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There’s a young guy in England doing some Saaby research as part of his university studies. He’s hooked up with a bunch of Saab Owners Club people via the SU Unofficial Ambassador the UK, Robin M. They’re going to get together this weekend for a photo shoot, and to submit their answers to the following questions.

I figured I might have a go at it too. Consider it a Saaby version of one of those “get to know your friends” type memes that do the rounds every now and again.

If you’d like to join the fun, put your own answers in an email and I’ll forward it on.


1. Your name: Steven Wade

2. Your car/cars: Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo (that’s an SE Sport to you English types)

3. Member of club since: I’ve been dormant in my membership of the Saab Car Club of Australia for a few years, but I’ve still been kinda busy with Saab stuff in that time.

4. Driven Saab since: Around 1998, I think.

5. Top speed of your car/cars: Hasn’t been tested. I’m a good boy.

6. What kind of wheels do your car/cars have? Five spoke alloys that were not original to the car. They’re from a later model Saab 9-3.

7. What kind of fuel does your car/cars use? Gasoline. I only use 98RON premium fuel wherever possible.

8. Which countries have your car/cars been to? Due to geographic difficulties, my car has only ever travelled within Australia (it’s a bloody big island, you know).

9. How many persons does your car fit? 4 adults normally, but maybe about 5 or six times more if you switch to kindergarten types and really cram them in there.

10. What is your favourite gear? Third.

11. How many miles/km have your car/cars driven? My car is just a whisker short of ticking over 150,000 kilometers.

12. What is your favourite car song? Don’t really have one, but best car musical memory is driving to Philip Island (pre-Saab ownership) with It’s Only Natural by Crowded House playing on reasonably high rotation. Close second is anything by Public Enemy or any of Prince’s funky stuff.

13. What do you mainly use your car for? Where do you drive? Driving and storing junk. Anywhere I need to go.

14. Have you been in a car accident with your saab? I’ve had one major accident in a Saab, which occurred on a Driver Education Day at a track here in Hobart. Embarassing but true.

15. How many Saabs have you owned? Saab 99E, Saab 99 Turbo, Saab 900, Saab 99 Turbo (again), Saab 99 Turbo (another one), Saab 9-3 Viggen, Saab 900 Aero, Saab 99 Turbo (not a runner, brief) and Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo. My wife has also had two Saab 9000s, which I drive regularly.

16. If Saab cars did not exist what kind of car would you drive? Alfa Romeo, and aspire to a Porsche, though not the same hausfrauporsche as a few years ago. Would also consider RenaultSport due to constant praise from a mate who owns one.

17. If you were a Saab, which type and model would you be? Saab 99 Turbo.

18. How would you describe your car/cars sounds? A little too quiet. My previous 900 Aero sounded absolutely brilliant (as all Saab 900 sounds seem to do).

19. What does your car/cars smell like? The Saab smell is an interesting phenomenon. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t have the characteristic smell of older Saabs. Pretty un-noticeable, actually.

20. How did your relationship with Saab start? A friend of mine bought a Saab 9000 back when none of us could afford such a thing. Blew me away.

22. What is your best memory with Saab? Too many to mention, but probably the 2007 Saab Festival.

23. Do you have any love stories connected to your car/cars? It’s OK to love your car, just as long as you don’t love your car. But the answer is probably no in the specific sense. Our Saabs have carried my wife and I everywhere, so in that sense our Saabs are part of our story.

24. What do you like about your car/cars design? The hatch, the thoughtful placement of things, the fact that it was made like it is for a reason.

25. Which trip with the Saab club has been the best? Why? Here in Tasmania, probably one of our car rallies. Does the presence of a bunch of Aussies at the 2007 Saab festival clothe it with a club cape? If so, then that one.

26. Why did you choose an older model? Cost. I’d buy a newer Saab as well if I could, but our financial priorities lie elsewhere until we pay off our house. But I’ll always own an older car, too.

27. What do you think of the newer Saab models? Love ’em. As much as they might have strayed somewhat from the company’s tradition over the GM years, they are fine cars with fine Saab qualities. And the good news is that they’re only getting better.

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    • I’ll bet your answer to #12 was “do you really want to hurt me?” – culture club.

      Zippy, shoot me a email to spyder231 (at) h ot ma il . com that’s my junk email, from there we’ll establish contact.. I have some off channel stuff to discuss with ya…

      put something in the subject so I know its you, will ya!?!?

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