A quick tour of the Geneva Motor Show

My apologies for the sub-standard image quality here. It seems my HD Hero camera doesn’t work so good in low light.

This is just a quick 10-minute walking tour of most of the Geneva Auto Show, with a bit of tomfoolery thrown in for good measure.

Ignore at will.


41 thoughts on “A quick tour of the Geneva Motor Show”

    • It was like watching a good episode of David Attenborough in the Amazon jungle ! Perfect, bit mysterious and great tone of the voice.

  1. Thank you Swade! It’s like having a friend in high places. Always a good time with you mate!

  2. I agree with everyone above. How entertaining! The Mitsubishi and Seat comments made me LMAO, or whatever the kids say these days.

  3. By the way, no more Evo? What else does Mitsu make that anyone pays attention to? Not much methinks…

  4. Loved the tour Swade – bleh and all. πŸ™‚ I thought that first level was it…then you stepped down the escalator into another level just as large! What an immense show! Great coverage Swade, thanks for taking us all along for a walk.

  5. Swade, you crack me up. Looks like you are enjoying yourself . Thanks for the tomfooery in the tour πŸ™‚ LOL, great commentary! Best part was Saab by far…..

  6. Im surprised you weren’t lynched! Love Das Boring and Vorshprung durch blechh. You’ll hate me for saying this but your

    bashed crab

    analogy you used to describe the BMW X6, IMO, applies to that Alfa 4C. It looks like its been rammed up the backside and folded up! Time for me to get the heck out of here and thanks for the tour. πŸ™‚

  7. I love it!!!!! Swade you are freakin bluhhhhhhh, funny.
    I think Swade BLUH! t-shirts are in order for the SU gang.

    Swades’ face plastered on a t-shirt with the bluh! look.

  8. Great tour! That hall looks massive…

    I completely agree about the Evo move… Talk about brand suicide! They should become ALL ABOUT Evo! Mitsubishi apparently wants to own EV’s because, you know, no one else is working on those. Good luck with that folks…

  9. Love the new PhoeniX, 9-5sc, IQon, the 9-3 griffin… In short I just love what saab is up to right now.
    Just to get an idea of what the next generation of 9-3:s could look like, I photomixed the PhoeniX whith the new 9-5.
    The phoeniX parts is in gold Γ€n the 9-5 in blackbrownish.

  10. No remark about the utter and complete hideousness that is the Mini clubman? God those things are SO UGLY.

    • BTW, must agree with you about Mitsu being the dullest car company in the world as a result of them dropping the EVO. What on Earth’s were they thinking?!?!

  11. Swade, I absolutely love your comments! Are you a bit biased? πŸ™‚
    Fully agree on dull and boring car companies…

    Unfortunately I didn’t get your words about German engineers.
    Watch out, I am one of those… but not in the car industry πŸ™‚

    About orange Bentleys and Astons:
    on a Lake Garda tour (Italy) I saw more orange Astons than yellow Saabs πŸ™‚

  12. Dividing the exposed cars into “normal cars” and “extreme/concept cars” I think that SAAB stand out in both categories, with PhoeniX being the king of the second category. Not until now have I realized how important a concept car can be – the tour made it extra clear to me! PhoeniX must be the most unique creation of this whole show, stealing a lot of attention and creating confidence and expectations for the future.

  13. Thanks for the tour. I can not go to the Geneva Motor Show but this gives a good impression.

  14. Mr Wade,

    Your love for Saab was the raison d’Γͺtre for this site,
    Your own language (and the one we as your guests used) on this site kept me here.
    Your epic moments(*) at this site will make me come back for more and provide a memory for life amongst us all (SU-ers).

    (*) some epic moments include
    1) did I miss something?
    2) the sealed deal moment
    3) the first Saab hug
    and now
    4) the Geneva Auto Show tour!

    I really laughed out loud at the now classic “Das Boring”….

    Thank you from all my heart for making us enjoy life even more!

  15. In general I would have to agree with Swade’s on the fly commentary about the other cars at the show, with one exception – Cadillac. If you have followed the transformation of this division of GM over the last decade, you have to give them credit for moving their positioning from huge, floaty luxo-barges to one that is more firmly in the performance camp and competing against the likes of Audi, BMW and MB. Their V-fleet prowess is undeniable and while you may not like their design language, the fact of the matter is they have a distinctive, and evolving design look that is a counterweight to the Germans, who while not offensive, are pretty unremarkable.

    Besides, we are Saab-drivers – we don’t try to raise ourselves up by putting others down…

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