Geneva Snippets II

Big thanks to Jeff P for the first of our Geneva header images on the website. There will be an updated one once the car is revealed πŸ™‚

Jeff’s previous work includes the ‘Hollywood sign’ banner used for the LA Auto Show last year.

Awesome work once again, Jeff.


Whilst I haven’t done so, RedJ has already called in to the see the Saab booth getting prepared and according to him, things were looking good.

This image was in one of the local papers, today. The Saab 9-4x getting some touch-up treatment (thanks to Marco).

I had a wonderful evening with Marc and Priska, having dinner with their family and then a night time tour around the old city, which looks beautiful. I also got to know a little more about Marc’s Saab story and I look forward to sharing it here on site. People come to Saab ownership in many different ways.


Tomorrow morning will kick off with the Porsche announcement at 7:30am but Saab isn’t until 11:45.


From Arild and Carl-Henrik in comments (yes, it was a draw πŸ™‚ )…..

Auto Motor and Sport have commenced their Geneva preview stating that the Saab Design Concept will have a ‘bird name’. Anyone want to place a bet on something other than “Phoenix”?

According to the article, Jason Castriota has said that the design will make you either love or hate the car, which is absolutely perfect. The worst thing a designer can do is make you indifferent.

And from the little I’ve seen of the car on a computer screen (back in LA), I can say that Jason’s being 100% truthful. This is going to divide some opinions, but I think it’s going to be a very positive direction.


Have a good sleep, people. It’s going to be a big day tomorrow.

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  1. Big day ahead folks!

    I’ll have a Youtube capture of the press conference up as soon as it’s over. Saab does their own later in the day, but Geneva usually has the webfeed up which gives a good sense of how it actually feels on the show floor. Twelve hours and counting!

  2. “This image was in one of the local papers”

    Local as = Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat

    I’m more interested about inside of the concept than outside of it.

  3. This will be a momentous car show for SAAB and SU considering that this may very well be Swade’s last “big she-bang!”. I have been on edge the last three days for what is to come tomorrow.

    • He’s just taking a break πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, Swade will always remain Mr. Saabs United no matter if he’s writing articles or not.

  4. I bet the concept name could be Swift but this is just a small opinion of mine. I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be.

    Saab Concept Car : The Saab Swift haha IDK I hope its better than my idea πŸ™‚ but its fun to guess.

    Swifts are the most aerial of birds so I could see them using the name. The Common Swift cruises at 5 to 14 m/s (18–50 km/h, 11–31 mph) and is capable of 60 m/s (216 km/h, 134 mph) for short bursts.

  5. My mind will definitely be in Geneva tomorrow which is a shame as my body will be at work…in Oxford πŸ™

    Have fun chaps-wish I was there, thought about it alot.

  6. I’m so excited! πŸ˜€
    I hate that I cannot just oversleep the waiting time here in Sydney… All day long!

    • Wow, that does a pretty good impression of being official. And the design does seem like Castriota’s work to me …

    • I think it very well might be! The sidemirrors (cameras) seem to match, and look at those C-pillars! The car looks… muscular!

    • Hah, wow! Early leak, maybe… I’ve been anticipating this new concept car unveiling–and if this is it, I’m impressed! I like it even more than the Aero X!

      Much luck, Swade!

      And awesome artwork as usual, Jeff!

    • I’m sorry, but the only Saab bit is the badge on the grille. No mixed feelings, not a love-it-or-hate-it thing, just not impressed. It’s silly, over-styled and at the same time generic, it could be any brand.

      Now, let’s move on, and bring on the 2012 9-3, please.

      • I agree. The first question in my mind when I saw it was: What do you get when an Acura mates with a pony car.

    • Interesting! Very futuristic looking, but at first look, I am not seeing a ton of “Saab DNA” and I thought VM and Jason said this concept was to recapture a lot of the Saab DNA. I guess I will have to study these some more and wait for the actual photos from the show.

      • Castriota seems to have focused on pre 99-900 Saabs for this one: I can identify a lot of that DNA here.

        Though I was expecting more 99-900 (as I suspect you did too :)) as that’s what’s more recognizable for the larger audience as a Saab.

  7. It’s a Saab Mantide.
    Mirrors in the same location, same tapered fuselage volumes that make way for airflow for the rear brakes, same doors, same lexan engine window. Castriota moved the fender-hole LEDs and vents from the Mantide to the rear of the PhoeniX.

    Since I liked the Mantide, I like this as well. But how will this translate into a five door?

    • VM isn’t stupid. He isn’t going to show us everything.

      This is probably the new 9-3 front end, which looks great. But it needs the logo!

      rear is obviously not going to be the 3 and 5 door versions. But he is doing something with the lights which looks interesting.


    • see here for the closest angle I could find of the respective front ends:



    • Weird, that comment took 20 minutes to post. Anyhoo…I’m in love with the proportions and the rear shoulder. The active aerodynamics really do look like the wings of a…Phoenix.

      Well done Jason.

    • Here’s the highlights of the Saab PhoeniX:

      -200hp, 184 lb-ft (199 lb-ft temporary boost available) transversely mounted, turbocharged and direct-injected 1.6-liter four-cylinder BMW engine
      -34-hp electric motor and a 1.1-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a “touch” of torque-vectoring, sort of like a new Re-Axs
      -Gullwing doors
      -The arches over the body are “vestigial aircraft wings” according to JC, and these were clearly not depicted in the teaser photograph. This makes me wonder if they’re removable or not. I’d be curious to see the car without them (and will be rendering as such overnight ;))
      -All LED lighting, with Red instead of green inside which is supposed to remind people of the beating heart. I like it for the concept, I’m not sure if that’s intended for production.

