Saabs take over Beacon Hill Lighthouse

Cruise Season is Here

One of the ways Swade earned his place as the guru of Saab blogging was his ability to unite our community during the sale through exhaustive reporting of support convoys. In that same spirit, we want to continue his legacy and encourage you to send in your stories about your own gatherings from around the world. It’s one thing to enjoy a Saab by yourself, it’s another to realize you’re part of an exclusive group of ridiculously good looking people who drive them (alright, that may be taking it a little far, but I stand by the exclusive part). You may occasionally get a nod or wave from a Saab driver passing by, but sharing your bond as part of a group drive is an experience every one of us should try at least once.

Always a hotbed for Saab activity, the first convoy of spring comes from New England courtesy of Luke L. who has officially kicked off the Saab Road Cruise Season. Click through the break to read his account and see some great photos of the event that wound through coastal Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US.

Saabs take over Beacon Hill Lighthouse

On Saturday, March 12th, I felt it is was the right time to unofficially open the SAAB Road Cruise Season in New England, USA.  I chose my home state of Rhode Island for this ride’s points of interest.  Naturally posting through Facebook, SAABLink, and SAABCentral, I got a group of 23 people together to hit the roads of Rhode Island.  I had some usual suspects with me of course, Mike M. from Vermont came down with his 9-5SC, Ryan F and his wife in their Turbo-X, along with Brett M. in his 9-5 Aero with Brian K. riding shotgun.  I managed to get my neighbor is his NG900 to come along, as his SPG is currently getting a T-5 makeover.

The oldest and the classiest ride: 26-yr old Joshua S's C900 Turbo

What got me was the rest of the group, more than half had Rhode Island plates, yet I have never seen them before.  I also managed to collect a guy from Indiana in a “Viggened” OG 9-3, he is in the Navy and is currently stationed in Newport, RI.

From Left to Right, Nam, from Indiana in his OG 9-3, Ryan F's Turbo X and my 9-3 Aero SS

Volvo made an other appearance (wish I had more than the 4 that showed); however, it is a start and we did get one of the finest looking S60 R’s I have EVER seen.

Dan R's Volvo S60 R

So, the ride started in Hope Valley, RI and took us through Washington County, passed The University of Rhode Island, over the Jamestown Bridge and over to Stop 1, which wss Beacon Hill LightHouse, in Jamestown.

Saabs crusing along the coast

After a quick walk-about, we were on the road again to Newport, crossing the Newport Bridge.  We hit Bellevue Avenue, which is Newport’s Mansion District (some of which host tours) and ended up on a coastal tour of Ocean Drive to our next Stop, Brenton Point in Newport.  Each stop was approximately 20-30 minutes, giving everyone the ability to take pictures and to talk to each other.

Joshua's C900 Turbo approaching the Mount Hope Bridge into Bristol, RI

Our last stop took us through Bristol, RI down the famous Parade Route (Bristol, RI is home to the oldest 4th of July Parade in the USA).  We stopped once again at Colt State Park in Bristol.  After which, we headed to our final destination – the Restaurant On The Border, in Warwick, RI.

Wheels maketh the Saab

I would like to thank those that came on this ride.  As I stated previously, the participation alone is worth planning these runs!!  Thank you to everyone  🙂

Part of the Group at Brenton Point


I had to include this last one from Brett. Amazing what some dogs are capable of, isn’t it?

I can't believe Brett let the dog drive

Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your drive, and I hope many more SaabsUnited readers get the chance to participate in future Saab Road Cruises with the New England crew. We’ll be posting when the next one is as soon as we know about it– join in the fun, you won’t forget it.

If you’re interested in sharing your own convoy/cruise, shoot us an email. With warm weather returning in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to get out and enjoy our rides again.

14 thoughts on “Cruise Season is Here”

  1. After participating in the great Mt. Washington and Fall Connecticut cruises that Luke organized last year it killed me to be chained to my desk the day of this 2011 kick-off cruise held right in my back yard. Looks like a fantastic time was had. Well done!

    Luke and I will be hosting a very hilly Sabb cruise in Vermont’s Green Mountains this June. Look for more details on the “Six Gaps & a Gulf” Saab cruise in the coming days.

    PS: Thanks again to everyone who responded to the appeal last week by Swade and I to support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. You all pitched in well over $1,000 to this great cause.

  2. The new banner looks really great. Its a real improvement over the earlier not so aesthetically strangely three way splitted one. I only dare to say this now because Swade has left the building.

  3. Not only does the wheels maketh the car but the Saab-wheels makes the Saab. I think the wheel-designers at Saab don’t get the recognition they deserve.

    • To get this back on topic, the guy who organized that RI Cruise would agree with you. He has almost cornered the world market on used Saab wheels.

  4. 76 Wheels and counting!! I counted them yesterday. LOL Although, I did forget to count the set of Klingons that I let my buddy Brian use for the winter.

    And yes – I can not wait for this Vermont cruise myself!!!

  5. So sorry I missed you guys!
    I live and work in Newport and grew up in Jamestown. My fiance and I are also proud owners of three Saabs: a 1994 900 turbo convertible, 2004 9-3, and 2001 9-5 wagon.
    One point of clarification, though…I believe you probably hit up Beavertail Lighthouse (not Beacon Hill). It’s one of the oldest lighthouses in the country and is one of my favorite spots!


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