Spare a thought for Queensland (again) – TC Yasi

This is completely unrelated to Saab, but when I saw these images online today, I couldn’t help but post them.

Queensland, the northeastern state in Australia, has already suffered terribly with the floods a few weeks ago. Whilst they were absolutely massive, the worst damage was done in the south-east of the state.

Now the people of northern Queensland are bracing for tropical cyclone Yasi, which is already affecting the coastline but is due to hit with full force at around 11pm this evening (some seven hours away, as I sit here writing this).

Here’s Yasi:

And another shot, from NASA (thanks Turbin)

And to help you get a grip on the size of this beast, here’s the full Yasi weather system superimposed over the US, and Asia, and Europe…..

Yasi is a category 5 tropical cyclone and winds are expected to get up to 300km/h at their peak. As I write this, winds are already reported to be up to 125km/h and the peak is still seven hours away.

Weather boffins say that just the eye of Yasi is 35km wide and there should be a calm when the eye is over land that lasts for up to an hour.

In some parts of the Queensland coast, they’re expecting a storm-driven surge of water up to around 7 meters in height.

Cairns hospital was evacuated last night, with around 250 people, including something like 12 or so babies in humidicribs and a number of ICU patients being flown down to Brisbane. A massive effort.

People were advised earlier this afternoon that their window of opportunity for outrunning the cyclone had closed. Their best option was to find an official shelter or hunker down in the smallest room of the house. Cyclone shelters don’t allow people to bring their pets.

Such is the size of the storm that the severely effected areas are expected to stretch from Cairns in the north to Townsville in the south – a 300+km stretch of coastline. Areas either side will feel lesser, but still significant effects and tidal effects could stretch down as far as the Sunshine Coast, another 1200km south of Townsville.

I don’t personally know anyone north of about Noosa, but I hope any top-end Queenslanders tuning in here at SU are going to be OK tonight.

18 thoughts on “Spare a thought for Queensland (again) – TC Yasi”

  1. Thanks for this post Swade. This will be terrifying for tens of thousands of our nation. Many have already been mentally and physically devastated by floods. They mostly will not be anywhere near being online but our thoughts are with them.

  2. Steven…if this storm has a devasting impact on the area…PLEASE let those of us in the greater SAAB community assist in any way we can.

    The parallels to hurricane Katrina are frightening.

  3. Floods. Cyclones. One thing is certain, that tough Aussie spirit will be put to the test but as usual they will prevail.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! 🙂

  4. For once it would be nice if not everything in Australia had to be bigger and tougher than anywhere else.

    Hold on everyone!

  5. Weather is going crazy this year. A big ice storm is heading our direction in the North East of the US. But, the worst we can expect is that it’s going to be cold, slippery and maybe some power lines coming down. Nothing compared to this cyclone hitting Australia. Let’s hope for the best.

  6. God Bless all our fellow country men and women in QLD !!! We are all united praying for all of you, if its not a draught its floods and now this huge cyclone. Terrible events.

  7. That`s just pure horror. I can`t imagine how people in the area must feel right now. Best wishes from Sweden.

  8. On the Saab central forum community, we have a member from Cains.

    Best wishes to him and his family.

    This is not only a human disaster, the devastation to the local eco system will be significant. A lot of wild animals and pets will be killed, injured and ophaned. Parts of the barrier reef will be severely damaged.

    After the storms passes, queenslanders need help – and I’m sure we will, please help in whatever way you can!

    Here’s hoping for the best!

    P.S> Proud to be a Queenslander (although I’ve only lived here for a year).

  9. Unbelievable… Our Footy Team here in Boston, MA just finished a (belated) Australia Day event in combination with a Flood Relief Fundraiser this past weekend, and now Queensland is going to get smacked again. I’m sure we’ll be having another event in support of this, but these Queenslanders have to catch a break at somepoint, right?

    Best of luck to everyone there, particularly those along the coast!

  10. Thoughts and prayers with the Aussies who have had Wildfires, Drought, Floods and now this, all in the past two years.

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