Who’s in the market for a Saab 9-4x?

I ask these sorts of questions from time to time. I’ve already surveyed SU readers about automotive plans for 2011, but not specifically about the Saab 9-4x.

Now that we’ve had a better look at the Saab 9-4x, and especially now that the first evaluation vehicles are rolling off the production line in Mexico, it’s fair to say that people considering the Saab 9-4x might be getting slightly itchier trigger fingers.


  • Are you considering a Saab 9-4x?
  • There are believed to be 5 models to choose from in the US (9-4x, 9-4x XWD, 9-4x Premium, 9-4x Premium XWD and then the range-topping Aero). Which one do you think you’ll choose?
  • Have you already pre-ordered a Saab 9-4x and got your iPad?

The Saab 9-4x is scheduled for customer release in the US market in May 2011 (August for Europe). I’d love to hear your thoughts and intentions for this newest vehicle to Saab’s range.

58 thoughts on “Who’s in the market for a Saab 9-4x?”

  1. I am definitely considering a 9-4X and have been waiting for it for a while. XWD is a must in my part of the world with all the snow we get here. I can’t imagine having a Saab without a turbo but the Aero XWD will be too expensive. I still think they should offer the 2.8T in a non-Aero version for a $2000 premium over the 3.0i. Why does the engine have to be linked to equipment level?

    I hate to say but I won’t but a new one, unless there are $6K – $10K discounts for a left-over at the end of the year.

  2. I am seriously considering it. I’m going to be in the market for a CUV in a year or so and the Saab is really appealing to me. I’ve been an Audi guy for a while, but I just don’t excited with the Q5. It’s a little too popular for my taste (interestingly, they marketed it against the Lexus RX saying the RX was too popular).

    I have a couple concerns. After owning two turbocharged cars, I am still a little cautious about their reliability. I would prefer a non-turbocharged car, but the 3.0L sounds a little anemic for such a heavy car. I don’t know how Cadillac’s switch to the 3.6L engine will affect the 9-4x say next year.

    The next concern is price. I would probably wait to see if prices drop. Having seen huge incentives on even the new 9-5, I would wait. If I could get it a good price, I would definitely go for the Aero.

    Lastly, the interior materials. VM has already commented on updating the 9-5 materials. If he plans on updating the 9-4x, then that’s another reason to wait.

  3. I would be no question. But i understand that there will be no manual version. So i will have to wait for the next 9-3 SC.

  4. In a few years’ time (2014-2018 ?) I might be. And by the looks of the specs sheet, it’ll be the 3.0i XWD, not Premium nor Aero, *if* I buy new.

    Otherwise if I’m buying used, then definitely and only the Aero.

    • E-LK reminded me that the 9-3X SC does come in manual tranny. I’d still like the higher riding height of the 9-4X, but the 9-3X will likely be more fun to drive.

  5. We will definitely be in the 9-4X market come May. We’ll probably be focused on the Aero, but an open mind can result in anything…just gotta find the right combination. I’ve been very tempted to pre-order, but I chicken out pretty quickly when I begin to consider it. May can’t get here soon enough and I’m optimistic that Saab’s sales goals for the 9-4X are very conservative. Drive safely and KEEP ON SAABING!!!

  6. Will be giving it a serious look next year when it finally reaches Australia. Mind you, the 9-3X has now been launched here (very quietly) and a loaded one is listed at $70,000+ at a local dealer. This would indicate that the 9-4X will be in the $80K region. Ouch!

    • That 9-3 price is utterly amazing. There are many recent 9-3 sedans and Combis available Stateside for $15k all day long. I recently saw a zero mile 9-3 SS in the showroom for $22k US (a 2010 model). That’s under $22k Australian.

  7. I would like to wait until they update the interior plastics. I like the leather on the aero but they should have that on the lower trim levels. I, like most still love the concept dash on both the 9-5 -and the 9-4x.

    I saw a caddie version the other day on the way to hockey, just did not do it for me with all the silver, looked cheap, like a VW. I would think of trading my 9-3 in but I want to wait to see the 9-5 wagon in xwd. Maybe they will have the turbo 4 in xwd avaliable in the NA market.


  8. Yes…onnsidering replacing my 9-3 with a 9-4x.. I am still put off by the fact that the US market only provides the turbo in Aero trim. I dont want the Aero, but want the turbo. Saab really needs to reconsider their trim levels and engine offerings.

