The two fascias of the 9-3 Griffin

The 9-3 Griffin will be available in two different flavours, The 9-3 Griffin and the 9-3 Aero Griffin.

Here are the two different fascias.

9-3 Sedan Griffin

9-3 SportCombi Aero Griffin

First off all the Aero seems to get turbine wheels, and the normal 9-3 not. Then the lower Grille is different and the Aero has some chrome details in the Fog lamp pods.

And if you take a better look you will see that the Aero has a chrome line on top of the windows, it is only a partial line like the 9-5, but this time is the upper line. I got the impression that it reflects the front signature lights, 9-3 above the light, 9-5 below the light.

Thank you to Patrik B for the hint.

21 thoughts on “The two fascias of the 9-3 Griffin”

    • Surprisingly subtle, I like it. I think the silver does not best show the difference, a darker colour would accentuate the Aero’s chrome over the standard.

      Should see it through it’s final 18 months, well done Saab.

  1. Red J, the Turbine wheels are an option for both, Griffin and Griffin Aero. What I know at the moment, as 18″ and 19″ wheels.

  2. Subtle and nice, as there is no need to mess up with a still very handsome design (and especially waste money at it). The other side of the coin is that I, for one, am kind of dying to see these 18 months go by quickly so we can see the NG 93 😀

  3. Strange, I think the Facelift 9-3 will get some positioning lights on the corner of the lamps, just like Volvos or BMWs have.

    Take a look at the 3 or 4 “dots”.


    • Those “dots” have been there since the 2008 facelift. At least in the US anyway, my 2008 9-3 Aero has them.

  4. Hmm, I don’t like the SC at all… I saw this car live today and I just think it’s too much. The chrome details on the fog lights look odd to me and the wheels are waaay too big. They’re a perfect fit for the 9-5 but on the 9-3 they just look ghetto… However, I love the new front spoiler and the lamp pods.

  5. I’m confussed – is this the 2011.5 updates we have heard about for the past six months? Or just a special edition 2011 model?

  6. Peeeww…:P

    And I thought that I just had plans fopr Hirsch Estate wing and engine upgrade in ther plan for my Griffin…
    Those Aero X wheels just made me stare!! 😛

    Finally I can get those and put them on my 9-5…

    He he.. It´s gonna be stunning!


    Don´t these Turbine wheels look ALOT more like the Aero X compared to the originals on the NG 9-5 Aero? More “open” between the spokes. Also the spokes looks more “twisted” and thinner mayby compared to the NG 9-5 Aero..?
    Anyway. The do look stunning. If different from the 9-5 I hope the 2011 9-5 get these as well!!

    Happy Independence Day!!

  7. But the chrome line above the windows aren’t new for the 2011.5 facelift!? I have the same chrome line on my 9-3 SC Aero -10 and I think the chrome have been there since the last face lift.

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