Saab Swedish sales data – January 2011

It’s the first of the month, so it’s sales reporting time – and WOW!! I got this posted before anyone emailed me or dropped them in comments. Blogger FTW!

First up is Sweden.


Saab 9-3

There were 323 Saab 9-3s sold in Sweden in January, vs 100 last year.

As it’s January, the YTD figure is irrelevant.

Saab 9-5

There were 148 Saab 9-5s sold in Sweden in January, vs 107 last year.


The total number of Saab vehicles sold in January was 471.


Chats with contacts in Sweden earlier this month indicated they were looking for somewhere around 550-600 for the month. January-February were expected to be slow, but I’m sure they would have loved to have those extra 80 or so deliveries to reach that target – a sub-120g Saab 9-3 SportCombi might have helped there and there could well be people hanging out for that.

The passenger car market was up 24% in January.

BMW were up 100%.

Ford were up 40%.

Mercedes were up 60%.

Hyundai were up 100%.

Toyota were down 30%

Saab were up 127%

43 thoughts on “Saab Swedish sales data – January 2011”

  1. Austria has preliminary data.

    Saab has sold 29 cars in January in Austria, from 0 cars last year.
    This is better than 2008 (22), so I hope the Austrians keep the pace.

  2. January is a somewhat slow month here in Sweden. In December 2010, almost 30000 new cars were sold in Sweden. In January sales figures were only 19244. However, the sales of new 9-3s dropped from 892 to 323 and the sales of new 9-5s dropped from 211 to 148. The market share for Saab decreased from 2.99% to 2.45%. More work to build confidence in the brand needs to be done.

  3. In some way i hope antonov comes in and move the factory! Sweden doesnt deserve to have SAAB anymore! Swedish people and the press have turned the back againsr SAAB and I would love if it was possible to leave the Swedish market!!

    • You are absolutely right!
      I’m ****ed off with the latest Di comparison about SAAB and a comparision about only SAAB, where they compare sale figures dec 10 vs jan 11 and the decrease of 58% not the actually increase of sale figures 128% (jan -10 vs jan -11)

      • I think TT is the problem. TT writes that Saab’s sales is less than half compared to December. Volvos loss from 8378 to 3663 cars sold are not mentioned.

    • I am surprised how much emotions are stirred up. During the time period when Saab was to be sold and then to be “wind down”, it was obvious that some people in Sweden really hated SAAB. I will not elaborate on what kind of diagnosis these people may have, but they for sure cannot be healthy. I am also convinced that a possible closure of any of the other larger Swedish industrial companies, e.g. Atlas Copco or Trelleborg would not stir up nearly as much emotions. Nobody would not come out and cheer if Atlas Copco was going bankrupt, why were some people cheering when Saab was at risk? And I am convinced that the cheering people were not fanatic environmentalist. I could more easily forgive them. Being Swedish, too me, SAAB is a source of national pride.

    • Well, let us not forget that sweden become the strongest market for SAAB in December and a lot of swedes has been pushing companies to add SAAB as an option to the leasing again.

      So I think SAAB has both a lot of love and hate in Sweden.

      I’ve been cheering for SAAB and I certainly hope they’ll do well, but I don’t see how they can meet the sales target of 80 000 cars for the year. To be pessimistic is a bit of swedish psyche I suppose…… if they were to meet this target in the end of 2011 though, I bet there be a lot of positive articles and stories of the fantastic journey of SAAB.

    • Henke I’m sorry but you are totally off your head.

      Regardless of what the swedish press are writing about saab, if the company was to leave Sweden it would be absolutely suicidal.

      However I do hope Antonov does come on board and give SAAB the financial support they require to make their independence a success.

      • I don´t think that we should take what a small group of journalists are saying about Saab as a truth what the swedes think about Saab. Swedes in general love their Volvos and Saabs. Take a walk in any swedish town or city and you will see a lot of new Saabs and Volvos everywhere. You won´t see that amount of Saabs anywhere else on the planet.

  4. First reactions from Saab on the sales data:

    In a press release says Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Sweden, in January the numbers:
    “Sales in January were in line with our expectations. However, it is reassuring that we can already see that in February will mean continued growth.”

    I’ve found it on an article, but the source is TT, so I think this words will be all over the net in the next couple of hours.
    Still no official press release from Saab.

  5. Dutch sales number is also in:
    Januari 2011 214 vs 66 in Januari 2010
    Market share: 0,28%

    Saab outperformed Subaru (165)

      • January registrations are always strong as hardly any company cars gets registered in the last two months of the year.

  6. Last year Saab sold about 32000 cars. Assumed that the growth compared to last year month by month will last we are looking at roughly 72500 cars. Not far from the goal.

