Positive Impressions of the 9-4x

Today was the first press day of the new 9-4x outside Washington, DC today at the Swedenburg Estate Winery in Middleburg, VA. While the severe thunderstorms made the weather atrocious, it may have actually shown off the incredible abilities that Saab has baked in with their XWD system. While impressions are embargoed on the car for a little bit longer, James Bell from the Motor Press Guild came away with a good feeling. From a USA Today blog post:

Bell test drove the new 9-4X crossover today and snapped a photo of it outside the Swedenburg Winery in Middleburg, above. While the embargo hasn’t lifted yet on driving impressions, he says “rest assured that this vehicle should put this venerable brand back on discriminating shopping lists across the country.”

9-4x test drive outside Swedenburg Winery. Photo by James Bell

We’ll have much more coverage of the 9-4x from the New York International Auto Show later in April and also follow up once articles are published.

20 thoughts on “Positive Impressions of the 9-4x”

  1. Hey! This is 10 minutes from my house. Wish I had a head’s up I could have snuck some pictures. Not a lot of ways in or out of the area. We did have severe Tstoms and hail last evening. Great country roads to try the car on in the area.

  2. Jeff;
    To answer both questions about Saab/GM dealers here in the US, and the new 9-4X introduced today outside of Washington, here are my thoughts. It will sell even better at the Caddie/ GM/ Saab dealers than the stand alone dealers. Why? Because you are going to place it in front of your major buying group, the well- to-do upper income SUV buyer, who may not want to spent an additional $10 plus grand on the Caddie. If the leasing deal is half way good, which worries me at lot, it could improve sales numbers. Remember, though many SU posters disliked it, the 9-7x sold well. We bought ours at a Caddie dealer in Scottsdale, and it was a big price jump up to the Caddie Blazer if my memory is correct. My wife wanted the Saab so I really didn’t pay attention to their price.

    • Thanks for answering Chris. The Cadillac SRX actually comes in at $34K base too, so it comes down more to style than anything else when a buyer chooses the Saab over the Caddy. Given that it’s got a more European flare to it, I can easily see it doing this. The 9-4x is the first big opportunity for a US advertising “reboot.” If you can get customers in to see it, they’ll see the new 9-5 and the great deals on the 9-3 range too. The 9-7x certainly got foot traffic into Saab dealers, and I think the 9-4x is the missing piece of the puzzle too. There was never a “Caddie blazer,” and the 9-7x certainly priced out lower than the old SRX. They’re on equal footing though now. I just really really hope that the ads for the 9-4x are direct and good this time, and focus on the fact that Saab is making a comeback without someone who speaks with a British accent.

  3. Jeff, Well….. this allows us to set up a little test for our GM dealer. When the 9-4x shows up I will walk in their door, and act like I want a cross-over, but don’t know anything about either the SRX, or the 9-4X, and see what happens. Will he point my towards the Caddie, or Saab? Of course because all I drive are Saabs, I will have to park far down the street and walk in. Should be fun!

  4. A giant Off Topic for all Stockholmers!
    Have seen on Saabs swedish homepage that they will show us all new vehicles in Nacka strand?
    Indep Cab, 9-5SC, PhoeniX, 9-4X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m defenitely gonna buy the 9-4X, to replace a 9-7X; surely its a more refined vehicle.
    Although I do think the 9-7X has somewhat moreoff-road capabilities; it did quite good when we compared it with a few other similar vehicles; not as good as a Grand Cherokee but better than an XC-90 (although I did like Volvo’s T6 engine very much..)

    • Thanks Peter we put that in the 9-3 mule story link yesterday already. We’re working on ways so that in the future it’s easier to see/find stories that you’re interested in a lot easier and quicker than the current layout, so you can comment directly on the story instead of getting off topic in a different post. Work in progress for all of us πŸ™‚

  6. Regarding above show at Nacka Strand – Im in shipping and we just received a request for air freight both the 9-5 and Phoenix from Stockholm to New York. πŸ™‚

  7. Based on the number of Cadillac SRX’s I’ve seen the last few months, the 9-4x should sell well in the US. I’ve traveled a bit lately and I’m seeing the SRX’s everywhere and in areas I typically never see people driving Caddies.

  8. My son and I are going to the NYAS – just ordered a couple of matching Saab t-shirts from the custom shop. Anyone else going? My goal is to get a pic of us with a nice Saab-ie girls and a 94x or perhaps a 95 Aero.

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