Poll: Saab PhoeniX concept

I guess it’s time to weigh opinion on the Saab PhoeniX concept.

There has been plenty of coverage and no shortage of explanation about what PhoeniX is (a pure design concept), what is isn’t (a real production car), what parts of it might see production (IQon and the elements of front fascia) and what the heck those flying buttresses are there for.

If you need more information, try these links:

Plenty of comments have been made already. Now it’s time for your vote.

Ther are three votes available. Essentially they represent those voting for the concept, those sitting on the fence for whatever reason, and those voting against.


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40 thoughts on “Poll: Saab PhoeniX concept”

  1. There should be more options…
    I would like to see an poll of the Aero X vs PhoeniX for design inspiration for the future….
    THAT would be interesting…..

    Never the less, this new concept is growing on me…. But it can only aim for 2nd place
    Aero X rule!
    ( i would like to see a miniature scale model of the phoeniX )

  2. I’m sorry, but I still prefer the AeroX. To me, the AeroX summed up the Saab spirit far better. However, the PhoeniX is a great design and comes a close second!

  3. As a concept car I think some of the themes are great. Taken to an extreme in real production cars would be a shame, but I trust the Scandinavian sensibility will come thru and restrain this. I do think its important that Saab make a big plash and get back in the news.

  4. Why are people trying to make a AeroX vs. PhoeniX fight??

    The EV-1 was a great concept car, with ideas (solar cells on the roof to runn the A/C while the car was parked)that companies like Toyota or VW used 20+ years later.

    The 9-X and 9-3X created a new vehicle class (the crossover) which other companies used some years later.

    The Saab Bio-Power hybrid convertible was the showcase for a powertrain that slowly comes to market (this time even from Saab)

    The Aero X introduced a puristic design language for Saab that has been used in the recent models.

    The Saab 9-X BioHybrid and Convertible are a continuation of the Aero X tradition, but came to late, GM was already struggling, and so we will never see a production incarnation of those cars.

    The PhoeniX is a radical restart, it brings the design language of Saab one step forward, maybe is like the step from the 96 to the 99, and still keeping many of the core aspects of a Saab.

    I’ve seen them all irl and think that they are all equally beautiful in a certain way. Please don’t start a new C900 vs. GM Saab fight, it is not worth it.

    • Agreed.

      It’s not as if there’s a question as to whether or not Saab can have both concept cars – they already do.

      And it’s not as if it’s a question as to which one they’ll make – they’re both design statements only.

      Put it down to human nature, I guess. But as RedJ says, this is not PhoeniX vs Aero-X. They’re brothers in the same family.

    • I don’t think people making an Aero X vs. PhoeniX fight, but of course they do compare the two cars.

      I think the PhoeniX got a lot of positive echo in the international press and this was a big success.

      But I do not like the design language, scandinavian design looks different for me. But as sad before, Saab got a lot of attention in the press because of it and I think that was one reason to build it like they did it.


      • Thilo,
        I don’t know if people are making it actually, but I’ve seen some smoke, so there must be fire somewhere.

  5. “They’re brothers in the same family.” – maybe half-brothers.
    I can see the Saab in the PhoeniX. Call it the next step.

    Just a thought.

  6. Castriota is bold and that can go either way. Extremely well or a little bit to much for my tast. I don´t think the Aero X “look” is old. I think Saab really found the right way there and I´m afraid that JC as an artist can except that, and therefor must take it further. Hopefully he doing that in style.

    PS. Would love to see a new 9-3 in new 9-5 style but in hatchback style of cause.

    • I think everybody is missing the point.
      Saab Saabs are NOT a design.
      Saab is an expression of a mindset. A mindset that solves problems and challenges in the most intelligent way.
      This is what the PhoeniX is.
      It is a provocative platform for launching a lot of coming technologies from Saab and get maximum attention for the brand.
      Apart form that it is just exagerated Ursaab, EV1, Sonett, AeroX idea thrown in the blender and added a little edgy Bertone design.
      It works for me.
      But I am not a traditionalist anyway..

    • That first pic just became the new wallpaper on my laptop. Thanks Anders! And I think you are right about Saabs having a “kind” quality about them.

