A call for Suite designers for ICEHOTEL #22

As you know, Saab have been friends with the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi for many years now. Some may remember an Aero X being carved into ice. Well, this advert popped up on my Twitter feed the other day and I thought I’d like to share it with the rest of SU as I know we have some very good designers out there who might like to have a go.



This is from a page on their web site.
Are you a designer, architect, painter, sculptor, etc? Each year artists from around the world are selected to design Art Suites in ICEHOTEL, no matter if they have previously worked with ice and snow or not. You can become one of those artists by sending us your application and idea for an Art Suite no later than July 1st.

Using only ice and snow for material, ICEHOTEL is constructed anew during every November and December and melts away during late spring. By day these suites form the gallery of the hotel, visited by 30 000 people every winter season and slept in by 15 000 international guests during the season.

Every year artists from around the globe are selected to design and construct the ICEHOTEL suites. Experience with the material is not a requirement; artists from all disciplines are invited to apply. ICEHOTEL has previously hosted sculptors, painters, designers, architects, multimedia artists, textile artists, set designers, etc.

We hereby invite artists from around the world to send a proposal for the
ICEHOTEL Art Suites 2011/12.

Please visit The Ice Hotels website for more details.

5 thoughts on “A call for Suite designers for ICEHOTEL #22”

  1. Wow Robin great heads up! This sounds like a really fun opportunity, I’m definitely submitting something (which I’ll of course post on here too 😛 ).

  2. I was there (courtesy of Saab!) last month, and one of the activities we participated in was carving a bit of the “Saab suite” walls as we wished- I dearly hope they find someone more skilled than me to fix that room… 😉 It’s a fantastic place, and if you ever have the opportunity to go, you absolutely should- just stay in the warm rooms. 🙂

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