Press Release: Saab Automobile Appoints Distribution Partner for Russia

  • Saab continues to expand distribution network with appointment of new
    importer in Russia
  • Moscow-based Armand Import major player in Russian automotive sector

Trollhättan, Sweden: Saab Automobile is continuing to expand its international
distribution network with the appointment of a new importer and distributor for the
highly important Russian market, Armand Import. Effective immediately, Armand
Import will take over all marketing, sales and distribution responsibilities from GM
CIS. Official sales are expected to start mid-2011.

Moscow-based Armand Import is a Russian company, part of the Armand Group,
with many years experience in all areas of the automotive business and will be
responsible for supplying and maintaining a national network of dealers in Russia. An
initial dealer network will comprise 12 dealers, which are located in major Russian
cities. This initial network will form the basis for further expansion.

Announcing the appointment, Saab Automobile President and CEO Jan Åke Jonsson
said: “I am delighted to announce this agreement with Armand Import. The company
has a good track record in the Russian market and is, just like us, committed to
excellent customer service and a long term approach to business partnerships.
“The Russian market is an important growth market where we see a lot of sales
potential for the Saab brand. As we are currently in the middle of the largest ever
product offensive in Saab’s history, this is a perfect time for Armand Import to team
up with our organization.”

Igor Gerts, CEO of Armand Import, said: “We are very happy to represent the Saab
brand in Russia. Our company is proud to be associated with the Saab brand and its
rich heritage, and we look forward to tapping the large potential in the Russian
market for Saab vehicles.”

We did already know about that, but now is official.
Good luck in Russia


8 thoughts on “Press Release: Saab Automobile Appoints Distribution Partner for Russia”

    • Sorry, the comments were simply:
      “Jan-Åke Jonsson resigns!”
      “We already posted this in the post below”
      and then
      “sorry I didn’t scroll down.”

      We’re trying to keep this whole thing organized, despite the hectic news. Let’s try to stay on topic. If you want to talk about the Russian market, then this is definitely the place to be 🙂 If you want to talk about JÅJ resigning :(, go down two posts.

      • With all due respect, JAJ’s resignation is the news of the day. I guess it would make sense to keep it at the top of the news page, regardless of the fact that it might attract uninformed doom-and-gloom commentary.

        • I completely agree. Unfortunately my WordPress account doesn’t allow me to move it to the top. We’re working on it. Thanks for the patience.

  1. Actually the Armand Import CIS company has only been incorporated in December 2010, according to the Russian company register. The address is the same as Armand’s Moscow Saab dealership. I guess JAJ could be referring to the track record of the Armand Group in general.

    How come that these long-awaited news arrives along with the JAJ resignation announcement? 🙁

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