Thursday Snippets

I have a couple of massive work days coming up, so things might slow down a little.


Thanks to all who wrote to me with regards to accommodation in Geneva.

We have double good news to report – it looks like both RedJ and I will be going to the show (there was some doubt about being able to get RedJ a pass, but we’ve had some positive news there) and it looks like we’ve both got accommodation sorted as well.

Again, many thanks to the many people who wrote, offering advice and assistance.


How tough is it selling cars in the northern winter?

Saabs might have great winter driving characteristics and be quite appealing in that regard, but people have got to actually get to the dealership to look them over.

This is New Salem Saab this morning.

They keep plowing and the snow keeps falling. As Darryl said to me just now via email – fun for the boys (his twin sons), not so much fun for business.

I hope these poor conditions can lift soon.


GMInside News report that the Cadillac SRX is getting a 3.6 non-turbo to replace the 2.8T. In fact, the 3.6 might replace the 3.0V6 engine as well and be the only lump available.

Saab will be sticking with the 3.0V6 and 2.8T lineup.

Thanks Charles!


Our mates at ANA Specialbilar are working on a new police car for the Swedish authorities, based on the new Saab 9-5.

Great news!


From Autoblog….where they’re playing with backwards cars.


Saab always have a great looking stand at any motor show, and now their models will be blinging it up a little more with some Saab themed jewellery:

Saab builds on its brand – with jewelry. Specially-made necklaces and earrings to adorn the staff at the upcoming motor shows.

With the help of designer Helen Berggren, Saab has developed a series of jewelry that will reflect the Trollhättan-producer’s identity.

– Together with Helen, we chose to do a combination jewelry with a Snowstar and cow elk in discrete plexiglass colors, “says Nina Bergheim, project manager at Saab Exhibitions & Events responsible for Saab’s profile on the international auto shows.


And finally, this 9-5 Taxi in Stockholm already has 30,000kms on the clock. Pontus L had a word with the driver:

The car was put in traffic in November and until yesterday the driver has made a little bit over 30,000km!! The car have made all these taxi kilometers without any problems or failures what so ever. The driver is very happy with his car and planning to change to the new 95 SC when it is available later this year.

17 thoughts on “Thursday Snippets”

  1. Even after three years stationed in Alaska…. I never saw a moose that looked so stunning 😛

    Honestly darling, I was looking at the Saab themed jewelery. (smack)
    off to the garage i go.

    @ Darryl…. We here in Philly have had our share of snow and general foul weather as well!! You’re not alone and certainly better off than some of our friends out west!

    shovel UP!

    • shovel up? LOL. We had 3/8″ of ice just west of you. I could have passed my car off as an ice block carving. Stay safe.
      De-ice up!

        • Denise and I are signed up. Most likely take her 9-7x aero. Not the best convertible weather Lol. Plus she gets car sick reading so i’ll play navigator Calling possible snow hopefully weather holds out. Look forward to meeting you both.

  2. Well done toyou both for getting your passes. I tried all ways but failed this time around. No differant to last year or Paris or Germany but alas I wont be there. So as the Press Officer for the Saab Club of GB I will look forward to your reports. It’s going to be a good one.

  3. Glad to hear you guys have Geneva sorted out. We REALLY appreciate having SU at these big events and Swade putting his life on hold to keep us all in the know. 🙂

    I guess a test drive at New Salem Saab would be out of the question? Glad I live on The Wet Coast as I hate snow.

    30K on a car in such a short time. Ive had my 9-3 since Aug 08 and have only put 23000km on the clock. Nice to see that said taxi driver has had a troble free experience.

  4. And I look at the New Salem Saab photo and reflect that it has been just under 30C at sunrise for the last two mornings straight here (metro Sydney AUS) and I honestly don’t know who has it better or worse. We are going through a hot spell here, Tuesday topped out at 43C and yesterday was “cooler” at only 39C. When I got in my car after work on Tues, the car temp showed 52C but it was facing the afternoon sun and went down within minutes to real temp (44C) for the drive home.

  5. I didn’t recognise what had been done to the 900 until I went on the website and checked out the gallery. Embarrassing…*blush*

  6. @ the taxi
    V70:s are so common as taxis here in Stockholm that my 2 year old son refers to every V70 as “taxibil” = taxi car. Including my father in law`s V70. hehe
    I hope that does`nt happen with the 95SC 🙂

  7. Swade made a big deal out of how swedish press was too
    negative towards Saab. In the same way it can be argued that
    this site is too positive towards Saab. As long as you only accept
    the positive news you will never understand why Saab sales are
    as bad as they are. Yes, this cab driver says his car has run without
    problems for a number of miles. Great for him.
    One of swedens biggest auto magazines “Vi bilägare”
    ( has recently started their one year test
    of the Saab 9-5 and the first thing that happend was that one of the rear
    mirrors fell off and that the car refused to start on a number of occasions and left
    the test team stranded. Not so good for them.
    Never happened to the new Volvo V60 for example.
    These are the things that explain the poor sales for Saab. It cannot be trusted.
    It’s quality isn’t good enough in comparison to Audi etc.
    As you could expect, this test hasn’t been mentioned on this site and you
    are still wonder why this car doesn’t sell. Well, try being objective for a few seconds
    and realize that even if this car is the best Saab ever has built, it isn’t good enough.

    Legolas, where would we be without people like you to pop in, share your wisdom and keep us on the straight and narrow?

    First of all… this site has taken Saab to task plenty of times over the years, and even since the sale to Spyker. These are more positive times, however, and the site does tend to have a more positive outlook. Take a look at the list of Saab’s achievements in the last 12 months and you’ll see there are plenty of good things happening.

    Secondly, the incident you speak of was in fact raised in comments to an unrelated article. It was then discussed and dissected at length in that comments section to such an extent that I felt the matter had been covered. I even emailed Saab to bring it to their attention and they had already taken it up with Vi Bilgare, which should be covered in a future article on the long term test.

    Just because you didn’t see something, doesn’t mean it never happened, OK?

    And none of that alters the fact that the Swedish press have had an overly and persistently negative attitude towards Saab since the sale. Thankfully that seems to be slowly (and deservedly) changing. Neither I, nor I’m sure Saab, are looking for undeservedly favourable reportage. Just fair reportage would do.

  8. Work was calling. It doesn’t say much really. Just a lot of gibberish around a few pictures that suggest this is a mule – as a wider track has been noted.

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