24 thoughts on “Video: Behind the Scenes – the Saab shoot for Glamour magazine”

  1. Sure is pretty ..

    …for a 4×4


    In the UK those kinda girls normally drive Q7’s and Range Rovers…I’m hoping Saab could eventually change that…

  2. Toby , ‘IT” girls don’t have such a good reputation. My only worry is by associating with these type of cliete Saab will eventually get to be like BWM and gets the (Top Gear) cock-o meter in high digits.

    But hey, with popularity comes jealousy huh?

    At this stage I don’t care (too much) about the cock-o meter perception of our fav marque if it means more sales.

  3. SUV buyers are buying an image. Women like this buy them up in droves. That Saab understands this is heartening. Remember months ago when most here were bitching about Saab putting a 3.0L in as the base model and I kept saying how it didn’t matter to 90% of buyers? She’s your target buyer (or more correctly, those that wish they could be her).

    As I brought up in the other thread where I posted it earlier, Saab sure likes the West Village in NYC. Here’s last year’s gallery from their party at Cooper Classics two blocks west of the photoshoot. I love seeing Saab PR getting it right.

    • So when was the cooper classic party, and where was I, and why didn’t I know about it? Are these the first pictures that we’ve seen on SU of the party?

      The more that I look at the photo shoot and Glamour, the more that I think the whole thing was largely editorial. Not to say that Saab didn’t pay something, but clearly not what 4-5 pages of regular ads would cost. If so, great!!! The more that Saab can leverage editorial coverage, the further their ad dollars will go.

      • The party was covered here last year as part of the auto show coverage. My computer’s GPU blew up while at the NY show, which slowed things up a bit, but I managed to get some good shots.

        This was more advertising than editorial, and typically the way these lifestyle/fashion magazines do it is to disguise an ad as part of the magazine so that readers don’t skip over it. It usually costs more, not less than a typical ad. It’s also much more effective. I think Saab definitely is getting their money out of it. The glamour shots of JC were hilarious too. πŸ™‚

        While Saab is doing small scale things like this, Audi is hosting Superbowl parties with major celebrities and sports stars at Cowboy’s stadium, getting coverage on entertainment shows trying to reach the same demographic. Mercedes-Benz is sponsoring fashion week in NYC for a few million as they always do. They’re also paying 100x more what Saab is. In the end, I imagine if Saab could get similar coverage in other fashion or men’s magazines, they would have nearly the same impact for much less cost.

        • Although I applaud MB for sponsoring Fashion Week I doubt that their cars get a lot of attention. My eyes surely wander to other than MB models.
          Pity that it’s not in Bryant Park anymore.

          • Don’t laugh, he’s my congressman and his wife drives a Saab. Shhh. I see him at the supermarket with his toddler son when I’m upstate, so messed up.

            I agree though, viral media would be good for Saab right now πŸ™‚

  4. I hope Saab get themselves into as many magazines as possible, and back into people’s (sub)conscious-ness. Still would love to see Saab feature in a movie – or even a short movie. Back in university, I made some short movies using professional equipment with actors from the drama societies. Total cost? €100. Okay, it’s going to cost more, but with the correct people etc., Saab could create a great movie for online purposes only on a relative shoe-strong budget.

    Swade featured this new VW ad a couple of days ago:
    It now has nearly 26 MILLION views on You Tube! Okay, they’ve probably spent huge money promoting it via the Superbowl etc., but I really think that’s an ad people are going to remember for a long time.

    On a different note – and some might be able to answer this as I’ve never seen it in the metal – but is black the colour for the 9-4x?

    Anyway, I look forward to more Saab ads and features πŸ™‚

    • VW is doing a lot of marketing. Also a lot of virals.
      Difficult to step up to that plate.

      On the other hand, take your experience and idea to a local dealership, and see where it ends. πŸ˜‰

      • On the other hand, take your experience and idea to a local dealership, and see where it ends

        Was actually thinking of doing it last year during the bad times. Got as far as composing some music for it πŸ™‚ Might do it someday.

    • Saab was recently featured in a big movie. They blew up a 9000 in the beginning of “Inception.” The grille was removed so it didn’t much look like a Saab, but I’m fairly sure it was a 9000. Maybe not the “feature” you were thinking of πŸ™‚

      I like this. This is where Saab looks good. They really fit in the more obscure venues more appropriately than the German competitors. This feature is good news for them.

      Also, I have no desire to own any SUV, CUV, or anything of the like. But this 9-4x is REALLY growing on me and I haven’t even seen one in person yet!

    • Everyone here said that a superbowl commercial wouldn’t be worth it, but I honestly think if that VW Passat had been a white 9-5 Aero, we’d all be lauding it as the best marketing move in the history of Saab. Tweak it a little to focus on the car, and everyone would have said wow, what car is that? I didn’t realize Saab was still in business.

      They just need to be noticed. Hire VW’s ad firm, they obviously know how to do it.

  5. I just realized the obvious. Even if i still like it, the very masculine “Born from jets” would have looked very out of place in a commercial like this one. “Move your mind” is a brilliant slogan. It’s gender neutral and probably also timeless.

  6. hmmm…..I can’t see the radio antenna anywhere. mayby I am wrong, but is there a hint of a shark fin instead ? (1.11)

  7. where do you find the clothes the model is wearing? and that they show in the ad. I love the grey jacket in the ad????

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