Saab at Auto Shows this weekend

There are a couple of Auto Shows starting this weekend and Saab will be at both of them in different capacities.

The Cleveland Auto Show runs from Feb 26 through to March 6 and Saab have set up a pretty good stand at the show. The Saab 9-4x is there. Andy Rupert took the following photo and agrees with many others in saying that the 9-4x looks better in person (as they always seem to do).


The Greater Milwaukee Auto Show also starts on the weekend, running the same dates as the Cleveland show.

I got a note in my inbox from Peter Gilbert, the million-mile Saab guy, saying he’ll be working at the Saab stand on Sunday.

If you were thinking of heading along to the show, consider that an extra reason to get there – I’m sure Peter would love to say hello!

14 thoughts on “Saab at Auto Shows this weekend”

  1. I am returning to the Motherland from Cincinnati for the Cleveland show on this Sunday. It’s an annual event I take in with my brother and father every year. If there are any other Saab enthusiasts going as well on Sunday send me an email at [email protected] and maybe we can have a beer with a new Saab.

  2. And as a side note – the Chrysler 200 is the official car of the Cleveland auto show. How exciting is that? 🙂

    I will be there tomorrow and Sunday for the high school student competition. Thankfully the worst storm of this winter has come to a close.

  3. Lets hope Gilberts son gets the chance to sit in the 9-4x…….
    Remember a car show in Stockholm when ovloV launched the V70R odd light blue/green with tan leather interior. People where NOT allowed to sit in the car. A friend of mine who had fought to buy a Hirsch 305 bhp 9-5* and failed, told the ovloV people that he WAS buying this car, they opened, 5 weeks later he was sn ovloV guy!
    * the launch was terrible, nothing worked. Quite different nowadays!

  4. Wish that Saab would show the new 9-5 SC in Geneva in Laser Red. I’m a bit bored with white/silver/grey cars on auto shows. Give us a crisp Laser Red 9-5 SC with turbine rims.

    • I chose not to go, so I can’t say that I “didn’t” see them with my own eyes. But in the end, they weren’t on the map there, and a friend told me that she didn’t see Saab there either.

      Saab not being there ended up being a reason I didn’t go.

      • Saab was at the Toronto Auto show this year…they had a small display outside of the Concorse Exotica. They had 3 cars, the 9-5, all new 9-4 and a 9-3 on display.

    • Thanks for the video there (with “Maddie” showing the 9-4X). With her height being a bit shorter than mine I guess (195 cm) it gave a better impression of the size of the car.

  5. Sadly, Saab was a no show at the Toronto International Auto Show this week. This is THE show for Canada. They were conspicuous by their absence. Doe anyone know how to get in touch with Saab marketing in North America o who to contact at the Canadian Importer? We’ve got a lot of car marketing experience here in Canada and Id like to offer our help.

    • Saab was present at the Toronto Auto Show; they had a small display of three cars outside of the Concorse Exotica. The all new 9-4, 9-5 and a 9-3 were on display. Saab magazines and brochures were handed out. Unfortunately since they were a last minute addition to the auto show, they were not on the map which did make it hard to find them.

  6. Cleveland Auto Show on Sunday was packed. I think their must be some pent up demand for new vehicles in the NE Ohio.

    I was happy to see the terrific Saab display as shown in the pictures from Andy earlier on this thread.

    It was also good to see a big crowd in and around all the Saabs with many positive comments being overheard about the new 95 and 94x, the latter of which looked better in person than in pictures to me.

    I am looking forward to the 95 SportCombi.

  7. During a break from working the Volvo display tonight, I spoke with one of the SAAB reps about their experience so far. She said that ten cars have been sold so far due to the Cleveland Auto Show. That seems almost too good to believe. But if it is true, that will be a big boost for the brand. She also mentioned that they have received at least one pre-order for the 9-4x. Again, if you haven’t seen this small CUV it is much smaller in person. I think it will be a good seller although it will have good competition from the Volvo XC60. (size comparison)

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