  9. I’m going to have to wait until 2013-14 when I can afford a certified pre-owned Aero model. I’ll keep my ’06 9-3 Aero in the meantime. =)

  10. Seems a steep price for the 9-3x in australia. I’d hope to see 10k cut off that.

    Not sure if we’re in the new car market just yet, though the 9-4x would be perfect. I think a 2012/13 9-3 is looking good.

  11. With all due respect, but if everyone waits until they can get discounts or 2nd hand cars then Saab has had it.

    If you think Saab are expensive in the US have a look at the price quoted by Turbin (above) for Saabs in Australia (approx $80k for a 9-4X) where the dollar is one for one with the US dollar.

    Cars in the US are (very) cheap… you can’t get quality engineering and manufacturing for next to nothing. “Suck it up” and stop complaining about the price, you are getting it for almost nothing even if you pay full RRP.

    No personal offence is meant by my rant above but I just want to put a bit of perspective into what you guys are saying.

    • Yes, let’s hope many also plan to buy the 9-4X new! If not, there won’t be any second hand cars to pick up and no Saab Automobile!

      So people, please go for a test drive and get the new car itch 😉

      And also remember that those who get the first 9-4Xs also get the most looks and attention from other automobilists.

    • its simple consumer behavior and its detrimental to saab. why would anyone buy a saab full price at debut, when they know in a few months time incentives will be high. its not about “sucking it up” its just that has been engrained to buyers now. unless its an emergency many people would pass up the feeling of being the first ones to having an extra 2-3k in their pocket. its terrible cause for saab thats unequal cash flow and inconsistent inventory. i know this topic has been covered extensively, so im sure saab are hard at work to figure this problem out.

      • The “sucking it up” was in reference to the perpetual comments about price rather than meaning everyone should pay full price. Seek the best deal by all means, I did, but if everyone waited until the manufacturer (all of then not just Saab) was so desperate that they give away 10s of thousands of dollars to just get cars off the lots then that manufacturer will almost inevitably go broke.

        I don’t want to see Saab go broke any more than anyone else here. Giving cars away with 5 figure discounts will lead to that unfortunately.

    • I think the US price for 9-4X looks very competitive. However for the totally paid-off legacy 9-3 line, I would tell Saab to “suck it up” and price it 25% lower, which is what it sells for in real life in the first place. They would get SO MUCH more dealer traffic if they did so. And that’s what they claim to want… traffic, volume and sales. It’s a head scratcher. But I digress.

  12. As soon as the 9-4x hits dealer lots here in MA ill be one of the first to test drive it along with my cousin. She currently drives a 4 runner V8 (bought brand new $33k USD) which is pushing 100,000 miles so she is in the market for a new vehicle. She already likes the styling of the 9-4x so i know once we take that baby out on the highway it will be all over from there!

  13. A couple of points. First the 94-x will appeal to US buyers if it is 4 wheel drive. So the front wheel drive is not going to as sell well. Second, we are still enjoying, and paying for, our 97-X so we will not be in the market for a couple of years. However, I will say as the 97-X has a similar engine, and must weight a lot more, I don’t think there should be any problem at all with this unit. This is not a sports car. The market Saab is looking at with this vehicle is not a sports car market. Luxury, yes, but 0-60 times, or auto-cross performance, is not going to sell any units within the range. The female buyers of this type are not interested in that sort of thing, so relax, the 3.0 will be just fine.

  14. I am not buying one but I have heard a lot of my friends who are not Saab fans compliment the styling of the 9-4x and others compliment the size of the SRX but not the over the top styling, the pricing is very competitive, it will sell well here, I’d place money on that.

  15. Germany here.
    My parents will have a very hard time nxext year deciding whether to lease a 9-4X or a 9-5 SC. I doubt that my father will buy anything other than the Aero version but I try to convinve him that the 9-5 Aero Turbo4 XWD + Hirsch is just what he needs.
    However, the 9-4X looks better with every image that I see and the image in front of the factory was finally the one which rose the “want it!” reflex.

  16. Geneva is waiting for me!
    I’ll be in Geneva March 8th, if the 9-4X is how I expect it to be, I’ll we order one for sure! It will be the Aero with for sure some modification from my home garage Hirsch! But the 9-5 is still an option, but there I need to wait for the new interiors, I’ve seen the Hirsch leather dashboard in natural, pretty nice, but the horrible plastic between the seats remains still. At the end most probably my wifes 9-5 SportCombi will be rplaced by the 9-4X and my todays Aero will be replaced by a new 9-5 Aero.

