Saab Arctic Adventure: Through Dutch Eyes

Just last month, Saab invited journalists and others to their Saab Arctic Adventure training course on a frozen lake in Northern Sweden., the Dutch car site, has a great account from Thijs, who along with Onno were two readers they brought with. He shows what an incredible experience Saab gives the international media to show off their cars’ unbeatable winter driving characteristics. One of our readers Boris sent in a great translation of Thijs’s tale, and once you’re done reading it be sure to watch the video below. While it’s in Dutch, it’s still pretty funny– between a few near misses on the slalom, to what happens when you anger Rudolph the red nosed reindeer at the end, the humor definitely isn’t lost in translation (and there should be English subtitles available to read along).



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Saab Granted Additional Payments of EIB Loan by Sweden’s NDO

The Swedish National Debt Office guaranteed additional loans for Saab.

The NDO on Thursday granted additional guarantees for EIB loans for Saab. Within two weeks, the company may have more money in their accounts.

Note that this money is part of the EIB loan facility that Saab has been using since restarting operations last year and is used exclusively for special environmental development projects. As Marja Long said, “We are not worried.”



In an interview with Dow Jones, according to Victor Muller, there’s no need for additional approvals:

According to Muller, this is nonsense. “I don’t know what they are talking about,” he said, adding Saab can draw up to EUR400 million from the facility without additional approvals. “So far, we’ve drawn EUR260 million from the facility.”

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AMS test the 9-5 vs. The Teutonic Three

In the last issue of the Swedish auto,motor&sport the 9-5 had to show if it was able to withstand a face-to-face comparison with the new Audi A6, the BMW 5-series and the Mercedes E-class.

The test is a little bit unfair for Saab, but the guys at AMS knew it from the beginning, as the big V6 diesels of the Germans are compared to the TTiD4.

We knew that a four-cylinder diesel would fall short against the other six-cylinder diesels. But we wanted to see if Saab 9-5 chassis is still champ in the class.

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Saab searching for an architect

Some of you may remember the grand Opening of Saab of North Olmsted. I got the impression that many liked the architecture used for the building, interior and exterior. This new dealership building is based on the new concept from Saab named Saab Unlimited.

Now Saab is searching for an architect to help establish Saab Unlimited on other dealerships.

We are now looking for an architect to a temporary strengthening of our marketing department.
You will be working with Saab’s current architectural and your task is to supporters of our markets in connection with new construction and remodelling of our retail stores, interior and exterior. The responsibility is global and involves daily contact with the markets, our dealers and suppliers so excellent English is a requirement.
We also work with local architects, which may involve travel within and outside Europe and we therefore places great emphasis on communications skills, we shall be able to convincingly explain the Saab brand and our design and concept.
We are facing a modernization of our interior concept, Saab Unlimited, which is also an exciting challenge. Some administrative elements are also present and you should be proficient in Microsoft Office software package.

If you are an architect and would love to work at SAAB, this is your opportunity. The job is only for a period of 6 months, and the next 6 months are the best to stay in Sweden ;-).


Hedis has spotted today a new Swedish police car.

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Press Release from Saab GB: Get set to save with Saab

It’s not often you get something for nothing, but that’s exactly what is on offer for owners of Saab cars more than three years old.

Anyone who owns a Saab three years or older automatically qualifies for free membership to Saab’s Service Club, a loyalty scheme that provides a host of exclusive benefits to its members including free visual health checks and discounts on parts, servicing and Saab accessories.

Alan Cowan, General Manager Aftersales at Saab GB comments: “Saab customers can really make the most of the Saab Service Club and the exclusive benefits it offers.

“The Saab Service Club offers a cost-effective way to keep Saabs in perfect running condition through their lifetime of ownership and new members can take advantage of the offers and savings available to them immediately after registering.”

Saab GB has recently introduced a fixed price Annual service for cars that are three years and older for £249 and includes a thorough and comprehensive vehicle check including fluid top-ups and filter changes. An Oil service is also available for £129 and includes oil and filter change, vehicle diagnostic check, road test and wash and vacuum. Both service prices include parts, oil, labour and VAT.

In fact, it’s not just owners of Saab vehicles three years or older that can take advantage of service offers.  Owners of Saab vehicles under three years can take advantage of a tailored three-year fixed price service plan that covers all regular servicing and takes away the hassle of unexpected annual bills.

The Saab Service Plans are not only inflation proof, but customers can also decide what level of servicing they want.

Owners can benefit from calculated monthly payments based on annual mileage and how many services they want the plan to cover. This offers motorists increased flexibility and choice when it comes to looking after their car.

Prices are fixed for the duration of the plan, so there are no hidden interest charges, making it easier to budget and spread the cost of an annual service into installments, just like household bills.

Cowan adds: “With our team of trained technicians we can offer the experience and expertise to help keep customers’ cars in the best condition possible, servicing them to manufacturer’s specifications and using only genuine Saab parts that are covered by a standard maintenance schedule.”

For more information on the Saab Service Club and to register for free as a member, visit and for more information on fixed price service plans contact your local Saab dealership or visit

“It was because of Saab” – The Spikeieos Story.

A weekly feature where we invite you the SU readers to tell us your stories.

