Saab Independence celebration – Tolga Norway

Saab themselves will be holding some independence celebrations later this month. They’ve included a brief note to this effect on their Saab Media Events site, but with no details available yet. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, others are also getting together to re-enact their Saab Support Convoys from last year, and celebrate a year of independence for Saab.

This is the Saab Support Convoy image from Tolga, Norway, from last year. They had around 20 people there at that time, in 11 vehicles.

They’ve done pretty well to almost match that again this year, with eight car loads turning up to celebrate, including a few of the small town’s youngest residents:

Photos: Ola R

From Svein B, in Tolga……

Some of the Saab-people in Tolga, Norway held a little Saab Independence event on January 20th to celebrate Saab’s being on it’s own feet again.

Tolga is a little place with just 1700 inhabitans, but we still had eight cars meeting up this afternoon. At last years Save Saab event in Tolga, even more people met up with their cars.

As you can see on the pictures, some of the future Saabowners followed the meeting 🙂 We had a most enjoyable evening at the nostalgia-cofee (Caltex) at the local gas-station.

Amongst the cars we had a 76′ 99 GL, two 9000 A50’s, a former embassy-owned 9000 CDE, three 9-5 estates and a 9-3 SS. Saab is the perfect car for where we live (amongst the coldest places in Norway with a long winter) and the Saab-owners here seem to be very proud of and happy with their cars, as Saab people very often tend to be.

Local media met up and wrote in the newspaper about the event.

It’s always great to see people getting together in different places around the world and I think we might see a bit more of that in February as Saab’s first Independence Day comes around.

7 thoughts on “Saab Independence celebration – Tolga Norway”

  1. That was very nice indeed! Kudos to Norway!

    PS: Swade, you and all of us have to admit that the major contributing factor behind the success of last year’s “Save Saab” campaign all over the world was you and only you!
    It was you that coordinated and presented all those efforts through this website. Now if you step down from SU who will be coordinating the forthcoming “Save SaabsUnited” and “Save Swade” campaigns?

  2. Hei Svein
    That embassy car, is from the Canadian Embassy in Oslo?

    I did see one of those for sale on to a very good condition and at a good price for a few months ago. I thought about buying it myself.

    • Hi,

      The embassy car was from the Dutch Embassy. A nice car.

      I have also seen a couple of other former embassy cars on, and they often use to be in good condition and well equipped.

  3. The little one’s are cute. It looks like everyone is having a good time. Just so nice to see the continued support for Saab.

  4. Great effort!
    Agree that Saab is a great winter car, but today my old OG could not make it in the enourmus amount of snow we got in Stockholm. Had to take my wife’s Dame Edna (thank you anti spinn device) and luckely made to work.

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