  7. I have liked the Aero-X from the start. It was a radical Saab Concept, yet it fell within the direction Saab was heading. After that everything was possible. I think comparing the two is indeed moot. They have different designers (fathers), so can be considered half-brothers indeed. This makes the Aero-X a part of the past. I hope the wrap around windshield will become part of the design future though. In this respect I think the Aero-X delivers much better than the PhoeniX. Also as a two seater the PhoeniX may have had even more of a teardrop in roof line. Ah Dreams.

    Maybe we will see some of Anthony Lo’s Aero-X / 9X BH designs in his current role at Renault (he is still there, right?). If you look at the PhoeniX as starting point where the 9-3 is going I do hope it won’t stray to much from Swedish sensibility, instead of following US Muscle car heritage.

    Saab needs a Sonett in the next three years. A radical design that will target a whole new demographic. Saab needs a 9-1 or 9-2 to compete with the inner city smaller models in Europe. In light of recent Antonov developments, hopefully those directions will get funded.

    Just as a side note, Swade you recently published pictures of the Saabaru 9-6X. Do you have any images, if not video of the 9-X Air roof? As of this day, has anybody seen the way the roof folds into the car? I feel the 9-X Air is still one of the more intriguing Saab concepts of recent times. Does Saab own the patents? And could we see that in the new 9-3 convertible?

    • I thought about the Air’s roof the other day too, but forgot to post it here. At the time of showing the Air the patents were still pending, if I remember it correctly. That’s why they never showed it. Perhaps the big interest in the car waned after the showing and only a few has seen it work. OR they never got the patents, and they are hiding the mechanism and perhaps implement it on the new 9-3. Anybody got some real info?

  8. I think the best video I’ve seen so far was with the Bimmer design guy interogating Jason Castriota about the concept. The Bimmer guy came across as cold, icy and arrogant. Jason is very smooth talking. His words flowed easily. Maybe he knows his subject well. He might make a good ad for Saab.

  9. Oh and Swade,

    I remember seeing independent video’s of the Saab concepts on the road. I think it would be great if Saab did a video with all Saab concepts of the last 10/12 years, starting with the 9-X, over taking each other, showcasing their design elements and how they are incorporated in future models. Seeing the Aero-X and PhoeniX side by side on a race track would be a beautiful sight to behold.

    Anyway, Swade, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I do hope to see you here from time to time.


  10. If anyone has an Iphone, Saab just updated the main Saab app. All models now have a 360 spin.

  11. Good looking car – but I think it has some Cylon DNA. Slap an oscillating moving red eye on the front of the vehicle and you have a new centurion model in the making.

  12. I love the car as a statement and as a technology showoff……the only thing I’m having troubles with is partially the frontend but mainly the hood…those creases and bulge….so not Saab…

  13. OK, so I have a problem with this poll. At a certain angle it comes across as:
    o Love every bit of it
    o Don’t care
    o Hate every bit of it
    I don’t think that any of these options does justice to Jason’s concept nor to the feelings of many of the regulars here. Anyway, all opinions have been rehashed a couple of times already, no need to do that here again.

    Btw, imho the Aero-X keeps coming up because a lot of Saab fans were just terribly disappointed that its design language never really got implemented. Sticking some of its cues on a big honking sedan like the 9-5 just doesn’t work very well (my personal opinion, thrash me if you like). But, let’s face it, it’s too late now. This is a new Saab era, new owners, new designer, new concept and soon, new cars. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Btw, I voted ‘I love it!’.
      Not because of how the PhoeniX looks but because of what it represents; a fresh new look from a new designer and lots of innovative new technologies. Yes, I see new Saabs in my future again!

  14. The PhoeniX is quite an achievement; just compare it’s drag coefficient with the competition.

    After long consideration, I think that the controversary originates from the fact that there is a difference between

    “Form follows function”


    “Form shows function”

    where the Phoenix crossed that fine line in the direction of “show”.

    My fear is that in future designs some of the PhoeniX’ elements might show up without their original function within the context of a super sports car. Probably not the buttresses, but maybe the bumps on the hood (what’s their function anyway?)

