Saturday Night Snippets

Greetings from Melbourne.

We got the Skoda and it’s an interesting piece of machinery. Please don’t take ‘interesting’ to mean I’d want one. There are things to admire and things that make the car incredibly annoying. Unfortunately, the annoying things are all to do with driving the car.

Photos and a full report to come, but in response to one remark in comments, there’s no chance whatsoever of me starting


Congratulations to Etienne, who’s got his Saab 99 all decorated and ready to go for the rally at Spa.

I look forward to reading all about it.


A note to all Aussie Saabers…..

The biennial Saab Car Club of Australia gathering for 2011 will be held in Coffs Harbour over Easter.

Potential attendees should check out the club’s website for details.

The last event in Canberra, in 2009, was reportedly a great time for all and I’m sure Coffs will provide a memorable setting for this year’s event.


Have a good weekend, all.

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Etienne. Is that your Automatic? Please please please let me drive it some day!

Have a nice one too Steven!



I love that lower shot of all the 9-3’s in a row. It really lets you see how the Grill has evolved, namely it’s gotten larger and smoother. Too bad the 99 wasn’t in the background instead of the foreground, just for a little more of the evolution.

It’ll be interesting to see what Jason C has done to the next gen 9-3


Now the night is fallen down and Etienne is still engaged in the race .Severalpilots have given up but Etienne & André are still racing .
A tyre has explosed but they were 20 position on 140 pilots this afternoon .
Thank you for your support

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