  7. A little reminder…

    Saab sold 471 vehicles…
    That without a 9-5SC offering

    The 9-5SC is coming, will sell like crazy and so will the 9-3SC Eco TTiD. Sweden is a Combi nation.

    Saab and Volvo Competition same type of product:
    Saab 9-5SS -148, Volvo S80 -76
    Saab 9-3SS/SC -323, Volvo S40/V50 -525

    Saab total: 471
    Volvo Total: 601


    • Tompa,
      I’m sorry but the 9-3 should be compared to the S60/V60/C70.
      The S40/V50 are quite small cars, imho.
      But anyhow, the 9-5 is really performing well, although it is a sedan only model.

      • The problem is that Volvo has four “classes” while SAAB only have two, this makes comparisons difficult. The following rank of the concepts are as follows;
        S40/V50/C70 (as C70 is based on S40)
        The comparison of the 9-3 with S40/V50 is valid, as they are both due for replacement and this is a measure on how well the “old” products are selling. Thus, with almost equal amount of cars sold of the 9-3 and S40/V50 this proves that SAAB is actually selling better than Volvo in this aspect, as the market share of Volvo / SAAB is so different.

        For future development of SAAB’s (without taking any discussion on financing etc.) my view is that
        1. The (hopefully upcoming) 9-2 should be slightly larger than the C30 and should come in 3 / 5 / X versions – compare with BWM 1-series / 1 X and Audi A3 series.
        2. The 9-3 is good in size, but I think interior space can be better used. Compare for example with the old 9000 which was not so large on the outside but had superior interior space. This is, as I see it, another or SAAB’s trademarks – to make a car look neat but yet with enough space inside.
        3. The replacement of the 9-5 should be at least 20 cm’s shorter. it is a beautiful car as it is, but I know some people being scared of its size and have chosed competitor cars instead. Currently, this is out of SAAB’s control, but i would be surprised to see the 9-5 live for more than 6 or 7 years.
        4. On many markets, “intelligently” sized SUV’s are taking large market shares. Here is Sweden, there are bunches of XC60’s everywhere. I must admit this is a very good car, but competitors have also mid sized SUV’s selling good (Ford Kuga, BMW X3, Audi Q5, Skoda Yeti, VW Touran, Nissan Qashqai etc etc). I think that what SAAB needs are three SUV’s, the 9-2X, the 9-4 X and the 9-6X.

      • But it’s not Saab fault nor problem that these cars are so small 🙂 i agree that the S/V60 is the direct competitor, but the V70 is the wagon version of the S80, and much larger.

        Volvo has a somehat confusing product portfolio that only recently got in shape: 30; 40/50; 60; 70-90

  8. Gerhard, I agree! But the biggest problem is that all the papers are looking after bad angles on SAAB and Volvo can do what ever! When will people understand that Volvo has bad quality?

  9. Saab has sold 27 cars from jan to june 2010. So 29 cars in jan is a positive sign which could be topped in the next months. An ad campaign an events are running. So we should se rising registrations in 2 months. And austria is also a sc country

  10. Still a very very rare car here in the UK…I have only seen 3 on the road since its launch and I do keep a sharp look out.

  11. These are fairly disappointing numbers, no point in pretending otherwise. But there are good reasons for it. The big seller for Saab in Sweden will be the 9-3 low-CO2 diesel, and the market for such a “sensible” sedan is not very big. If you’re practically oriented enough to go for low emissions, then you’re practically oriented enough to go for a station wagon. The 119g/km 9-3 Combi will sell exponentially more than the sedan. That model can’t hit the streets soon enough!

    As for the 9-5 – well, it’s simply not a car for the Swedish market. If you’re going to go for a car that big, for that amount of money, then most Swedes will pick a brand with higher prestige and luxury than a Saab. The 9-5 Combi may do a bit better, but as the cargo space is only average for a car that big, it probably won’t be a big seller either. Unless, that is, it turns out that the cargo space is the best in its class in some other way than gross volume, such as its length, or the size of the opening. That might help bring in the cargo fetishists.

    But all in all, it’s only the 9-3 Combi that will keep Saab alive on the Swedish market until the autumn of 2012. It will be very interesting to watch how the sales spike when they release it!

    • I don´t see a reason for eing that pesimistic about the 9-5 SW, I know many who are waiting for it. Cargo-space isn´t everything, Saab could easily have made the boot the biggest in the market but then the car would be ugly too. Sloping rear = less space, exactly as was the case with the OG 9-5.
      Funny thing about space, I recently traveled in my own car (-09 9-5) but in the back seat and it struck me that my head is closer to the roof in the OG 9-5 SC then in the new 9-5 SS. Later that evening i took a cab (yes it was a party-evening) and it happened to be some Skoda, not sure if it was a Superb or an Octavia, but headroom there was worse. (in the rear-seat.) I guess people saw the sloping line of the new 9-5 and started complaining.

