Saab Club Romania out and about

It’s great to see Saab clubs getting out and about to start the year. Even with the northern winter bringing a fair bit of cold weather, the Brits were out in force last weekend, as were the Saab Club of Romania.

The outing was in Brasov and as you can see in the pics, they had a great turnout despite the snow that’s still hanging around.

There’s a great video on the club’s Facebook page, too. I love the flag work!

Well worth a look.


Has you club hooked up with Saab’s club register on Facebook yet? How’s that working out?

I think there’s a great potential for Saab to tie in with clubs that way and for those active in Saab clubs, it’s a great way to see what other clubs are doing.

I never would have known the club in Romania had such a great crew if I hadn’t received this email from Dorin, but it’s very encouraging to see what they’re doing and I’m sure there are more clubs out there doing great things.

14 thoughts on “Saab Club Romania out and about”

  1. swade, i told you last year/wintwer about this club, when we had a Saved SAAB convoy in Bucharest !… i gived you the link
    on the ather hand i was the guy that did a sort of “one car Save SAAb convoy “in 2009

  2. And yet , I still wait for the day the new 9-5 will roam the streets here in Romania, haven`t seen one yet, but great job everyone!!!

  3. Salut T.M. I’m from Cluj, hence no dealership for me, but I’m sure in Bucharest there is at least one 9-5, There was a review of it and a presentation of new dealership in an Autobuild Romania issue in november or december last year . Also the dealer from Timisoara I’m pretty sure has one. I think the one from Timisoara display it in one mall.

    • Salut, pe cea din timi am vazut-o la mall… refeream pe strada , chiar cu numere de germania sa fie,nu-mi pasa 😀 Cheers!!!

      • than I’m pretty sure my info about Timisoara is from you, I think even on this blog :). Funny :).
        I did not yet saw an Audi A7, and I think I will have to see quite a lot of them before seeing a new 9-5 on Cluj :(.

  4. Hi guys! Great pictures of my hometown and so many great cars on that “belvedere” hill.. 😀
    Too bad I wasn’t able to come 🙁 ..well, next time for sure!
    T.M.: to my knowledge there are two 9-5 ‘ in Bucharest: a 2.0 Vector sitting at the showroom and a 2.8 Aero, which I saw “in the wild”, for test drives! 😉
    Cheers oameni buni! :))

  5. Thanks Swade for the post and for the kind words.
    If you can, please add our website to the Saab Car clubs in the contact section.
    Cheers, Dorin

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