  17. I thoroughly agree with MartinW! There is the tension between long-range self-interest (“I’ll wait 3 yrs until off-lease 9-4Xs become available at considerably lower prices.”) and short-term investment in the marque (“I should buy one this year as my contribution to the brand’s survival. After all, I didn’t participate in the rallyes and caravans of a year ago just so I can continue to buy OEM parts for my current SAABs.”) Will I buy one in May? Not likely but primarily because I believe SAABs should have 4 cylinders or fewer and I favor combis/wagons/estates over SUVs, crossovers or otherwise. Run a similar survey on the new 9-5 SC 2.0T in a few months when we’ve had a chance to spec it out and I may have a different answer consistent with a short-term investment in the marque.

  18. If the price in Denmark would’nt be in the $200.000 range, i would seriosly consider the 9-4X Aero. Instead, I’m probably trading my ’06 9-3 SC 1,8t in for a ’08 9-3 SC 1,9 TTiD. This should be fine until the 9-3 replacement arrives in a 5 door hatch or SportsCombi, preferably a diesel/automatic. This would then be a lease.

    @MartinW. I totally agree with you. However… If there were not anyone looking for a 2nd hand Saab, residuals would drop, and even fewer (other than true Saabistas) would consider a new one. Even in the US where MRSP’s are ridiculously low.


  19. I will buy a new car 2012 and I will concider both the new 9-3X, if ithere comes a SC and the 9-4X. Just hope that a turbo engine will be available in different trim levels in sweden.


  20. I’m actually falling in love with the car more and more every day, after being highly sceptical for months, but I have no plans of getting a new car until 2012 (hopefully the new 9-3, though).

    Do we have some official fuel economy numbers? I drive a lot in Stockholm city in my 9-3 Aero V6 and today a full tank equals around 400 km, which is a bit of a joke. Is the 9-4X even worse, due to it’s higher weight, or have they managed to improve the numbers?

  21. I know we’re getting one, but sadly I’m a sucker for a good deal so I’ll be waiting for the discounted ones towards the end of 2011. Probably a shade of silver, and definitely an Aero. Hoping to come out to around $44-46K discounted but with most options except rear entertainment. If Saab would just price it new for that I’d buy it right off the bat. I bet a lot of other people would too 😉

    I’m not complaining. So excited to finally own this car, I’ve been waiting 4 years since the concept. Can you believe it’s been that long?

    • No you wouldn’t. You would buy a discounted one for $40K 😉 It’s human nature.

      I’m in the market for a new car in 2012, and with the new 9-3 around the corner then I wonder if I could be tempted to drive for just that bit longer and go for one of those. I’m one of the people that are hurt by the lack of diesels in the 9-4X

  22. SAABs are out of my price range, but I would not consider a 9-4X as I live in Portugal and the price of gas here, compared to the US, is insanely expensive… You know what could make sense, though? Since the 9-4X will probably never receive diesel engines in it current TE-architecture iteration, would be to offer a nice 9-5X AWD raised sports combi (a larger Allroad competitor) with gasoline and diesel engines 😉

  23. Most of the comments are from people who live in countries where gasoline is the same or better price than diesel … in Europe is necessary to have a diesel engine in such vehicles to have a reasonable number of sales … My wife has a VW Touareg which is nearing its renewal time … I am a Saabist and I’ve waited a long time for this model to buy one for my wife … unfortunately I will not buy it, and I think that Saab is going to lose a unique opportunity to sell a car extremely attractive, at least in Europe … pity!

  24. This sounds interesting with regards to the lack of diesel alternatives for the 94x.
    It`s from the Swedish Auto Motot och Sport site.
    In short; The 250 hp V6 diesel might happen after all!

    • That sounds promising! Swade, do you have any thoughts or maybe insider info?

      But our Italian colleagues hope that Fiat already spurs the V6 diesel again and use the premium models from Alfa Romeo, Lancia (also “Chrysler Lancia”) and perhaps even Fiat. If the V6 engine is put into production, it would – possibly – could be considered for the 9-4X. Most of the development work should be done, so who knows?

      Anyway, even if Fiat decides to revive the project it may be a year from now to implement.

  25. I won’t be able to buy such an expensive car. I don’t like diesels, so that does not matter for me. But I rather save some dosh for a rainy day…

  26. I certainly will buy a 9-4X (Aero ofcourse…)to replace a 9-7X in the future, but as long as I still live in Holland I’ll never buy a new one, mainly for 2 reasons;
    1: because of the extremely high taxes you pay for almost 2 cars here, its really absurd…
    2: because of the fact that all parking spots are very small and the Dutch are generally not very cautious with theirs and other peoples properties you end up with lots of small dents and scratches really quick.

