Sunday Morning Quick Snippets

Gotta be quick. Plane leaves very soon.


I want this!!!!

Thanks to Sytze for the tip!


One of the comments I just approved…. from ‘Djup Strupe’ (the name used by the commenter, not a DS I can validate) and written in regard to the tail lamp tinting for the Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin:

It is just wrong image rendering. It is the same rear lamps on all 9-3 SportCombi.

Interesting. It seems there could be an error then, on the Saab Sweden website. Either that or an error in DS’s comment. I’ll let Saab sort that out.


Another comment I just approved, from ‘Kris’

ps. I want to see some test between Subarus AWD and Saabs XWD. Is that XWD a real four wheel drive?

The test would be welcome, but no magazine seems to have seen it to be appropriate. But in answer to your question in the second part – Yes it is, and it’s far more sophisticated than most. Do your own research, though. You can search for “Saab XWD” and come up with all sorts of stuff.


The brief descriptor for the Saab Design Concept to be shown in Geneva:

World Premiere: Concept for Future Saab Design
Taking center stage is an exciting concept car showcasing design features and technologies to be seen in the next generation of products from Saab.

Conceived by a team under new Saab Design Director Jason Castriota, the concept´s sleek visual execution introduces styling themes drawn from Saab´s unique Scandinavian and aircraft-inspired design heritage. Cutting-edge technologies include all wheel drive with an electrically powered rear axle and a ground-breaking car communications platform using the AndroidTM operating system.

Get it into your heads – this is not the next Saab 9-3 you’re about to see. It’s not the re-birth of the Saab 99T or the Saab 900 you’re about to see.

This is Saab’s Aero-X statement for the future.

Thanks Ryan F….


It perplexes me a little that Saab (Sweden) get blamed by some people because their local dealer wasn’t up partying for Independence Day.

Saab (Sweden) put on a massive party and made plenty of noise about Independence Day. Whether or not something happened in your country is primarily up to the group that controls Saab in your country. And even then it’s up to your dealer to be switched on enough to make Independence Day a presence at their particular venue.

Moral of the story – don’t fire a rocket at Saab if your local isn’t partying and offering you a smorgasboard. Fire it at the local, or national group. A solution might even come down to you (or your car club) taking the initiative and getting some local action happening.


Places where Independence Day was being noted with either a function, or some great deals……

New Salem Saab battled 8 inches of new snow (man, they are doing it tough this winter) to hold their Independence Day event yesterday. I don’t have much of an idea as to attendance, etc, but the food sure looked good 🙂

Stratstone Saab in Birmingham had offers going as per the Saab GB directive. Our mate Elli went along for a look…..


Some brochure info for the Saab 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible. This is Saab GB markets only (as far as I know).



My next writing will be either from an airport somewhere, or from Geneva. I’m off!


29 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Quick Snippets”

  1. Noticed that comment from Djup Strupe as well. Then I just wonder which is the right one.. the tinted darker lights or the brighter ones? 🙂

    Enjoy the trip!

  2. Safe trip!
    Hope you get some sleep during flight (the only public transportion I can get a nap on)
    , there will likely be lots and lots to do.

  3. I am disapointed on the taillamps. I really liked the black lamps. must be super easy to do. I mean, dont tint the glass, make the inside plastic black. SAAB, do this.

  4. Have a great safe trip Swade! (and Red J 🙂 )

    Wow, I’m surprised they went with Android but not shocked, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with that. Like others said, the close connection to Sony Ericsson makes sense. Hopefully it’s open but also functional enough to integrate functionality from all phones.

  5. Saabs XWD is Haldex version 4. As far as I know, it is a non-permanent all wheel drive system, but if I understand correctly, the main difference between version 4 and older versions is that you do not need a loss of grip of the front wheels to have torque directed to the rear already. Older versions wait for front wheel slip before sending torque to the rear.

    I don’t really understand how to put together the info that XWD sends 5% of torque to the rear in normal operation, but at the same time it is claimed that the Haldex systems advantage is better fuel economy because the rear axle is decoupled when there is no need for torque transfer?

    • it is not much too read on the on-line version, but this is the g-trans of the texts in the pictures.

      On straight roads are nice Audi Allroad stable as the train, but in turn will control the feeling and square with no harmony.

      Subaru Outback feels solid, and it goes at least as fast and as safely as in the Audi. Without the ugly back-trailer roll.

      XC70 is rock solid in the winter road, both straight ahead on the wintry rutted E4 and on the most slippery and crooked best of all possible forest roads.

      Saab 9-3X are just as fun on the slippery roads outside hook Norråker as we guessed already this summer.

  6. Wow! Fantastic news that they chose Android! I was concerned we may end up being on ‘Betamax’ as Android takes over but I for one believe they’ve picked the right techno-horse.

    • Brad, Swade mentioned Frankfurt 2012 as the probable unveiling and sales to start early October, IIRC. Cant wait to see what magic Jason and his team come up with.

  7. If that last image of the GB information about the independence day edition convertible is correct, then does that mean that it also comes in 1.9 TTiD form along with the 2.0T? I thought that the independence day was only the Aero Griffin 2.0T version, and not any diesels…

  8. I can personally vouch for the amazing spread that Darryl (and his mom!) cooked up for New Salem Saab’s Independence Day event yesterday. Great job, and thanks a million for your hospitality, as always.

    Safe travels, Swade! Hi to VM and JAJ from me…

  9. On this article in it says that a “handful” of 9-3 IE will reach the Dutch market. The Dutch version will be equiped with the petrol engine and the automatic gearbox. The price will be 63.350€

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