Day 2 at the Geneva Motor Show

Good morning from a very chilly but pleasant Geneva.

I’ve just shot an iQon video with Christopher McKinnon and I think you will like what you hear about the iQon system. It’s very exciting indeed. I’m processing that now and will have it up on Youtube and here at SU as soon as possible.

RedJ is getting detailed shots of the Saab 9-5 SportCombi and will bring you all those details later on today. I’ll be working on the Independence Edition 9-3 Convertible.


The Saab stand had a distinguished visitor here first thing this morning. “Radical” was his description, and he meant that in a very good way.

For those who are more recent arrivals to Saabs United, that’s Christian Von Koenigsegg taking a look at the PhoeniX Concept. The Koenigsegg Group were the first to negotiate a purchase of Saab from General Motors before the deal was cancelled in November 2009.


More to come later today.

29 thoughts on “Day 2 at the Geneva Motor Show”

  1. After having postet very disappointed statements about the new concept car, it is really funny for me to see myself getting used to the new design, it is indeed something you have to get used to it but when …. then it looks pretty good, in some angles even very good!

  2. Mornin’ Steven & Johan .
    It was very cool to be together yesterday and I wish you a good day .
    I’m back at the office , snifff…

  3. That first photo really makes it look different, for the better. It really makes it look shorter and more rain drop like.

    • I have noticed that the proportions of the car seem quite different depending on the angle of the photo. It’s almost like an optical illusion the way the nose sees long and powerful from the front quarter looking back, but the vehicle looks like a compact Tron-like raindrop from the rear quarter looking forward. I like that, btw.

  4. Nice stuff lads

    And to Christian yet another big thank you to you and your wife.


    Ps. Jeff.. You Did get to go there 🙂 Ds.

  5. Mr Koenigsegg thinking about writing a big cheque and i don’t mean ordering a new car?

  6. Gone are the understated fine lines of the unborn 9X & 9-3X concepts.
    All those dazzling baroque convex & concave curves, all over the car. This Jason Castriota, is he the new Chris Bangle ?
    If this Phoenix was a baby-Spyker, I would say ‘yes, well done’.
    I guess, my state of design-mind is at least 10 years to old for all this hocus-pocus.

    Nice fact knowing mister Von Koenigsegg spending a very close visit.

  7. After waching that last video of Jason discussion the NG 9-3 2012, I am VERY encouraged and not worried at all.
    ” you´ll see the Phoenix at the front and the behind that, the car is more traditional Saab, cleaner..

    Sounds fantastic to me!


      • I think watching that video has just assuaged all my concerns for the 9-3 replacement. I am so glad I watched and listened to that. This guy is really good for Saab.

  8. Love it!

    JC “The only car I will confirm is the Convertible…”
    “Will SAAB do a Hatchback?”
    JC “Yes we are also doing a Hatchback… There will be no Sedan.”

    Great news but you gotta laugh..

    So what’s the bets the 3 signed off car is a Wagon?

  9. It’s said that the PhoeniX is a 2 + 2 car, but can someone show us photos of the rear seat??

    And I would love to a photo head on of the front of the car with the doors open at the same time.. 🙂

  10. This is not meant to be a whinge just a precis of my observations so far…

    I have made a brief list of what makes me uneasy about Phoenix some of this has been mentioned before…

    They talk about the ice block…lets have the glass looking cool and blue, not dirty black
    Use the fibre optic lamp method at the rear it looks beautiful on the 9-5 so something similar to that cleverly done.

    Use green military jet style lighting it is green for a reason (long term optical acuity and fatigue reduction)

    Put an X on the front to avoid the two lower anterior sills on the air dam looking gummy like an overhang in profile / \

    Less of a teardrop shape to the glass in “PLAN” to make the hatch more functional.

    More balance in the side profile underside from front wheels to back wheels it currently looks unbalanced-simple concave coning would work rather than multi vein rakes-need to avoid the snap on body look.

    A more obvious Wrap around visor look to the glass along the side profile. More in keeping with Aero-x or 9-5 which is just beautifully executed (it would give slightly more visibility too).
    Less bumps on the bonnet and the Saab “wing” at the front between the lights should not go all the way across-it should be a grill statement only-it over complicates the front end.
    Ditch the Engine window unless is premium quality and actually shows a beautiful engine or component-its just not Saab it adds nothing.

    Ensure the interior with its screen can be managed by a passenger and not just the driver so tasks can be shared responsibly as this is not an ideal driver only solution and passengers would derive more benefit from such a tool especially on long journeys.Could it slide out of the cockpit across to the passenger side?? Could it be dual screen?

    If these details many of which have been mentioned already could be attended to or the car toned down fractionally I think I would be back on board. It is growing on me slowly but it does need to be simpler, smoother, cleaner than it is.
    I understand that the Aero-X had to evolve and it had to shout loud so maybe that’s where we are.

    I trust the team at Trollhattan and I do not doubt JC’s talent and enthusiasm I just hope that his staff can also challenge the wilder ideas so the outcome (I am surprised at the rear lights the red instruments and the bonnet window –I really am) is the best for Saab and they remain as distinctive and functional but still beautiful.

    Its one of the problems of such a loyal and vocal fan-base. It is also an advantage if used as such.

  11. Are those small headlights feasible for a production car?

    Surely they will have to redesign the front quite a bit?

    • Rune,
      Jason has said that we will see the front of the PhoeniX in the NG9-3, not that the NG9-3 will have exactly this front.
      In any case, if you use LED’s for the high and low beam, you don’t need that much space.

      • I was not aware that LEDs had come that far.

        Are they planning on having a complete smart-beam implementation using LEDs? (in a headlight that small)

  12. I think that with LEDs they can pretty much do as they want, I do know a big bone of contention on the Jaguar XF was that the lights became much bigger on the production car compared to the concept.

    Personally I think Jason has created a great concept. Its a difficult task to keep existing customers happy, without beoming Jaguar of the late 90s and yet driving the design forward. I hope the debate will focus on what makes a Saab a Saab rather than trying to cling to minor details.
    I rather hope JC DOES turn out to be Saabs Chris Bangle, developing cars that provoke debate while retaining the key features that define a Saab. Car design has changed, Saab is changing – now the customers need to keep up.

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