      Before people jump on the rear for not being very Saaby, if you look at the lighting pattern it’s almost exactly the same as the Aero-X. The back is an example of my favorite details all coming together, something I shared with Victor last year- how similar his design of the Spykers are to the Aero-X, with that rear crease. JC is employing a material change to differentiate between the surfaces, but the way he incorporates the old Aero-X design with a Spyker twist is I think masterful. This is really well thought out guys. Also, kudos to Tiago for absolutely NAILING the kammback shape in his rendering and details. Fantastic job, man. Details I’m praying get to production:

      -Android based IQon (though I want to hear more about how exactly it works)
      -LED headlights
      -Exposed interior metallic accents
      -Active air shutter aerodynamics

      New banner graphic comes tomorrow, after it’s actually unveiled πŸ˜‰

  8. I don’t mind the PhoeniX concept. I can see some Saab in it – the front end looks a little like a modern day interpretation of the 99, and the teardrop shape is clearly visible from the rear. Some of the details are very non-Saaby (such as the rear taillights), but bear in mind that concept cars are often an exaggeration of a car maker’s future design language. I like it; I like the way Jason Castriota is heading.

    In unrelated news, has anyone else seen this? It appears as though Spyker is selling their sportscar division to Vladimir Antonov in order to concentrate on Saab.

    • That’s acutally old news, but it’s not anything to worry about, au contraire I think

      Love the PhoeniX! If it were to ever be produced (I know it wont) it would be a good competitor for the upcoming Toyobaru CoupΓ©.

  9. The PhoeniX is a Saab alright! πŸ™‚ 100% Saab DNA, quite focused on Saab’s history before the 99.

    I was expecting the 9-3 substitute would relate a lot to the cars after the 99, with crispier surfaces and angles (as opposed to the rounded aerodynamic shapes that Saabs sported before the 99): I wonder how much of the 9-3 substitute is in this car…

  10. The PhoeniX is okay, I love the front-end.

    Overall impression? A distant shot from the drop-dead gorgeous Aero X. When I first saw Anthony Lo’s concept, I literally had to go fix myself a drink. It was like meeting the love of your life – disturbingly beautiful and smart, yet down to earth and easy-going. The PhoeniX, not so much.

  11. If you picture it without the wings, it really has a 92 teardrop shape to it. I’m warming up to it.

  12. Killer! I think it is really great, the wheels are really cool, and the flowing shapes remind me of my GT850 ! Congrats to Jason, I think Saab is in great hands. Can’t wait to see more pics.

  13. The front end is cool but I am beginning to get the impression that Jason Castriota has been hired to rebrand Saab much the same way Jaguar has successfully done. Personally, I think its a good thing as he is trying to appeal to a new generation. Am looking forward to seeing the car from different angles and the interior shots.

  14. Holy Hockey Sticks Batman!

    I don’t quite know what to make of this. Definitely need some more eye level shots to see what’s going on here but certainly has some wow factor, that’s for sure.

    • And those rims are really turbo…about the closest of the current crop of turbine style rims I’ve seen. Take your turbo apart and you’ll recognise those wheels.

  15. I’m gonna let JC explain the concept before I say what I think of it, I especially want to hear about those wings.

    But it looks very good, a brute from Trollhattan.
    (and PhoeniX, I mean the actual imaginary bird is quite symbolic for what Saab is at this state – reborn?)

  16. Isn’t it funny how Saab is calling its new concept Phoenix. Remember in the Saab vs Revolution advertisement they stated the “phoenix” school of thought related to the notion that before something was to be designed that its precursors had to be reduced to ashes. And how at Saab they believe that this thought was rubbish because they continued to build on their original products and took a great amount of pride in their history… But then again maybe the GM era has to be reduced to ashes? Who knows, but IF that is the actual concept car then I am quite impressed, more so then I thought I’d be πŸ™‚

    • I hate bringing out the Apple analogies, because people have so many strong reactions to it. But other than the arrow pointer and the spinning clock, there is NOTHING about my macbook that is common with my 512K mac from college. Somehow apple managed to re-invent 3 (4? 5?) times over and still retain something about the brand.

  17. As to what I was referring to with Tiago being so good with his interpretation of the rear quarter panels, I photoshopped a transformation image to remove the wings to make it more similar to the teaser shot, which is what he was using. To those who wanted to see what it looks like with the wings clipped, here it is.

    Up next, a comparison of the C8 Aileron’s rear panels to the PhoeniX design.

    • I get what you’re saying, but that’s the one detail that will probably be 1000x cooler in person and in video when the materiality comes into play. The Camaro resorted to cheap plastic tricks to give its pixelated effect, the PhoeniX uses advanced LEDs and glass to achieve a similar, but wholly different effect. Wait for the real thing to make that comparison.

  18. Interesting Concept. Jury is out until revealed tomorrow in the metal in Geneva.

    What I did like right away was the rear light based on the first Saab logo, pre 1969. The plane with wings. You can see it in red, nice touch.

    Tomorrow is almost here.

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