“It was because of Saab” – The Spikeieos Story.

A weekly feature where we invite you the SU readers to tell us your stories.

A story about how you met your partner or lifelong friend– was it because of Saab? If you can think of anything that happened in your life because of Saab, we want to hear about it.

If you have a story you would like to tell, email it to the SU crew for publication. Send a few pictures along and we will publish it so the whole SaabsUnited community can have a read.

This weeks story comes from Spikeieos and is told in his own special way.

Here is my list of the “it was because of Saab that…” presented in a bit of a different way. I want to show it as a series of humorous/heartfelt facts. I leave comments on the site as the user spikeieos if you want to leave credit.

… I know how to work on my own car, and am a bit fanatical about learning how to work on them, and all the little tweaks that can be done

… I get a huge smile on my face from watching my friends go: “wow, thats fast!” (if they only knew what it took to make it do that)

… I yearn to extend my collection of cars every day by perusing saabnet, craigslist, autotrader, saabcentral, and eBay

… my wallet hurts from always getting the next performance part, or fixing some other little thing that is not perfect

… I have sometimes kicked and cursed at my car, and then talked to it like a person saying I am sorry

… I get teased at work for paying more attention to Saab related things than work

… I keep my cars so clean you could perform open heart surgery inside and out

… my friends are jealous of me because I am so passionate about something

… I can’t wait to get in the car and drive home, or run an errand

… I have owned more than one car a year since college

… my birthday cakes are always Saab themed

… I have had grease / oil / grime on my face

… I do not mind going to the dealership

… I always have something to work on

… I am so active in my local car clubs

… curvy, hilly, winding roads are fun

… I am passionate about cars at all

… I have had some great road trips

… I feel safe going down the road

… I met some of my best friends

… I have bled in the garage

… all my cars have names

… I show off the car I drive

… I have been to Sweden

… I love the car I drive.

… Spikeieos


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