  15. I voted the first choice : “PhoeniX — Love it!” and am very sure about it. While many may have an issue with the buttress, I personally find it amazingly creative. I think it is a very remarkable breakthrough and a good alternative to the common “Roof Spoiler” or “Boot Spoiler” found among many Sports cars. To be able to conceptualize it is already considered “thinking out of the box”; left alone it was actually being produced and that curves that flow so effortlessly with the rooflines. IMHO this is very authentically a “SAAB” creative spirit; which always takes something very much common in real life and make it work beatifully in a SAAB, with good Form and also absolutely Functional. I will give this a toast!

  16. I just Love it!
    Looks a little bit like a Lexus LFA from the side.
    Very masculine and sporty design where every element seems to have a reason, like a race car.

  17. For me the comparison to the Aero X makes sense. It is not that they are competing; it is that the Aero X is the Michael Jordan of Saab concepts. The question, in comparing them, is does the PhoeniX create the same kind of buzz for Saab. I think the answer is no. That doesn’t mean that the PhoeniX isn’t a good concept. It would just mean that the Aero X accomplished it’s goals better.
    IMO what the Aero X did better was that when you looked at it it said Saab, not old Saab but future Saab. You could see the heritage in the sloping roof, the wrap-around windshield, the interior colors, the ingenuity in the extra storage space in the rear. It also, did a very difficult job of keeping the “purists” happy while adding new fans. I remember reading that the Aero X easily stole the show from the likes of Ferrari. While we in the Saab community love the exclusivity of the brand, the bottom line is that it would be very profitable for us all if Saab had at least one car that stirred people’s interest the way the Aero X has.
    So the PhoeniX is a good concept in that it has drawn attention to Saab, even if some of that attention isn’t positive. In Hollywood they sometimes say any attention is good attention.
    I kept trying to figure out what the PhoeniX reminds me of. This morning I figured it out. When looking at it from the side, the front of the car looks like the aliens from Alien vs. Predator. If the aliens had a car that they could drive this would be it. LOL
    All jokes aside, I see potential in the PhoeniX just not as much as I did in its’ sibling (half or whole) the AeroX.

    • I really love the Aero-X and would loved to see it in production in some form. However, expecially comparing it to the PhoeniX, I come to realize that it wasn’t more than an exterior exercise, albeit a very successful one. The PhoeniX is much more of a total package, it actually has something under the hood.

  18. I voted that i love it but because it’s not just a concept car, it’s so much more. It’s Jasons first car (that the public is seeing). It’s Saab’s first platform as its own independent company. It’s got the IQon system, the new front fascia that is expected to be on the next gen Saabs, the new eXWD system, the new “hybrid” powertrain. Visually, I’m not a fan of the buttresses but I totally appreciate them because of what they stand for. This concept was designed to tell people that Saab is alive and well and it not only tells this, it screams it. =)

    I was going to replace my 9-3 with a 9-4x but with gas prices where they are I may have to wait for the Jason designed NG 9-3 / 9-3 replacement.

  19. As i said before in another topic, the Aero X makes me want to kill somebody just to drive it.
    The PhoeniX it´s just to keep in an museum….
    I trully think it´s a very well done rush project… it was done with detail ( the front ) to give saab a new vision but he had no time to make the rear.
    It did what he had to do: Tell the world Saab is alive.
    The comparison about the Aero X and the PhoeniX is inevitable. And even if the Aero X start to look dated ( from exposure ) i´ll kill for one. It just flows right in an scandinavian way.

    Now… if we can see the Aero X influence in the 9-3 and in the 9-5, can you imagine the Phoenix design in the 9-3?? And in the new 9-2 or 9-1??
    It´s strange to think about it… it even doesn´t carry the 3 piece front grill…
    If someday we need to take a big step foward, this is the best time… new owner, new designer…. i just hope JC doesn´t transform this loved brand in another “Americanized” or “Japanized” or “any other kind” brand.
    It is what it is: an concept… but be aware! Saab DNA may be at risk… There´s a fine line between an change and an mutant
    LOLOL ( too many films )

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