Saab’s Independence Day – the wrap

Saab’s Independence Day – it all seems to have happened so very quickly.

I’d like to take just a minute to thank RedJ and Dave R for being the primary sources of content here during the Independence Day celebrations. One of the hard things for me was being involved in an event and therefore not being able to write about it. They did an outstanding job making sure everything was up to date and informative and I owe them a debt of gratitude for that.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Saab’s management on doing this. Saab will always have to rely on the personal nature of its business. This is evidence of that personal side coming from the top down. It really is a community as well as a company and personally speaking, I feel immensely proud to be a part of it – and I think you should too.

With that said….. here’s a wrap of all that’s happened so you can go through it all again at a more leisurely pace. There are some new links in here, too, so make sure you check them all out.


One of our SU regulars, Rune, called in to check things out. His photo gallery at Flickr contains some great images of the 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible and the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi.


Our mates from Auto Motor and Sport were also in attendance and they’ve published some fantastic photos from the event, too.


RedJ kept a running commentary going on Independence Day celebrations, which was updated as new information and photos came to hand.



Of course, the core focus in vehicular terms was split three ways, between the new Saab 9-3 Independence Edition, the Saab 9-3 Griffin the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi. Saab let press releases loose for both the 9-3 editions.


Our man on the spot was Dave R, a good friend of mine from England, and Dave was kind enough to supply both photos and his well considered thoughts:

My overwhelming feeling is one of great optimism both in the factory and in the town. I was here in Trollhattan last year on February 23rd. The sense then was more just of relief that Saab was not going to be shut down after all. Now the sense is far more positive – the worst is over, and the hard work is begining to bring its just rewards. There is no point looking back any more and dwelling on the past . The future is bright, so let’s just look forward to the suuccesful future of Saab.

Again, my thanks to Dave for keeping us informed. I’m so glad you were able to see this, mate, and I just wish I could have been there with you.



There’s been more video than you could poke a stick at. Again, Saab’s attempt to keep everyone feeling connected to things and I the words of appreciation that I read in comments to these videos here at SU told me that their work was very much appreciated.

I’ll assume it’s the same crew as usual working on these videos, and send my thanks out to Joe, Charlie and Matt for getting them up online so quickly.

Saab’s year since independence…..


A thankyou to the Saab community….


Saab’s Independence Day celebrations….


And while we’re here, let’s take a look at the Saab 9-5 SportCombi ad once more…..



Thanks again to RedJ, Dave R, all of you who shared in the event and of course, Saab for making it all possible.

I love this company and community. Absolutely awesome!

18 thoughts on “Saab’s Independence Day – the wrap”

  1. Now I finally know what has been on the back of my head the whole time since I saw the 9-5 wagon. The greenhouse (to me at least) has some very heavy 2001 9X concept overtones. It looks amazingly compact for a 5000mm-long vehicle on Rune’s picture; good job!

  2. Great pics, Rune!!

    The 9-5 SC looks positively stunning. Hopefully it´ll become the big-seller it so well deserves. Saab up!!

  3. Cred to Red J et al who made it possible to get such a large and deep coverage of the Independent Day!!

    There is hope for SU after Geneva!

    Keep it up and keep on Saabin’ 😀

  4. Very nice videos. Very nice talks from Superman and Kent.
    Long Live Saab
    Long Live SaabsUnited
    Long Live SWADE !!!!!

  5. The Direct injection engine seems to do wonders for the performance figures. Just built a 9-3 XWD SC with the 220HP engine. It goes 0-100 in 6.9s, much improved from the 210HP engines 8.3sec. The Hirsh 240HP takes 7.3s to 100km/h. I wonder if its the much improved torque curve thats helping here. Could a Hirsch upgrade to 260HP, drop into the 5.something seconds?

    From the Swedish build a SAAB website key specifications:

    Motorspecifikation Bioetanol (E85) eller Bensin, Fyrcylindrig radmotor, Tvärställd, Cylinderhuvud och block i aluminium, Dubbla överliggande kamaxlar, 16 ventiler, Turbo (twin-scroll), Dubbla balansaxlar, Direkt insprutning, Coil-on-plug tändning
    Drivning XWD (cross-wheel drive)
    Cyl.volym (cm3) 1998
    Cyl.diameter/Slaglängd (mm) 86 / 86
    Max effekt EEC (kW / Hk vid r/min) 162 ( 220 ) @ 5300
    Max vridmoment (Nm vid r/min) 350 @ 2500
    Rekommenderat bränsle (oktan) Bioetanol (E85) eller Bensin
    Toppfart (km/h) 235
    0-100 km/h (sek) 6.9
    80-120 km/h femte växeln (sek) 10.2
    Bränsleförbrukning (l/100)* 11.8 / 6.4 / 8.4
    CO2 (g/km)* 275 / 149 / 195
    Emissionsklass Euro 5
    Bagagerum (dm3) 477
    Kapacitet bränsletank (l) 61
    Maximal släpvagnsbelastning (kg) 1600
    Maximal totalvikt (kg) 2200
    Tjänstevikt (kg) 1700
    Bromsar Skivbromsar, ventilerade fram och bak
    Bromsdiameter, fram/bak (mm) 302 / 292
    Styrning Kuggstångsstyrning med hydraulservo
    Framhjulsupphängning McPherson fjäderben, skruvfjädrar, gastrycksstötdämpare, krängningshämmare
    Bakhjulsupphängning 4-länkaxel, skruvfjädrar, gastrycksstötdämpare, krängningshämmare

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