A few parting thoughts

I don’t want to get too dramatic here. And I don’t want to be a drag on your time. I’ll do a final SU entry around this time tomorrow and there’ll be lots to say then – about the future and in thanks to the many people who have made my blogging journey so enjoyable.

But there are a few things I’d like to share before then. I’ll go in point form to keep it quick.

  • This website has been a labour of love, but it’s only because the company it celebrates is a fantastic company. I only came to enjoy Saabs because they were brilliant fun. Blogging has a certain momentum of it’s own but there’s no way this endeavour would have lasted as long as it did if the subject matter was boring.
  • Saab need your support. Vehicle sales are personal matter and whilst I’ve shared people’s purchase stories here, I’ve never implored anyone to buy. I haven’t been in a position to buy myself, so how could I compel another. But Saab still need your support in whatever way you can give it. My realm has been the online world, of course, and I can’t help but think that the positivity that’s come through this site would be good to replicate in other online places. I think regulars from this site have done a fantastic job taking some reasoned commentary to the Swedish press, for example. Can the same sort of thing work for motoring websites like Autoblog and Jalopnik when Saab articles are posted? I think it could, and should.
  • The community at this site, and others like it, is the most important thing. I managed to write a lot of stuff over the last six years, but none of it would have mattered if there wasn’t a community there to receive it, dissect and discuss it, and provide direction on the many occasions I was wrong. Preserve your sense of community. And on that note….
  • I learned a hell of a lot from the people that visit this site. I learned perspective from Greg Abbott and I learned to harden up from Turbin. Remember that your circumstances are your own. When you press to keep Saab accountable for this, that, or the other, always remember that there are cirumstances bigger than yours that govern the way the company operates. A little understanding and some awareness that your tone can influence those around you, can go a heck of a long way.
  • Never underestimate the power of an encouraging word for the guys who operate this website from now on. They will make the occasional mistake and they will take it hard when they do. They will get frustrated and they will scream some of your names across the room in frustration every now and then. They’re human, and need the support of their peers as much as anyone else does.
  • If you ever get the chance, make sure you attend one of the bigger Saab events that happens in your region. Whether it be the Saab Festival, IntSaab, the Saab Owners Conference or a national club meeting or other large gathering – get there. These events and the people that attend them are first class and there’s nothing quite like seeing all these vehicles and all these people in one place.

That’ll do for now. Tomorrow I’ll finish off. Sorry if that sounds like preaching, but there are a few things that running a place like this teaches you about managing this type of communication medium and I just wanted to help you help the new crew.

Now, back to some car stuff….

47 thoughts on “A few parting thoughts”

  1. Swade, it’s been a pleasure reading SaabsUnited from the day I purchased my 9-5 about a year and half ago until now, reading news here has been a fresh breeze of air during long work days. Allow me to wish you the very best for your future endeavours, may the be Saab-related or not, and enjoy the family life and free time!

      • That’s an OG 9-5 Estate from 1999, you’ll find it on the Independence Day mosaic if you’re lucky 😉 Under which “vehicles” are you looking?

        I’ve got so much mail addresses I get lost in aliases 🙂

        • I clicked on to your website and looked under “portfolio”. Btw, are the Paris-Praha pics from 1978? I spent the latter half of the 70s in Paris, and I remember as a wonderful time in a wonderful city.

          Regarding the independence day mosaic – I’ve had a go at that previously, and I think that’ll have to be enough, otherwise I’ll probably suffer a nervous breakdown 🙂

          • The photos were taken in Prague last in the beginning of 2010 if I’m not mistaken. It looks as if the street was prepared to film scenes of Paris in the end of 70’s – beginning of 80’s seeing from the cars used — cars I have seen only when I was a kid in the 80’s 🙂 These were photographied with my usual black and white film camera setup, which probably reinforces the feeling of authenticity of the photos!

            I hope you weren’t disturbed by the fact that I run two websites: one with my photos, another (listed here) being my technical blog — kind of more professional side!


  2. You write from experience and they are words of wisdom. For me, I am sad to see a change.
    Life is full of changes. All the vey best of luck to you and family. Your work will live on.

  3. Love the banner pics.

    Steve, enjoy the time – your family will no doubt fill the void with great aplumb. We’ll look forward to your occassional inputs and thank you sincerely for your efforts and labours over the years – I came upon TrollhattanSaab by accident one day 3 years ago and never ceased to check it and SU daily thereafter wherever I am.