  12. Saab Sverige Press release about the sales figures in january:

    Expected start of 2011 at Saab in Sweden

    * Saab notes 471 new car registrations in the Swedish market in January
    * Exciting news to come

    Trollhattan, Sweden, today announced Saab Automobile, the January sales figures for the Swedish market. The sale is located at an expected level, and Saab is working towards becoming a successful, independent company.

    “Sales in January were in line with our expectations. However, it is reassuring that we can already see that in February will mean a continued increase. Now we’re on the road and has started an exciting journey together with our dealers in 2011 “says Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Sweden.

    January was the starting point for an exciting Saab years. Starting in late February, the coming months bring interesting news and product launches for Saab Sweden.

    Magnus Hansson: “We will in the spring to present a number of exciting innovations, including the importance for Sweden Saab 9-5 SportCombi, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show about a month. This, together with an already sharpened product offering will provide our Swedish customers even more reason to go to the nearest Saab dealer. We confidently look forward to welcoming them to us. “

    Source: saab media; Translation by Googletrans

  13. It’s hard not to look ten years back, when Saab sold 25 000 cars per year, but at the same time I think the numbers for jan 2011 are pretty good, given all the talk about last years bad sales numbers and the fact that there is no 9-5 SC/SW.

    There’s still a looong way to go, but things sure will start happening around march – I think there’s going to be a lot o Saaby buzz during the Geneva-days with the 9-5SC and new 9-3 diesels, not to forget all talk and hype about the Castriota concept. I’m not entirely convinced that 80’000 is a realistic figure just yet, but to double the sales numbers from 2010 shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Very interesting article.
      And it is the first time somebody at Saab says something like this

      What is the goal for this year?
      “I regret not comment in detail because of stock exchange rules.

      Even the analyst has been this time fair to Saab.

  14. If Saab want’s to sell 80k cars this year they’ll have to do better than this I guess. Comparing to ’10 is not fair (in my opinion). That month Saab was at its lowest so it is no surprise that sales are better.

    It might be better to compare the sales to Jan ’09.

    Sweden – 2011 vs 2009
    9-3 323 vs 439 (-26,4%)
    9-5 148 vs 220 (-32,7%)
    Total 471 vs 659 (-28,5%)

    And in 2009 Saab sold 39.903 cars worldwide (half of the target for 2011). Shouldn’t Saab at least sell the same amount of cars as in Jan 2009?

    • Saab’s problems started in February 2009, so it’s irrelevant to compare monthly sales in January 2009 with sales for the whole 2009.

      • Yes, more relevant will be the sales numbers starting form the day in 2010 on which production restarted, until that exact same day in 2011.

          • well, as the deliveries taking place in January are based on orders placed in say late October/November time frame – wasn´t that before corporate Sweden took Saab of their vehicle list? – I do believe that the comparison is OK and the figures are at least decent!

      • Depends on what you want to read from comparsion, if you want to gauge the 80k target then it’s not irrelevant.

  15. I think that the low sales in Sweden in January has to do with the fact that people wait for the combi versions of the Saab 9-5 and the 119 g/km Saab 9-3 TTiD.

    Then it’s important to have in mind that the vast majority (about 90 percent) of Saabs sold in Sweden are leasing cars*. Cars in Saabs price range are not often sold directly to private customers.

    * Cars not formally owned by the person using it as a private cars, a common fringe for (at least fairly) well paid employees.

  16. Word is from the Saab factory that production is going up and sales/orders for February so far looking good…

  17. The truth is that it´s all about the product!
    The 9-3 was the 15:th most sold car in january and that is whats happen when you can´t deliver what the market wants. The SC under 120g/Co is a must, period. Untill then we can only hope that people are friendly and they are not. They think and are quite smart when there money is on the line. We all know why and lets hope that the TTiD SC is out there on the market unbelevebly fast (with the facelift).
    The 4:th place is it´s right place in the statestic and that´s about 6-700 units in january. I am afraid that what they loose in sale early this year is very hard to reach and to take back later this year.

    The 9-5 SC: I don´t have a clue how hot that car is for lease people? Can only hope that all the OG 9-5 drivers like it and take it, but there former levels is sale is atleast 1-2 years from now, I think.

    Step by step is the only way (I know), hopefully Saab doesn´t loose to many costumers to other brands during that time. Unfortunately they do every month now, or are the costumer waiting for the new SC? Hang in there SAAB and all fans, our time is comming.

    I expect Saab have a fair chance to deliver the day the Saab 9-3 SC 119g is in the statistic.

  18. According to SMMT we sold 452 Saabs here in the UK,compared to 128 last January meaning an increase of 253%.Let’s hope this trend carries on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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