    A 2006 9-7X would cost in at least 20.000 euros in Holland, same car/year in the US around 8.000 USD !!! Importing one from the US really pays here!
    The same will probably aply to the 9-4X in a few years from now…

  27. The good thing is the 9-4X will be introduced as a 2012 model so the earliest we may expect heavy year-end discounts is at the end of 2013.

    Close-out pricing on new Saabs is a bad thing but you can’t really blame the consumer for waiting and getting a good deal. With the year-end deals, buying a Saab at MSRP is similar to not buying a Saab at all and sending the company US$ 10,000 just because you like Saab.

  28. I’m actually in the market for an SUV, but the 9-4x won’t cut it. We need something tough enough for off-highway travel. The 9-4x seems more like a take the kids to soccer practice kind of vehicle than something designed for back roads, dirt, mud, and snow, where we drive regularly. I also don’t like the way they have packaged the options. I agree that you should be able to get the turbo without the aero package. Heated seats, front and rear, should be standard or at least a stand-alone option. I think our next Saab will be an awd 9-5 wagon, hopefully with rear heated seats like our 09.

  29. I almost bought a XC60 a few months ago but didn’t because I didn’t like the dash. If the 9-4X was around then, we would have bought one (or if the cheaper 2.0T 95 was out. Instead we bought a VW Tiguan for the safety and handling, and the 2.2% 72 month interest loan, although we’re now finding the boot is too small). The 9-4X is near the top of my list when we next buy a car (which depends when we’ve paid off a bit more of our current cars) simply because its quite a bit cheaper than the 95 SC. In fact, I’m almost the perfect Saab buyer in one respect in that I’m not considering any other car outside the brand.

    And we would be buying the base with heated seats as its just within our price range until Saab can get some better lease deals.

  30. “I almost bought a XC60 a few months ago but didn’t because I didn’t like the dash. If the 9-4X was around then, we would have bought one (or if the cheaper 2.0T 95 was out. Instead we bought a VW Tiguan for the safety and handling, and the 2.2% 72 month interest loan,…”

    And this is the unfortunate situation MANY folks are in right now…and it is not good for SAAB.

    SAAB either didn’t have the product available at the time people were shopping for a new car…or like me…you couldn’t lease ANY vehicle from SAAB…and many of us went to other marques…and are locked into leases & long term finance deals.

    As for a 9-4x…not my kind of vehicle. Don’t care for any SUV. However, when my A5 lease expires in the Fall of 2013…I will be beating a path to SAAB for a 9-5 SC Aero…as long as a 6-speed manual is available.

  31. I thought the 9-5 SC was a lock to replace my ’07 9-3 SC but I’m now seriously considering the 9-4X. Love the looks and with a growing family it may be a better option than the 9-5 SC. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll have one of them in my garage.

  32. Answers up front: no (The upcoming 9-3 will be in my size and price range)
    My neighbor owns an SRX and it is one sweet car. Now that Cadillac has dropped the turbo motor, this will create a nice space for the 9-4x to fill. Saab will have no problem selling 10,000 per year.

  33. Yes I am interested and trying to hold out until the 9-4X is reviewed on how it drives.Plus some feed back on this form. We had to give our second car to our daughter so we are now sharing the Turbo X Sport Combi. Having only one car the 9-5 is starting to grow on me after reading some of the feedback here.

  34. Does no one care about MPG?

    I’m very interested in this car, but I’m going to sit back for a while to see how the 9-4x’s mileage compares to the competition. Real world, not estimated. It’s a slick car, but it’s got to get the job done.

    Also, is anyone worried about first-year models?

  35. my car…06 93-2.0T

    wife’s care…06 Land Rover LR3/Disco.

    Long story short: I just got back from the LR dealer and spent $4K in repairs and then I got to the pump and spent $70 to fill her up with 93 octane. Although nothing can top a LR when it comes to off road and cargo room etc., we don’t off road much. Since we are considering upgrading to the LR4/Disco 4, I am interested in getting the 94x because of its lower mpg and lower $$ without sacrificing uniqueness and style. Although its an apple and oranges when it comes to sticker price and size, I still have to convince my wife who is loyal to Land Rover.

    Not a bad dilemma but what the hell, I’m throwing it out there.

  36. We’re looking forward to checking out the 9-4 lease pricing — must have all-wheel drive, like to have turbo, prefer leather — don’t know what the packages will look like.

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