    It’s been a great journey and I’m sure you have passed it to safekeeping and further growth.

    PhoeniX up!

  4. We will do our best to keep this site (I don’t like the word “site” actually – better definition for SU is “worldwide project which unite all the SAAB fans around the world”) as informative and interesting as it has been set up by Steven.

    In my opinion, Saaber is a state of mind, which you carry though your life. Steven is a 1000% Saaber. Life is changing, priorities are changing, but being a part of SAAB International community, a leader of the community is the fact that you cannot just throw out from your life.

    Steven is welcome on the pages of SU at anytime he wishes. And I’m sure he will seize this opportunity, when he deems it necessary, or will find few free moments.

    You may run SU or you may not, but you will be always known as a guy, fond of SAABs, who created, promoted saabsunited.com, and gathered people from the whole planet around it.
    These words are about Steven.

    So we don’t say Adieu, but see you soon!

  5. Swade, just wanted to say, you’re the best blogger I have ever encountered.

    Will you drop by from time to time to make a guest post?

  6. So many,many thanks to you Swade. I appreciate your comments about supporting dealers. I’m not in a position to buy new either, but I try to buy my parts, accessories and service from a Saab dealer. It pains me to read other Saab blogs/forums where they use the term “stealership” whenever they’re forced to use a dealer. Where do they think the next generation of Saabs will come from? Plus, I usually find I paid less than buying online or less than the price they are bragging about. I will support my dealership as long as they are making a bona fide effort to serve me, which thankfully they have so far.

  7. Thanks for everything, mate!!
    On one hand I wish you the best, on the other I hope it’s not the last we see of you! 🙂

    The new SU team will do a brilliant job, I’m sure, but nevertheless I’ll have an eye on your “freelance” posts 😉

  8. Agree with all previous commenters. I especially like the fact that you’ve emphasized the importance of maintaining balance when commenting on the internet. It’s all too easy to spew out harsh comments just because you can, and not think of the ramifications it has on the addressee, in this case our beloved Saab.

  9. Thanks, Swade; your blog has been a real pleasure for me since the time I first got in contact with this medium ( at the last months Saab was still managed by GM).
    Always good info, correct and profound; it helped us all to keep our motivation for Saab high.
    Wish the successor(s) good luck.
    look forward to meet you once so I can express my thanks in a more personal way.

  10. Hi Swade,

    Well, that is quite sad news, to read that you will abandon SU. However, I hope the website will remain and that you will include regularly your familiar and positive input. Many thanks for all your efforts and I wish you will be soon able to acquire a new Saab of your own.


  11. Note to the last point (Saab Events)
    I’m attending the “I love Saab” Roadshow in Zurich / Switzerland
    Do the same! Thursday, March, 17th at the TPC Studios, Fernsehstr. 1-4, Zürich

    Other dates on http://www.i-love-saab.ch

    CU there
    Jürg U

  12. “And I don’t want to be a drag on your time….”

    Steve, you are NEVER a drag on our time!
    Keep in touch.

  13. I have the utmost confidence in the ‘new’ SU management team. Can’t go wrong with trusted regulars! Things are looking great so far!

  14. Is the rumor true that you’re moving to Antarctica to start a Trabant website? If so, it can’t be long before “Trabi” will be on everyone’s lips the world over. You are truly amazing!!

    Good luck to you and your family.

  15. The end of an era, but the beginning of a new one; sad and exciting all rolled in to one! Best of luck Steven; I do hope your post tomorrow will finally tell us what you are moving on to (unless I have missed that snippet of info?). My suspicion is that you will be working more closely with Saab – I wait with interest.
    Once again, many thanks for the blogging, and good luck to the new team.

    • +1
      My guess is that Saab Australia got them self a real catch (the best).

      Cant wait to hear, but if you leave for any other reason it really doesn´t matter cos you have done more than anyone ever could expect.I hereby appoint you to SIR STEVEN WADE.

  16. Swade,
    The Saaber that I bought my car from told me initially of your blog site. Since then it has greatly deepen my appreciation for Saab. Your writings have made my day and sincerely hope that you will continue to write on the site once in a while. Please impart on the new team not to make the writing too “dry” but put their humor & opinions in them like you have.

    Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors (some hopefully with Saab). Take your well deserved rest and enjoy!

  17. I´ve been hanging around here since the start of TS and it´s been great times through all the ups and downs.So Thank you Steven. I hope you´ll write here at SU every now and then in the future as well. You´ve created the best Saab blog and website ever.

    Love the banner!

  18. After following this site for the past year, I have often wondered if this Swade guy could possibiley have a real job also! SU is so well done that it has got to take up enough time for a full time job. And then some. I have enjoyed the professionalism, logical and rational thoughts. As a two-stroke owner, allow me to salute you towards Trollhatten, say thank you, and give you three pistons at TDC!

  19. I could never imagine that Saabs United would come out with such a fantastic team.
    The new crew is just excellent.

    Swade you have done a fantastic job in keeping this site alive. But you have also done a fantastic job in selecting all these right people to continue this fabulous site.

    Congratulations to all new crew members.
    I have the utmost confidence in the new SU management team.
    We really enjoy you guys!

  20. Swade, I’ll never understand how you kept this (essentially) one man show going for 6 years…it’s truly an amazing accomplishment! TS/SU has been the online refuge for this Saaber during the darkest of times, and I can not thank you enough!


  21. Since I stumbled here in 2005 I’ve had nothing but joy and inspiration (even in the dark days) from your blog Steve. Its been a fantastic journey which I’ll never quite fathom or thankyou properly for. To come to this point and walk away (albeit not very far..) on such a high note with a whole crew of willing and capable dudes to take it forward is a wonderful testimony to the quality and authenticity of what you’ve done.

    May your next gearbox be a six speed.


  22. SWADE, thank you for your words and the time you have given SAAB and the SAAB community.

    I feel like my big brother is going off to college, or into the military. Sad that I won’t see him on a daily basis, but proud of him and glad I will see him often.

    Congrats on a job well done my friend.

  23. Well SWade… i don´t like goodbyes…
    I read your blog from a looong time ago… and since then it´s been an daily stopping by point in the web.
    You and your love to this brand made SU and TS what they stand for today… and you can be proud of the community you gather around in this pace… in the end of the road, your effords changed the fate GM had regarding to Saab.
    They had it all planned to close down… but you gather all of us and shouted SAVE SAAB all aroud the word. Your scream echod all around the word from Australia and created so much fuzz in Detroit that GM had to sell Saab… there were buyers interested…
    Today Saab lives… and your scream started all out. Just for that you´ll be reminded werever a Saab owner buy a car… Some day in an book telling the History of Saab, there will be your name… and in the middle of all this we ( all bloggers of TS and SU ) are very proud of a friend in Australia that shouted for all of us.
    You need a break… My friend YOU OWN IT!! lolol
    I know you will be around… you´re too important to Saab history to fade away ( and a little too big too!! – lolol )
    From Portugal in the name of all the Portuguese Saab owner´s ( even if they don´t know you… ), THANKS!! As owner of this blog… you will be missed…
    As a blogger… i´ll read more of your lines….
    I trully hope someday i can have the pleasure of meeting you!!
    No goodbyes… just an see you soon…

    Your friend in Portugal:

  24. Swade!
    It’s been pleasure & honor for this last 6 years of
    SU and passion that you brough the table.
    World would be much better, if there is more people like you.
    You are beacon of light!
    Your friends and family should be proud of you as I’m sure they are!
    Thank you Swade!

    Have fun with new adventures & don’t be a stranger to write few posts on SU.

  25. Swade,

    I have said it before but SAAB should give you a vehicle of your choice as thanks for everything you have done for them.

  26. Its true this endeavour would not have lasted as long as it did if the subject matter was boring but its also true that this blog would never have gotten as big as it is if the author of it was boring and mediocre. You have been brilliant as a saab nut Swade but you have been even more brilliant as a blogger. You are a absolute top dog blogger. I understand if you don’t want to make any more posts in respect for the new crew but i really hope this is not the last of your contributions to this your baby. I have no clue and maybe you are completely fed up with this but if you are not i cant se why Jeremy Clarkson writes stuff for the fans and you don’t. I’m not dramatic enough now because i try to keep my English correct.

  27. Swade,

    Driving SAAB’s is about passion!
    Swade, you have been a King Pin in reminding the Automotive Industry that!

    Thanks for all you have Done. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

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