“It was because of Saab” Dimitri & Frederic

A weekly feature we would like to start is one I’m going to call ”It was because of Saab”.

A story about how you met your partner, was it because of Saab? or met a life long friend, or anything that you can think off that may come within the title.

If you have a story you would like to tell, please email it to the crew for publication. Send a few pictures along if you have them and we will publish it so the whole of SaabsUnited can have a read.

The first story comes from Dimitri and Fred who live in Switzerland and are the proud owners of about 16 Saabs as well as a couple of other makes.

In Dimitri’s words;

In 2005 Frederic bought the car he dreamed of… His dream was of a Saab, if possible a coupé with a turbo engine and leather interior, he found a nice 2001 9-3 Tid 5 door with velour interior… not a problem, it was a Saab and a really nice car. But before buying it he wondered if the Saab would fit into his small garage. So he looked on internet and found a nice French speaking Saab Forum (http://forum.saabsportclub.com). He asked a few questions and had the answer he wanted, that he could buy the car and it would have just enough room in his garage.

The same Year, Dimitri, after 3 years of driving his Mini Cooper, grew up again and wanted to go back to adult cars and as a Saab fan, looked for a 9-5. Great surprise: his neighbour had for sale a nice 9-5 SportCombi Aero with Hirsch Performance upgrade. So Dimitri bought it and thought that this new car would be perfect in his garage next to his 900 Turbo 16 Aero (known as the “Swiss edition”).

While telling his friends on a “New Mini” French speaking forum somebody told him about the Saab forum.

So, they both were active in this forum, particularly in the “fun” section where people use to talk about everything and nothing.

After few months, some people decided to meet each other, so they organized a Saab meeting in an Ikea near Paris.
Fred lived about 1h away and decided to go. Dimitri lived in Switzerland, about 5h away, but he was on holidays and decided to drive there, it would be the first long journey with his new car.

So, the Sunday all this people where happy to finally meet. On the first look, Frederic and Dimitri felt something special to each other. After this nice meeting day everybody went back home.
Dimitri was wondering, what happens with Frederic he’s such a nice guy, but he can’t be gay, we where at a car meeting… But he didn’t know that Frederic had seen the rainbow flag that Dimitri had worn while at the meeting.
During the following week, they phoned each other and decided to organize a second meeting “for the people who couldn’t have come on the previous one”.

Two weeks after the 1st Ikea Meeting, they organized a second one. Because of the long way, Frederic proposed Dimitri to come one day before and to sleep in a hotel nearby with another Saab friend.
After a good evening with a good meal prepared by Frederic, Dimitri drove the friend back to the hotel returned to help him to clean the dishes…. And tadadah…

The day after, at the meeting, some people thought that the friendship between those two guys was really strong…

After two long years of every other weekend in Switzerland or Paris area, they decided to live together. After a good observation of the two areas, they decided that Frederic would come to Switzerland where it was far easier to find a job.

But a little while before, Dimitri drove Frederic to an old factory used as car park for collectors to show Frederic a nice 900 Turbo 8 Sedan two doors, it was the Swiss special edition “Commander”. Frederic liked this car so much that Dimitri bought the car to offer Frederic as an engagement ring.


In March 2007 Frederic left his job in Paris, let his flat in the suburb, sold his Saab 9-3 TiD and moved to Dimitri’s in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

After a while Frederic found some small jobs and they found a nice place to live in with enough room for their cars. They moved in this old farmhouse in August 2007.
After that Frederic found a “real” job.

So, it was time to organize the wedding. They found somebody to host, a great caterer, a place for the evening party, but nothing for the wedding and the aperitif in the afternoon.
During one conversation, they had the idea to use the local Saab garage as a reception. So they asked their friend Davide Asticher, the boss of the garage if he would hire his show room for such an event. He said that he did it sometimes but that for them he wouldn’t….… he wouldn’t hire it to them, he would give the place for this special day for free!

The invitations were sent for 10th of May 2008.

In the meantime they continued to buy some Saabs….

Everybody asked for the wedding list, Dimitri and Frederic were annoyed, they had not thought about that and they already had everything for home (almost double from each flat). Somebody suggested, to maybe give them money to renew one of their Saab. But they thought that wasn’t a remarkable present and they thought about it.
As children, they both loved the Citroën Dyane, so they had the idea to ask for money to buy one.
And what a good surprise a week before the wedding, Dimitri’s boss found one in a really good shape in France, bought it and imported it into Switzerland.
So the car was there for THE Day. (Dimitri and Frederic had just to reimburse the boss after receiving the cash….).

On the D-Day, the Saab garage was ready, there was only Saabs in the show room (they also have Seat and Suzuki), the hostess made a noticeable arrival with Frederic’s 9-3 convertible and the ceremony began…

They live happily and they have a lot of Saabs, but that’s another story….

24 thoughts on ““It was because of Saab” Dimitri & Frederic”

  1. Lovely story indeed, I want to read more Saablovestories!
    Dimitri, Frederic, Congratulations with your Saabs, Citroën and other cars. And I’m glad for you guys that you’ve found eachother and have a nice carpassion to share!

  2. What a lovely story!
    There is not enough love in this world and reading about such a truly wonderful story, my heart melts. And now I am left with all this gooey stuff to function for the rest of the evening. 😉
    A la votre, Frederic et Dimitri! Félicitations et meilleurs voeux et plein de bonheur a vous deux!

  3. It seems like the lightbox images are not working in this post. I suppose there may be an extra step needed to activate it in every new post. Please check it out. Otherwise, great! 🙂

  4. Really special story about two very cool guys. Somehow Saab seems like the perfect car brand for them too. Some people have sparks when they find a band they both love, or a favorite food. Some get excited when they share a love for a place or a certain vacation spot. And those really lucky people get to share a love for Saab.

    Congratulations guys!

  5. A warm and wonderful tale. Thanks so much for sharing! May you and your collective Saabs live happily ever after…

  6. Dear friends, what a wonderful story. I can relate to it, having recently found my partner who like me is a Saab nut. 4 Saabs amongst us 2, we are now lokking to rent a garage with 2 bedrooms 😉

    But, I am touched by your story, I hope you will live long and happily!

  7. Que cela soit en français ou anglais/ Be this in French or in English, c’est une belle histoire/ this is a fine tale, and we are/nous sommes/very, very happy/ très, très heureux, for you two/pour vous deux…et aussi pour la pérennité de la marque Saab/and also for Saab’s continued longevity.
    Ian and Jean/Ian et Jean

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