Saab Independence Day in THN – who’s going?

Saab have announced a celebration event happening in Trollhattan to commemorate one year since being bought by Spyker Cars.

The Saab media page…..

Exactly one year after the sale of Saab Automobile was completed, employees will celebrate Saab’s first year of independence with an afternoon of presentations, awards and entertainment.

….and the Facebook page both give the smallest insight as to what’s happening:

On the 23rd of February we celebrate Saab’s one year anniversary as an independent car manufacturer. Want to join in on the virtual celebration? Just click attend the event, and stay posted here on the Page. Exciting things to come.

Click here to stay updated on the Facebook page.


Exactly what this event will entail is still shrouded in mystery, however we have received some clues already.

Saab’s Geneva preview site indicates that there will be two premieres on the 23rd of February:

  • The Independence Edition Saab 9-3 Convertible
  • The Saab 9-3 Griffin range

So that’s something to look forward to. I’m not sure where those premieres will take place, but the Saab Museum might be a good bet.

Which leads us to ask the question – who’s going to be there?

I’ll bet all the Trollhattan locals who tune in here will be on site and I’ve got at least one mate from England who’s going to make his annual pilgrimage for this event. Anyone else heading along?

I wish I could make it there myself, but I’ve been commandeered by Saab Oz to do a presentation for their new dealer body as to what happened a year ago and the role that you all played in it 🙂

22 thoughts on “Saab Independence Day in THN – who’s going?”

  1. Oh I so wish I could be there. But I´ll have to pass this time I´m afraid, since the event is held on a workday. But you never know you never know.


  2. A Wednesday… I sometimes pass through THN on Thursday evenings.

    Very tempting. I might be able to make a stretch for it, but would be nice to know a little more first (at least a time and a place).

  3. I would really like to be there!
    Unfortunately it seems to be at the same time, where I have to travel in the opposite direction, for an important product-development-meeting, regarding a new furniture-design of mine…

  4. I bet on Vladimir ANTONOV presence……!!!
    1 week before Geneva would be a great moment to announce some good news about financing business, to develop the 92 for example……..

  5. I am sure we’ll get some good coverage from the locals who frequent SU…. looking forward to it…

  6. I don’t have the time to go there, but if I had I wouldn’t go.

    I have the impression that Saab wants to make a private celebration with their employees, and they deserve it.

    • You’re almost an employee given all the time you spend doing work on Saab’s behalf 🙂

      In all seriousness, I got the sense that the Saab staff are every bit as interested in celebrating the Saab community as they are an integral part of their comeback. Part of the fun of this new company is the close ties there are between customers, workers, dealers and management. If I was within 500 miles I’d be there.

    • Come on! What makes Saab special, imho, is that it pays attention to it’s extended family. I’m pretty certain that the employees wouldn’t mind.

      • GerriN,
        maybe you are right, but reading the Facebook announcement once again:

        On the 23rd of February we celebrate Saab’s one year anniversary as an independent car manufacturer. Want to join in on the virtual celebration? Just click attend the event, and stay posted here on the Page. Exciting things to come.

        you can see that they talk about people joining a virtual celebration.

        • Virtual beer, wine and cheese? Ugh.
          Maybe someone should send an Email to their contacts at Saab to figure out if personal attendance is allowed and/or appreciated.

        • Don’t you just think that’s because they don’t want to invite people all the way to Trollhattan but still want to involve them as much as possible? Sort of a long journey for most of their fans on Facebook.

          • Exactly. It’s one afternoon during the week.

            They’re hoping to give people a chance to look on and feel part of things, even from a distance.

            I imagine there will be both public and invitational events in THN itself.

  7. Good to see your booked in to do some pr work for Saab Australia. I think the pricing of 2011 models is way off what the Australian market will support and needs to be addressed asap.

  8. Saab Australia has two main jobs imo

    1. Let the Australian public know why they were all but gone, how they’re back, and that they’re here to stay.

    2. Product line – models need to be a bit cheaper, and the equipment needs to be higher than standard. Include colour dash/speedometer etc ,satnavs, and high quality materials as standard in every single model .Get into consumer minds that Saab is a premium brand that is an alternative to bmw etc etc. Perhaps a good plan in the long run.

    That being said, this is coming from someone knowing nothing on the inside.

    • Pat,

      I don’t think they’ll be doing a big “we’re back” campaign. Basic truth is that their absence wasn’t particularly hard felt here. There wasn’t a big “Saab is dead” report in the media, just a quiet dwindling or presence. Simply being back and getting product out there, with whetever advertising they can afford (they’re on the shoestring of all shoestring budgets) is going to have to do the trick.

      Pricing will be an issue, but they are equipping the cars well. Higher basic specs than what we’re seeing overseas (e.g. I’d never seen a 9-3x with leather seats as standard until I checked the Saab Oz website yesterday).

      It’s whether they can communicate this effectively that’ll be the challenge.

      • Very true Swade.

        The reason why I think it’s good to advertise the background info on why Saabs presence has slowly dwindled is because I wouldn’t want people to assume that Saabs just became not as popular, or were not making cars that made people come back for them.

        I get the impression that our fellow Australians (including me) see small and establishing car brands in Australia, such as Proton and Skoda (who do actually make some decent cars) and tend to think little of them or don’t consider them just because they’re not that common, and they assume they’re not common because they’re not that good a car brand, or because they’re just not competitive enough to become popular, and so don’t give them a chance

        Luckily, Saab was relatively popular back in the day, and the new models are unique and attractive enough to generate a few looks of interest on the road – which might be all Saab needs. Perhaps a larger coordinated marketing campaign could start once the 9-4x arrives, after the 9-5 has had a few months to generate interest on the roads and dealers and deliveries are more organised.

        Once again I say this with very little inside knowledge or business experience. As you mention, I can only imagine the budget they have to work with.

        To finish off; bit of Aussie advertising on

    • RE: Saab Australia I would like the interior leather to reflect the quality that was offered in the 60th anniversary editions, 17 inch alloys as standard, dash facia upgrade, audio and sat nav upgrade, sports steering wheel with flat bottom, linear – vector – biopower – aero models [no add ons such as “sport” or a mix mash such as “linear biopower” or “vector biopower”], initial looks count for a lot, in my eyes the 9-3ss has always been a decent car.

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