A story about how you met your partner or lifelong friend– was it because of Saab? If you can think of anything that happened in your life because of Saab, we want to hear about it.

If you have a story you would like to tell, email it to the SU crew for publication. Send a few pictures along and we will publish it so the whole SaabsUnited community can have a read.

This weeks story comes from Spikeieos and is told in his own special way.

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Vladimir Antonov officially files to invest in Saab

According to

Vladimir Antonov has filed an application to become a shareholder in Saab.

The Debt Office and Antonov himself confirm this for TTELA.

Vladimir Antonov has filed a formal application to the Debt Office.

“We can confirm that we received an application from Vladimir Antonov last night, but, because of commercial confidentiality, we can’t say what it contains,”said Daniel Barr, who is project manager for Saab at the Debt Office.

Even Vladimir Antonov confirmed briefly that he had submitted an application. Previously, he said that he wanted to go in with capital of between 440-620 million (kronor), so that Saab and its parent company Spyker Cars NV might have a better capital buffer. Money thus can be used when you have problems with liquidity.

Furthermore, the Antonov indicated its willingness to enter the corresponding 1.7 billion to finance the development of small Saab, often referred to as 9-2. It requires that the Debt Office and the Bank approves him as owner.

As many will note in comments, Vladimir has taken a liking to twitter overnight. He’s actually got a pretty good sense of humor. At moments like these, it’s nice to remind ourselves that Saab has believers.

Some of the more interesting tweets include:

vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov

@SwadeAero thnx a LOT:))
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Sweden is very open society and to avoid any rumors:) yes we officially submitted the forms to NDO for change of control approval.
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

So many rumors:) around small SAAB:) guys everything will be fine:) honestly nothing to add:) cozz all fine
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

And pls stop this hysteria now! I will get it done anyway:)
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Cool:) so many twitter users interesting in:) SAAB:)))
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Ok:) I see now a lot of saabs news makers following me:) means that my message will be delivered to the media:) Saab is totally ok!Trust me!
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

2 all Saab community: everything sort out. Saab had a technical issue nothing more then that. Now everything fixed. I can guaranty that;) VA
And the one that probably gathered the most attention, apparently Victor and Richard Branson are on good terms.
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

@richardbranson @virgin have a lot of 2 discuss then. Saab/Spyker/and a lot another issues. Will be glad 2 talk! Best! VA
As you may or may not remember, Branson was the first owner of a Saab 9-5 2.3t BioPower in the UK, and he made a timely statement that relates to a subject Tim and RedJ have been talking about I lately, biofuels:
I am convinced that biofuels are the way forward, both for the car and aviation industries, which is a vision we share with Saab. Now we need to extend that vision to others. At the moment, bioethanol is made from a variety of agricultural sources, whilst in the future, we will see it made from cellulosic waste matter, such as wood chippings, which really will make it the ultimate green fuel.
So in addition to having CPP as a cousin with Spyker and Bowler among their brands, might Saab some day be related to the ultimate flying innovation? It’s fun to dream.
All in all, I hope the Swedish Debt Office can get around to allowing Vladimir in as an investor. He clearly cares a lot about Saab.
Also, thanks for following SaabsUnited on twitter, Vladimir 😉

Diesel car sales evolution in Sweden and its consequences

During the last few days BILSweden has made public 2 statistics that may not seem related to each other, but in fact they are linked to another.

The first has the title:
Sex av tio nya bilar är dieslar i Västra Götalands län
(Six out of ten new cars are diesles in the Västra Götalands region)

It talks about how the sales of diesel cars have increased over the last years.

Diesel and E85 car sales increased from 2006 till 2008 while petrol(Bensin) sales decreased accordingly. But from 2008 diesel cars became more interesting (maybe because oil prices reached it’s maximum of about 140$ per barrel that year).

Since then diesel sales dominate the field reaching the current 60% value, not only in that region but in the whole country.

The increase of diesel sales helped Sweden reduce its CO2 emissions from new cars.

– The sharp increase in diesel share, not least of diesels with emissions of 120 grams per km, has been a major contributing factor to the average carbon dioxide emissions from new cars has fallen by 20 percent during the past four years, “said Bertil Molden president of CAR Sweden.

But today a new statistic has been published.

Koldioxidutsläppen från nya bilar lägre än vad de officiella värdena visar
(Carbon dioxide emissions from new cars are lower than the official values ​​show)

[table id=22 /]

As we can see the official values decrease, while the “fair” values, which take into account the difference between fossil fuels and renewable fuels, reached a minimum in 2009.

The official method does not take into account whether the fuels are fossil or renewable. For example, counts as ethanol gasoline and bio-gas as natural gas, which overstates the actual emissions. The official value of new cars carbon dioxide emissions, which Transport Agency has reported to the European Commission, declined from 164 grams / km during 2009-151 g / km in 2010, which is a record decrease for one year. The fair value, taking into account the lower emissions from biofuels was under BIL Sweden calculations on largely unchanged, in 2010, 134 g / km. The reason that the fair value did not decline was a decline in the proportion of newly registered passenger cars of ethanol, due to uncertainty about the benefit of these cars after 1 January 2012.

I hope diesel gets a little bit more expensive during this year, maybe then people will start reconsidering E85 once again, and the Swedish politicians will leave E85 cars as “green cars” for another couple of years.


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