400+hp 9-3 trackdays

In mid February Swade posted about a 9-3 tuned by Maptun performance to 415hp.

Last weekend the car was tested at the trackdays at the Snetterton circuit(GB).

The test went quite well, as the biggest incident took place in Holland, where the driver behind the Maptun 9-3 was too interested in the car and rear ended the car.

The guys from Maptun(white car) where invited by NeoBrothers(yellow-black livery).

You can get more details of the whole story at the new Maptun blog.


5 thoughts on “400+hp 9-3 trackdays”

  1. Having perused the Saab performance sites, one thing I haven’t found is good weight reduction strategies for Saabs. Does anyone make lightweight body panels? Also any idea how much does the Saab H-series and Ecotec drivetrain packages weigh? I have the crazy idea of swapping a GM LNF into an OG 9-3.

  2. Whoa! Any idea how big that rear wheel & tire is? It looks awesome! Where there any mods to get that tire to fit? I might need to try that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It sounds sensational with 400+ HP in a 9-3. with that much power, it seems XWD drivetrain is a must to make really good use of it on a track.

    Will the new Direct injection engine have the same tuning potential? with its much stronger low end torque, it should make a very capable and drivable car in both 9-3 Griffin and 9-5 form.

  4. Nice car and nice performance.
    Why Saab does not produce such a car model version?
    As I have read, Maptun applied some engine modifications that Saab could very well afford to do.

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