Goodbye to Geneva

In a few hours from now, I’m going to be catching up with Till72 (he of the labelled Saab 9-3x), which is a meeting that’s been a long time coming. After that I make a roundabout hop to Gothenburg and Trollhattan via London, then off home. Sometimes you’ve just got to call into these places when you’re in the neighborhood.

All that, of course, means it’s the end of an all-too-brief stay at Geneva for the 2011 motor show.

I was expecting a lot from the Geneva show, both from a Saab perspective and in terms of the show, in general. We know what Saab delivered – another tour-de-force of a concept car that has made headlines around the world. The show itself was also outstanding, delivering punch after punch wherever you went. The beauty of the Geneva show is that it packs it all in within a relatively compact space. It’s magical.

A couple of very important thankyous…..

Firstly to Saab for inviting me along to the show. Judging by the fact that the website’s server collapsed a few hours after PhoeniX was revealed, I think it’s fair to say that people have been interested in what’s been going on and I hope SU has been able to provide adequate and timely information to make benefit the good nation of Saabistan.

Secondly, I’d like to thank a wonderful family, Marc, Priska and their two beautiful young girls, for inviting me to stay in their home during the show. They are SU readers, just like you, and they’re generosity and enthusiasm has made my job here in Geneva so much easier. Thanks so much.

Last but not least, thanks to a few partners in crime…..

Jeff P has provided some great graphics for the last few auto shows I’ve attended and Geneva saw some more great artwork here on site. I’ve just noticed another graphic in my email so I’ll check that out shortly (see the new Aero-X/PhoeniX header, above).

Eggs n Grits has put his shoulder to the wheel once again, providing external coverage of media reportage related to the show that neither RedJ nor I would have had time to collate. I think it’s added an invaluable aspect to the coverage. Seeing the way the world has embraced Saab’s continued growth has been very encouraging. Thanks mate.

And RedJ – what can I say? It’s been outstanding to work up close with you and the added dimensions that you provided to the coverage of this show made SU’s coverage a success. Day 1 was a phenomenally busy day and there’s no way I could have got across everything in the way – and with the diversity of thought – that we did as a pair. This was a very significant show for Saabs United and RedJ’s work was more significant than you can appreciate.

Of course, thanks to you all for tuning in and making the discussions so lively and well mannered. The community is what it’s all about.


I’ve got a lot more to write about my time here in Geneva, including my own 2 cents worth on the PhoeniX concept.

That’ll come in the coming days. Until then, sit back and relax. There is plenty to read and watch from the last few days.

23 thoughts on “Goodbye to Geneva”

  1. Steven,

    I’ve enjoyed SU’s coverage of the show, but can’t come to the realization that this will cease to exist sooner than later. Please reconsider the fate of SaabsUnited, the Saab universe counts on it and loves you.

    Phoenix is growing on me, but can’t let go of the Aero-X 😀

  2. Thanks to all of SU Europe- RedJ you’re incredible, I know exactly what you went through having been to the NY show, it’s overwhelming and you did an insane amount of work, my hat is off to you. Jeff, you’re pictures added another important dimension that gave a great sense of the Saab stand that no other site on the net seemed able to provide. With Eggs pulling it all together in the end, the whole operation worked beautifully. I mean it when I say this is the best coverage of any single brand at the auto show- better than Swedespede’s single post, better than BMWblog’s technical but impersonal approach, and you showed just how accessible the top brass at Saab are to their customers. This is a really special company we all hold dear here, and it doesn’t get old, but thank you most of all to Steven for being the catalyst for this company getting back on its feet. You sacrifice sleep, family, work obligations, and even sanity, but I hope you feel as much a part of my own family as Marc and Priska’s family. You sir are the King of Saabistan.

    Hope you like the Banner. It’s quick and dirty, but it’s nice to see the lineage up there, with their Kammbacks in harmony. Like Jason said, they’re more bookends to a design story than an evolution of a singular concept. And yet when they’re up there together, I can really see their common DNA, they do appear to be part of the same family.

    • I agree fully about what you are saying above!
      To visit at a motorshow is a hard work and I remember a stay at Birmingham motorshow 1990. The music rocked the floor and I had to go out often and overcome my vertigo.
      Great to be there anyhow.
      Thank you all at Saabsunited for the work all of you have done!

    • + 93 😀

      Well said Jeff. I think you speak for all of us here and of our appreciation for the SU team’s work and sacrifice at all times. And yes, the accessibility of the Saab execs is I believe a rare thing. You really do feel part of a Saab community.

      Great job on the banner once again Jeff.

  3. Check out the Pictures from Spiegel Online, Swade in on some of them, not getting his eyes of the Phoenix 😉

  4. I’d love to see a triple lineup banner of a Sonett, the Aero-X and the PhoeniX…straigh side view with the Sonett in the back…Aero-x in the middle and the PhoeniX foremost….

  5. Thank you so much, Swade, for the teriffic work in Geneva and throughout the entire crisis of Saab! One of my favourit websites presently, and I’m no car nut. And it’s really sad that Saabsunited is about to end/change.

    Can we expect some more details on the 9-5 wagon?

    • Indeed. RedJ will be getting some information and pictures up some time soon. He had an 8-hour train ride home last night so time to do it then was a little scarce 🙂

  6. Once more, Swade excells hmself! Incredible job… and no jealousy at all for him being invited 😉 🙂
    For Saab, I hope they can keep the pace. I’m optimistic, as always…

  7. Thanks from me, too, Swade! You’ve done an awesome job along with your little helpers.

  8. Steven, “Red” and Jeff

    Thank you for your hard work in Geneva. It´s been a blast following it all.

    Welcome back to Sweden Steven


  9. Great coverage guys, i have a lot of reading to do to catch up since i have been busy with my new born son the last couple of days.
    Steven, does your tripp to Trollhättan have anything to do with your future career? 🙂

  10. Thank you, SU gang!!

    Excellent coverage. Safe trip home where ever it is for each of you.

  11. As all the others I have said, a huge THANK YOU to Swade, Red J, Jeff, Golfhunter and all the others who provided fantastic content on Saab at the Geneva show for the rest of us to read here. It has been exciting and fun! SU does it again!

  12. As always your complete coverage of Geneva was wonderful. I personally Thank You all. This is alittle off comments but I feel hurt just my the ommission of Saab from it. Has anyone seen MSN today it has some great pictures of what they call the best of the Geneva Auto Show. The reason I hurt is because once again Saab is the redheaded stepchild and left outside. When is the American Press gonna relize not only are we back but I feel we’re a player as well.

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