9-3 GriffinAero interior

We already know about the new dashboard materials Saab will be using in the 9-3 Griffin. The plain Griffin (SE in UK) will have a piano black surface, which I like very much. As an option for the Griffin you will also be able to choose a titanium finish. This also look really good, it was the dash material of the 9-3 Griffin that was shown at the Geneva motor Show. I added two pictures of that material on Swades in-depth article about that car.

The only unknown dashboard material is the one from the Griffin Aero called Graphite fibre-effect trim.

If you go to the Saab site and build a 9-3 Griffin Aero, you will get a picture of the interior.

Even in the original resolution the dash looks plain grey, much like the current 9-5. The first time I saw that I was a little bit perplex, most because I did saw the materials Saab will use on the MY 12 9-5.

But yesterday I received the printed catalogue of the 9-3 griffin from my dealer, and in there there is a big picture of the Griffin Aero dash. Putting it simple, it is the same material the 9-5 MY 12 will use, and we presented during the Geneva auto show.

This is a scan of the catalogue, and thus it looks a less crispy than the real deal, you better look at the interior pictures of the 9-5SC too get a better impression of the finish.

For me, and having seen the 9-5SC interior IRL, this material upgrade for the 9-3 makes the car much more appealing, and should be OK to keep the car interesting till the introduction of the JC9-3.

NOTE: This is no fake carbon fibre, and it doesn’t intend to be. It is an acrylic material with a grey structure and a metallic finish.

15 thoughts on “9-3 GriffinAero interior”

  1. That’s a fantastic upgrade RedJ. I’m pretty excited to see the material up close and in person, the glossy finish really helps brighten up the cabin. What I liked most was how it reflected green blue and purple in different lighting conditions. Hopefully they’ll offer it for sale as an accessory for the 08′-’10 models to retrofit.

    • Hopefully they’ll offer it for sale as an accessory for the 08′ models to retrofit.

      Jeff, I don’t think that they have changed the connection points, therefore you should be able to buy it as a spare part and mount it on an older 9-3.

    • yea im hoping we can order this from a dealer for a reasonable price, i think id rather have this than the hirsch dash if the price is less.

  2. Well, I am looking forward to the new 9-3 showing up next year and cannot see this upgrade on the 2011MY 9-3 to be that fantastic. Todays 9-3 is still a pretty good looking car though with a clean but somewhat ‘recycled’ interior. SAAB has of course no other choice than do this ‘clean up’ or ‘facelift’ and let’s hope it will keep the 9-3 breathing and kicking until the NG shows up.

    Cheers from Norway
    Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

  3. I looked at the 9-3 Griffin at the Geneva car show. The changes are minor, but I was really pleased with the dash and the fact that the edge of the dash is black and not chrome. The seats were also nice. The current 9-3 interiour is very good, if we get back orange instrument needles and a more modern radio with a USB connection, it would be perfect!

    • No news about that here either.
      But this is my opinion.
      In the US you don’t pre-order the car, but you buy a car from the dealers lot. Telling now everyone that before the ModelYear change a certain model will get a refresh wouldn’t be to good for sales.
      I expect that SCNA will present the Griffin as MY 12 after the summer brake.

  4. That interior shot from the website looks GREAT. Just perfect, really (in my opinion). It kind of makes me think of some of the later 9000s, how they were going for more luxury yet retaining a sportiness about them.

  5. i’m happy about the fact, that saabs returns at the 9-3 griffin to the possibility of different dashboards like the old 9-3 (I) and 9-5 (I). i hope a wooden board will follow…

    i had this wooden dashboard in my old 9-3 my1999 and it fits perfect with tan-interieur…
    if i could, i would change it asap in my 9-3 early my2006 too, but i cant change this cheap looking/felling and creacking part 🙁

  6. Looks much better than the current interior plastic, e.g. the one I have on my Turbo X.

    Should help the current 9-3 to a dignified retirement at the end of next year. 8)

  7. That dashboard looks really nice, and it will be nice to see the Saab 9-3 Griffin arrive at the dealers soon so I can check it out IRL. 🙂

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