Press Release from Saab GB: Get set to save with Saab

It’s not often you get something for nothing, but that’s exactly what is on offer for owners of Saab cars more than three years old.

Anyone who owns a Saab three years or older automatically qualifies for free membership to Saab’s Service Club, a loyalty scheme that provides a host of exclusive benefits to its members including free visual health checks and discounts on parts, servicing and Saab accessories.

Alan Cowan, General Manager Aftersales at Saab GB comments: “Saab customers can really make the most of the Saab Service Club and the exclusive benefits it offers.

“The Saab Service Club offers a cost-effective way to keep Saabs in perfect running condition through their lifetime of ownership and new members can take advantage of the offers and savings available to them immediately after registering.”

Saab GB has recently introduced a fixed price Annual service for cars that are three years and older for £249 and includes a thorough and comprehensive vehicle check including fluid top-ups and filter changes. An Oil service is also available for £129 and includes oil and filter change, vehicle diagnostic check, road test and wash and vacuum. Both service prices include parts, oil, labour and VAT.

In fact, it’s not just owners of Saab vehicles three years or older that can take advantage of service offers.  Owners of Saab vehicles under three years can take advantage of a tailored three-year fixed price service plan that covers all regular servicing and takes away the hassle of unexpected annual bills.

The Saab Service Plans are not only inflation proof, but customers can also decide what level of servicing they want.

Owners can benefit from calculated monthly payments based on annual mileage and how many services they want the plan to cover. This offers motorists increased flexibility and choice when it comes to looking after their car.

Prices are fixed for the duration of the plan, so there are no hidden interest charges, making it easier to budget and spread the cost of an annual service into installments, just like household bills.

Cowan adds: “With our team of trained technicians we can offer the experience and expertise to help keep customers’ cars in the best condition possible, servicing them to manufacturer’s specifications and using only genuine Saab parts that are covered by a standard maintenance schedule.”

For more information on the Saab Service Club and to register for free as a member, visit and for more information on fixed price service plans contact your local Saab dealership or visit

9 thoughts on “Press Release from Saab GB: Get set to save with Saab”

    • Well, I didn’t want to be the first to comment on this, but I think that these prices for standard services are still pretty steep.
      “An Oil service is also available for £129 and includes oil and filter change, vehicle diagnostic check, road test and wash and vacuum.”
      Oil and filter change: $40
      Diagnostic check: 5 minutes of computer hookup
      road test: drive to the car wash
      wash and vacuum: $10
      I really feel sorry for people who would have to pay full price for these services.

    • Having just bought 5 litres of oil and an oil filter for just under £60 I’d probably be quite happy to not have to conduct the pain-in-the-ass procedure of an oil change on my 9-3 TiD. Of course I will do it myself but I can imagine that people will take this up as the price is pretty decent considering labour per-hour rates etc. Plus it gets washed and vacuumed. 🙂

      • “5 litres of oil and an oil filter for just under £60”

        Wow, really? I’ll immediately stop complaining about the US prices. I’m also feeling more and more happy about not getting that job in Oxford that I applied for 8 years ago. Nice place to visit but totally unaffordable.

        • Typically I understand that in the US oil is changed far more frequently than in the UK, that oil change will be good for 12000 miles. Could this account for the difference in price?

  1. Here is hoping they expand this type of service to other markets. Canada, for example.

    Jason Petho

  2. I wrote to Saab GB about this a couple of weeks ago without response.

    If you buy a VW or a BMW in the UK you get 3 years servicing for the price of an annual service with Saab. Add another £500 to the cost of your car immediately. This is an area where Saab should be more competitive. In hard times not worrying about your servicing costs might just make buying that new car more attractive?

    Once my Saab is over 3 years old taking it to an independent garage will not hurt it’s re-sale value. What is more important is that I have a history of good maintenance of the car.

    This has been poorly devised in my book.

    • Roachaldo

      I have just bought a new Sportwagon and it has 3 years servicing thrown in as part of the deal by Saab UK (I do not think it was by the garage).


  3. This is a positive step for UK Saab owners with 3yr old + cars. An intermediate service is little more than an oil/filter change in any case and is £120 at an independent . I think that this will drag me back to the dealership for servicing the Sportwagon, shame I just had it done a couple of months ago however.

    Get a well priced TLC type plan and you’ll have servicing sewn up.

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