For sale: New Salem Saab’s V4 Sonett II

I don’t normally do classifieds, but this one is kinda special……

Darryl Carl over at New Salem Saab has advised me that he’s looking to sell the dealership’s Saab Sonett II to a good owner.

This is our yellow 1969 Sonett II. New Salem Saab has serviced this car for as long as I can remember. It was competely refurbished about 15 years ago and we have owned it for nearly ten years. We got it from a customer who didn’t need it anymore and wanted someone like us to care for it. We’ve done that, but are now looking for someone just as dedicated to care for this valuable piece of Saab’s history.

For those who may recall – it is the same car that was on the shelf in Saab of Halfmoon. It’s also been seen in displays at New Salem Saab on various occasions.

The odometer says 66,032 miles. To the best of my knowledge that is true and accurate. Everything works perfectly on this car with the exception of the pinion bearings; it has begun to be noisy in third and fourth gears. This car has not seen rain in my posession.

It has the original spare tire and tool kit.

I rebuilt the car last year and it starts on high idle choke, as it should, and then warms up to normal idle as it did from the factory.

Anyone interested in this Saab Sonett II should get in touch with Darryl either by email ([email protected]) or via his cell on 518-528-4083. The asking price is in the $15K ballpark.

There are plenty of pics below. Click.

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Ted Y

Oh, if only I had the money, the car of my dreams. I expect it will find a new home very quickly.

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