Tiago photoshops the Saab Design Concept for Geneva

Saab have given us the first teaser image of the design concept they will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show.

In the comments that ensued, Tompa asked one our resident photoshoppers, Tiago do Vale, whether he might be able to make something more from the section that we saw. Tiago was tempted beyond resistance and so here we have his work.

Now, all should bear in mind that this is just an exercise in fun and speculation to the highest degree. Tiago himself prefaces his images with the following:

This one is very speculative, of course: the teaser image doesn’t provide any detail and we might even be wrong about the perspective we believe the photo was taken from. But I had a few hours, I know and admire Castriota’s work… and suspect that this concept will be sporty and low slung… sort of a new sonnet.

And so I did it.

I don’t want anyone to believe that the concept could look anything like this – I’m 1000% sure it will not- but it serves the purpose of testing if our ideas about the picture’s perspective are right. I think they probably are: I superimposed the teaser over the chop – see the second image – and it sort of fits 🙂

The first image – Tiago’s photoshop by itself….

And the second image, with the concept teaser superimposed….

There you go, Tompa!

And everyone else, too, of course.

My thanks to Tiago for whipping these up and sending them in.

35 thoughts on “Tiago photoshops the Saab Design Concept for Geneva”

  1. Now that´s futuristic! Tiago is a very talented guy. Makes me wonder what the “horn” is for, now that it is on the windshield.

  2. Wow… Sexy concept!

    BUT… in my mind the car is back to front to how I visualize the teaser. I’ll try to find an example online of what I’m seeing. I need a rear quarter view of an old 911 with the spoiler poking out…. But that’s just my guess.


      • It’s possible!
        The only thing that concerned me with that possibility were those visible joint lines: if the front of the car is what’s closer to us, those lines would lead us to a very unnatural door shape..
        The other way around it worked (though that doesn’t mean it’s right, either). 🙂

      • I agree with your take on the photo exactly. Except my thoughts are that its a modern version of a SAAB 92.


        This car is oriented similarly in my mind. The body lines of the 92 rise towards the front, which would fit with the picture and add to the confusion of which way the car is actually facing.

        Either way I can’t wait to find out what it looks like. Christmas in March !

        • Design-wize that how I see it too: a modern 92. When I mentioned the Sonnet I was thinking about market segment (more small sport’s car than small economic family car) and not about shape.. 🙂

  3. Tiago, you so crazy. Very nice work!

    I definitely think you’re on to something with the tapered back teardrop shape, I had the same idea with the shoulders. I wonder though if it has a glass canopy like a jet fighter. I’ll join in on the photoshop fun later this weekend, it’s my mom’s 60th bday this weekend, have to celebrate.

  4. Oh my, thats quite something 🙂 For me I can see the original Saab prototype in here and the Aero X concept and what I see I like! Tiago has managed to create here a concept out of the teaser given that is bold and forward thinking, and one that also acknowledges Saabs past with the hockey stick on the rear window line. I am wondering what the horn is for, now it’s at the front of the car. Judging by how amazing the Lancia Stratos looks I think Jason Castriota has a treat in store for us 🙂 I can’t wait! 🙂

    • The horn is simply a rear view camera mounted high on the A-pillar, replacing (with aerodynamic benefits) the side mirror 🙂

  5. Tiago! Thank you hombre! As always you deliver. Nice work. And If we are wrong about the angle, this is still a good take on something really Saaby and that meens that the design in the teaser is Saab through and through.

    Thanks Steven for noticing my question in comments.


  6. You have a talent, Sir! Nice teardrop and the camera makes sense in this position!
    Still, it is really “fifty-fifty” to me if this is a concept, rather than the 9-5 combi from a very fancy angle in the back. But making curves into art is what makes Saab “Saab” 😉

  7. No one noticed in the pic of all the models covered with the white cloth, the far away model have a loooong low bonnet/hood?? Like an stretched version of the AeroX ?
    It´s the same car of this black pic teaser… isn´t it??

    • I was very intrigued by it too! But then I realized the cloth was the same in all 4 cars: same pleats and creases on the same places on all of them. So, the cloth wasn’t really over a real car: it was just a photo chop job. 🙂 I was loving the shape, though: like a super 900..

      • What if the concept were a merged version of both? Long hood with cockpit cabin and teardrop hatch? That’s what I think they’re hinting at. You can even see where the rear view cameras are mounted on the A-pillar.

    • Probably my favorite of Castriota’s work: it has an almost scandinavian flavour in it’s economy and elegance. 🙂 I guess it shows!!

  8. Really great job, Tiago….!
    ….but….naaaaa…..I’m not buyin’ it….. 🙂
    I think the vehicle is facing the opposite direction.
    Fun to speculate.

  9. for me the image looks like saab going back to the future, a 92- 96 with an aerofoil.whitch i think is the way to go.

  10. front fender looks like a corvettes. doors look like ferrari f430 ones. the side back window looks like an aston martins. should be more saab-ish. there should be a viggen concept. now that would be NASTY!

  11. Tiego, you are in the news already!
    From Auto Motor & Sport: http://www.automotorsport.se/news/22272/saabs-koncept-i-gen%C3%A8ve–f%C3%B6rsta-bilden/
    The caption under your Photoshop reads as follows (Googletrans)
    One of the visitors to the site SaabUnited.com is the talented Tiago do Vale, which conducted its own “extension” of the dark picture of Saab’s invitation. Click on the image and jump on to see Tiago’s guess of how the concept really looks like.
    or o riginal text:
    Klicka på bilden och hoppa vidare för att se Tiagos gissning av hur konceptbilen egentligen ser ut.

    • Oops, original text:
      En av besökarna på sajten SaabUnited.com är den talangfulle Tiago do Vale som gjort en egen “förlängning” av den mörka bilden i Saabs inbjudan.

      • I have to share what someone who appears to be an insider wrote under this article, remember Tiago says he´s 100% sure he´s wrong:

        “Haha, Tiago is so wrong out there then! The lines due to a play with light, it is really cruel IRL!”

        -The lines, a play with lights, exciting.

  12. Wow! That’s really impressive. As you said, Tiago, you could be totally off–but wow, that looks great. I had a feeling your work would be picked up by some auto news group. They should be paying you for the use of your images! At least you get the credit… 😉

    So exciting!

  13. This site becomes much more vivid with rumors and speculations and really fun to read and join.
    Great job Tiago, as always. I am sure your interpretation of the angle of the photo is correct and Saab wants most others to think the opposite, Only real Saabers see the true picture….well sooner or later. (“move your mind”!)

    The “horn” (oh no!) is most likely a canard wing with integrated camera for rear view images. The roof mounted rear view camera is a JC interpretation of the shape of the small front wings of the Saab 37 Viggen and Saab JAS 39 Gripen. Both are jet fighter aircrafts with so called canard wings. The continuation of the mid body fin design language for the (originally mobile phone) antenna, the general Saab aircraft heritage and the ability to do so in a concept are all good reasons to see this camera in a new position. As such the camera was also shown on the 9X air but in a conventional rear view mirror position.

    The bottom right corner shows an extreme curved windshield IMHO and a space between the hood and the shield for the hidden windshield wipers.

    More of this teaser stuff, that’s really inspiring!

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