RobertJ mashes the Saab 9-5 and PhoeniX concept

Aren’t computers fantastic?

Just a few days after the PhoeniX has made an appearance, people are wondering what it might mean for future Saabs. We’ve already heard from Jason Castriota that some features of the PhoeniX concept will flow through to future Saabs, most notably the front end, elements of which will form the ‘face’ of Saabs in future years and of course, the PhoeniX platform itself (more on that in a later article).

RobertJ took the liberty of combining the new Saab 9-5 with elements of the PhoeniX’s design, the results of which he posted in comments and on Flickr.

Here’s the mashup. The 9-5 bits are in black and PhoeniX in gold.



Jeff P has extended RobertJ’s work with a bit of coloration to make finished proposals.

It’s always fun to see this sort of thing. Outstanding work from both.

Thanks gents.

57 thoughts on “RobertJ mashes the Saab 9-5 and PhoeniX concept”

    • AAAH! ME! HERE! I’ll take one please! Hatch with 1.6 Turbo, eXWD and IQon….

      3 years ago, who would have thought we’ll see that from Saab. =)

    • It’s an electric car! It hasn’t got a fuel filler cap on either side. =D
      Very well done Jeff.

      • Very well Robert, I just smoothed out some edges 😛

        And yes, the absence of a fuel cap was 100% intentional of course ;).

      • Here’s the last try, which is more a combination of elements from the PhoeniX. I took the curves off the concept and blended them smoothly with this car’s body. I actually like it more.

        It looks more premium or something, all those fantastic “aermotional” (gag me, just say aerodynamic) lines and convex surfaces. It’s not really flame surfacing, it’s a more subtle but equally interesting treatment.

        And ya, black is a lot easier to cheat with on shadows and curves in photoshop. That’s probably why it looks so swank. I am so buying the next 9-3, can’t wait.

        • I left the wrong rear door layer on that last one. Easy 10 second fix so I uploaded the one with the right lines on the back door. Oops.

          So by last try, I meant second to last try (hopefully not third, unless you can point out something that you realllllly want changed, like wheels). Here’s the last try.

    • Sign me up for the XWD three door hatch in lighning blue. What are my chances for TX wheels?

  1. Someone has been hiding an Aero-X behind the PhoeniX in the SU banner.
    Jeff, you must be pretty caffeine embalmed by now, it’s well after midnight.
    Somehow I really dig the lightning blue version, although I think that with that really low airdam it will never make it up the Orient Point ferry.

  2. Just also realized that this would be the same type of front/rear rework that the 9000 got when entering CS-phase. In the future, why not? 🙂

  3. Yikes: I’m seeing a Lexus!

    Those ‘superflous’, ‘busy’ winglets/flying buttresses are an integral part of the PhoeniX charm and power, mated to the teardrop window treatment. The 9-5 ‘hockey stick’ doesn’t work with the PhoeniX nose cone.

    I know we won’t see those winglets (why not?) but I hope the final product is NOT this (and that’s not a comment on the skills of Robert J and Jeff)

    • Yep it’s got some weird tweaks that need to be made for sure. Different side window graphic, different headlight proportions, revised side skirts, etc. But for a quick and dirty frankenstein treatment, this at least gives us something to talk about, right? Good times.

      And yes Gerrit, I should go to sleep shouldn’t I? Which begs the question, why aren’t you in bed yet either :P?

      • These look fantastic!! Lexus would be lucky to have a car that looks like this.

        I think you did an excellent job of transferring the design elements that are most likely to make it into the production version(s).

    • Nah, I think that would be to go in the “russian doll”-direction, which Jason is against, and so am I.

      I really much prefer the direction of the Frankensteins that Jeff and robert are making us drool about 😀

  4. I like it… a lot !

    The thing a might tweak a bit is the rear. Make it more “9-X Air”-isch …
    More ice block design into it…

  5. The cars in the second image look absolutely stunning to me!
    Sort of like an Alfa Romeo 156 updated with Saab heritage, very nice!

