Mid Week Snippets

First up, GoAuto have a very comprehensive article about Swade and his Job at Saab. Swade’s comment on the article

“…this is pretty much the most complete article about what I did and how it got me a new job with Saab. GoAuto do the job better than any other motoring publication in Australia.”

So head over and have a good read

Today marks New Salem Saab‘s 50th Birthday, below is from their website:

However, during the purchase the financial institutions of the day would not lend the money to my grandparents for a Saab franchise. Remember Saab was a foreign front wheel drive car with a three cylinder two stroke, which only arrived in the states in 1956. The banks along with everyone else didn’t know anything about this funny sounding little Swedish car hence there reluctance to assist in the purchase. Never the less our family pressed on and sold off many things to help raise the money needed including a chunk of the families savings which grandmother was “fit to be tied” over. They managed to scrap together what they needed and our franchise was awarded on March 23, 1961.

Congratulations, and all the best.

Saab have come in at number 7 on Sweden’s 10 Greenest Brands.

SNORAS, a Lithuanian bank, has released a news article about the addition of 7 Saab 9-5 Aeros to their fleet.

Bank SNORAS has innovated its vehicle fleet by seven new business class cars Saab 9-5 Aero 2.0 Turbo. Heads of Bank SNORAS will use the new model cars complying with the highest requirements of safety and environment protection.

Vladimir Antonov is the main shareholder of SNORAS, so it’s not a big surprise they’ve picked Saab.


Peab are building new apartments south of Innovatum. For those unfamiliar with Trollhättan, Innovatum is the area which is home to the Saab Museum.


GM has sold of the rest its preferred shares in Ally Financial for US$1 billion. Ally Financial handles financing for GM, Chrysler, Saab, Thor Industries and Fiat Mexico. GM still holds a 9.9% interest in Ally Financial’s common stock.

Finally, if you’re a Saab convertible owner in Sydney, Australia and you and your Saab are available on 2nd July 2011 please get in contact with me.


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  1. Hi Brendan, thought the blog on Saab in Australia would have got more hits, friends and work mates are more interested in old Saabs 900 + 9000 aero than any available new Saab, anyhow keet up the good work…

  2. It´s hard to keep up with all news on this site but it´s allways a pleasure. Go Swade, Go New Salem Saab and 7 9-5 Aero at Snoras.

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