12 thoughts on “<del>New</del> Saab USA Advert”

    • Whoops πŸ™

      A post 4 hours ago from Saab Cars on Facebook page “Our latest TV-commercial for the American market. Let us know what you think!” made me think it was new and it was only familar because of the old footage.

      Sorry Guys.

  1. I think you can be forgiven Sir, the fact that it is out there on Saab’s facebook makes it news worthy.

  2. I love this commercial and I am happy to see it finally used on our airwaves. I’ll probably never see it though since I don’t have cable or satellite. Saab seems to be concentrating their TV ads on the pay-per-month channels.

    • Plus, they need to graft in shots of the 9-4X and 9-5 SportCombi since they arrive soon.

      I could really use that Edit feature right now. πŸ˜‰

  3. I usually see it on History Channel on American Pickers. Our 9 y.o. Son loves it. And he’s not really that much into cars : (

  4. Check out Autoblog, the 5 door 9-3 is confirmed along with a covertible, no sedan yet.

    I like what I hear, a hatch at the heart of the range.

  5. I saw this ad run last Friday night in prime time on Comedy Central in the US. It appeared to be purposefully placed immediately after a Hyundai ad touting their new (for them) turbo model.

    Immediately after the Saab ad was a local placement for a local Audi dealer touting their cheap lease deals.

  6. It is a nice enough, retrospective ad which will ring home to the aficionados, but will it engage those who associate Saab with the GM saga? I realise Saab’s heritage is unique, but I think there should be more focus on the present + future and the other core brand values: safety, ergonomic design, technology, low CO2 emissions, handling in cold weather etc. I’ve seen at lot of these elements featured in other videos already, so it doesn’t have to be a brand new ad, but then I think a new independent Saab should have a fresh TV campaign, something so clever and inspired that viewers cannot help but make it viral.

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