looks too huge and heavy. The 9-5 saloon looks better and more exclusive.

  13. Nice, very nice. Not perfect, but nearly there. This will be a great seller, I believe.
    Still, looking very much forward to Geneva and some more “flesh”…

  14. Some VIN decoding work.
    The VIN is: YS3GR5MK7C9000003
    YS3 -> SAAB
    G -> 9-5
    R -> 9-5 Aero sedan (American text)
    5 -> 5 Door
    M -> 6-speed manual/FWD
    K -> Engine (I don’t have the code for the TTiD Engine)
    7 -> Check Digit
    C -> MY’ 12
    9 -> Assembly Plant (1 is THN, I suppose that 9 is the prototype line)

  15. Fixed the rear door and removed the silly badges:

    I like the car, but I think the angle of the Combi that Saab showed 2 weeks ago was carefully chosen. I think it looks a bit like the old Subaru Impreza estate (9-2X) – but on a much larger scale.

    As a fan of big cars, I like it. I hate that door line however.

  16. Great looking car. I can’t wait for the 9-5x version. Maybe I could create my own with aftermarket air suspension and some SPG panels!

  17. I am loving the new 9-5 SC, sporty, sexy beautiful lines. Maybe the chrome can be added to the c-pillar window to make it look more complete, hockey stick looks out of sorts. Can’t wait to see it in person.

    Also don’t open link on aZuL2001’s comment. Totally infected my Dell which is being debugged now I hope. On the HP for now.

    • Also don’t open link on aZuL2001′s comment. Totally infected my Dell

      Sorry ?
      What ?

      Haven’t seen any warning here with my quite tight security.
      Only thing i can think of is localized ads and some wierd infection with that.

      If you need help, or have info to share on that, send me a mail.
      nickname + gmail will work.

  18. I really want to like this car but I’m having a block with the windowline, tailgate in bumper arrangement, badge location and also the chrome on the side windows needs to either go or be carried through to the rear perhaps?

    Hopefully when we see the real thing, rather than a pre-production spy shot things may have evolved.

    It certainly seems to have ‘presence’ though!

  19. Here is how I see it:

    Kinda weird looking with the top corner of the 3rd window not lining up with the corner of the door.

    The door looks a bit Volvo-245-ish when its borrowed from the sedan.

    The proportions of the rear window vs what under it looks extremely 9-2X.

    They should have released it earlier.

    But damn I want a black 9-5 Aero SC Turbo4 XWD manual with 19″ TurboFan rims!

    • “Kinda weird looking with the top corner of the 3rd window not lining up with the corner of the door.”

      Sigh, I didn’t want to spoil the fun and excitement, but yes, this is exactly the first thing I noticed. I’m old fashioned, I feel that things should line up to please the eye. You don’t put windows in a house at different heights and angles either.

      • I take the sedan over the SC, the styling feels more solid. Build a jet black on the “Build Your Saab” page, with 19 inch Turbofan wheels look at it from the side. Killler looks.

  20. I have been purposely silent in this discussion. Because the first picture were so well received and I did honestly not want to “spoil the party” in those hard times for Saab. The first two things that came to my mind was a mixrure off the worst from OG 9-5SC and the old Volvo 245 with the very flaw cost-saving rear-door.
    But actually – after looking again and again and re-thinking, I have to say that the designers of the NG 9-5SC, in a way, have been more consequently dealing with the theme; “just adding a rear-room to the sedan” : Try to see the C-pillar as the main-loading “column” . From that the upper-edge off the glass raises in both direction and the dimensions off the roof is tapering – following the forces and similar to cantilevered funkis-buildings.

    • It also helps a lot that Saab – unlike most car-manufactures – are using the same form-language in all the “body-holes” , when you look from the side: Headlights, rear-lights and rear-windows are shaped the same way and having a relation to each other (like in the OG 9-5SC).

      • Yep I agree with you the lighting is key to the interpretation of the D-Pillar. With harsh sunlight like the spy photo, it really stands out. At night or in low light, not as much.

      • I agree. There seem to be a perspective distortion in the NG to the left that almost makes that SC look like a Coupe instead of a Combi. But otherwise it is similar in the way of the reflectors and tailpipes and other small detailers.

    • At the Harrisburg Autoshow last weekend- Ford was offering a $50.00 MC giftcard if you test drive a ford product. I drive a white limited Explorer- much like the one in the image- and all I could think of was the SAAB design cues- clamshell hood, blacked out A and D pillars, and taught side sculpting. Although it starts at $28,000 the model on the lot was $47,275 for a Limited (and it still had missing options). Maybe I’m a badge snob but $46k for a Ford seems hard to digest. Nice suspension but the engine (v6- 265hp) felt pushed for acceleration. I liked the fold flat, power third row seating.

  21. The most beautiful station wagon on the market! Although, I don’t think the badge is located on good place. (But that’s just a very small thing)
    I like that there are three (possibly four?) SAABs in the picture 😀

  22. I too am disappointed about retaining the rear doors from the sedan. We are on our second 9-3SC due to the rear access being so much better than the sedan. Also the feeling in the back is much less claustrophobic.

    On top of that, if you really do plan to use the rear space of the 9-5SC then access through the rear doors is a masive help. The amount of times I have had to climb through the rear doors of my 9-3SC and 9000…

    May be a reason to give the 9-4X serious look while in the showroom, next year in Australia by all reports.

  23. I like it tremendously. Wondering what power train configuration will be designated for the US. Has that ever been revealed?

  24. Can’t help to notice how many here are complaining about things people have seen from one official image and two half-unsharp mobile camera shots. Can’t people stop ranting about “oh.. I don’t like this and that” “they should do it like this or that so I am happy”?

    Why not just wait until we can see the car in the metal? I’m sorry, but this complaining phenomenon that is rather often occuring more and more here at SU it’s just getting so boring.

  25. Very promising. Like Turbin – the 94X comparo will be interesting for my family – although I suspect this will drive better.

  26. In modern Architecture Windows MUST NOT and DO NOT Stay line in line, Look at modern Houses and you’ll see that harmony comes from The whole Body, Not from Single Lines.
    Saab disagrees: this is modern. By The Way we all can Be Lucky that there is a new 9-5 sc at all!

  27. I think it’s obvious that using existing door stampings from sedans for the combis is very cost effective. For those who complain about the cut lines of the rear door on the 9-5, you should take a look at the side profile of the CTS wagon. Based on the rear glass there’s a car that should have had the rear doors’ egress cut vertical. Wife thinks the combi is better looking than the 9-4x. Wow- two competent designs from which to choose.!!!

  28. And there it is. Like what I see. It is different, it has the Saab thing, it hits that special part otehr brands cannot.
    Cannot wait to do the guidedog test and see how roomy it is in the back. It is different in styling, thank god. I like the fact SAAB just did their own thing. For some it may be horrible from certain corners, and nice from others.

    For me, it is quite simple. A big estate car, building on the SAAB gene. Different and with personality. I’d much rather have a quirky Saab than some eurobox in my drive. They’ve done it again 😉

  29. Saab should put out more pictures of the car NOW. Instead of having people guessing the looks from their own odd angle 1 picture shot, or to two low quality phone-picture.

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