  6. Excellent work chaps. Very envious of your skills.
    For my small bit of feedback: adjust the oversized show-car wheels to something more realistic and square the noses up a bit (less Concorde droop) and I think you’re there. The hatch/sedan combo is wonderful – any chance of a ‘vert & combi too?
    Apologies for all the demands.

    • Close, very close…getting excited again…now the loooooong wait till Frankfurt 2012.
      (bites fingers)

    • Isn’t it funny how that photoshop is a few months old yet the front design very similar to the PhoeniX concept?

      Maybe Auto Motor Sport knows something we don’t. If that were to be the new 9 3, then I think I’d be quite happy with it 🙂

  7. Hi Swade!

    Ttela is writing about you leaving this site, and that someone else will take over. Have I missed something? It’s an amazing site you’ve created here, and the Geneva coverage have been great.

  8. For a quick mash-up, it is very well done. Makes me excited to see what SAAB really has in store for us in the coming years!

  9. Wow is all I have to say! If the Ng 9-3 looks anything like the black version of the PhoeniX in that pic, Saab won’t have to worry very long about selling 120,000 cars a year. This car could do that all by itself for sure!!!

  10. New ideas need to be given time. Some see the greatness immediately, and some see it after a while. The risk with the “after a while” attitude is that you may end up with only very gradual design evolution, or with the “retro” cars that various manufacturers have been spewing out. It’s like with music, instead of being creative, many rely on the “old-golden” days instead of innovating. That’s a bit boring.

    Btw, I like the Frankensteins.

    • Just to be clear, I didn’t mean that SAAB was boring, rather the competition (especially VW) that rely so heavily on past triumphs.

  11. Long time lurker, two-time SAAB owner (current SAAB and Volvo owner).

    First time I have been compelled to post –

    Call that the new 9-3 Viggen, add some serious HP and ftlb I’ll take mine in lightening blue!

  12. If I had only known “the Frankenstein” (love that nickname) would get this kind of love from the SU-fans I would probobly have taken more time to do it propper. Luckily there are talented graphic wizards like Jeff, who can cast a spell and make all of those sloppy little mistakes go away. I am glad with so many having an oppinion and delighted with Jeff´s tranformation of the rough frankenstein.

    I really like the black one.

  13. Looks sweet to me! This is exactly why people shouldn’t get to bent out of shape when they see an over the top concept hinting at some future direction. Look what can come of of it with a bit of work! I personally would like to see it with the new BMW 2.0T 4 cyl 240 HP and 260+ TQ. Personally I think it would be a better fit for the new 9-3 (or perhaps a nice upgrade) than the 1.6, at least for the US market.

  14. Like that a lot! Great work on putting these images together so soon.
    Great to see lots of people talking about SAAB! I am so excited about SAAB right now. If the next 9-3 or what ever they call it looks as good as this then I will be having one on my driveway for sure.
    Great work guys! And well done to Swade and RedJ for their great geneva coverage. I have done sod all work this week!

  15. Slightly positive review for the NYT (usually they’re negative about everything, probably because the writers have to ride the subway every day):

    I like the mash up, but there is maybe one thing that should be slightly changed. I wonder how the car would look like with the front of the roof lowered a bit, i.e. less glass in the front and an essentially level roof line. This would make the stance a little more aggressive.

  16. The Sunset Red version fills me with tears of joy. Any of you photoshop wizards care to try a convertible?

    • I actually liked the old style swept back lights of the original more than the Padian rear lights. No offense, the 9-5 is beautiful..but I really really like the Kammback shape and swept back rear light angles that have been a part of Saab design for a long time. I’m not saying they’re a sacred cow, but I thought the shape really did set apart Saabs from the rest for a while. Here’s a graphic that explains what I’m talking about, notice how at the bottom the new 9-5 is the first Saab in generations to have lights that didn’t sweep up, but rather down.

      I really don’t think the new 9-5 lights are appropriate for the 9-3- an iconic LED strip across the rear, sure, but not this. I’ll try sketching out a rear profile if I get time later. what I’m thinking.

      Also, the sides are so smooth, and while I know that’s been a theme of the showcars in the recent past, I like where Jason is taking the surfaces with the PhoeniX concept- clean but muscular. Not so slab sided, more dimensional. Fun to keep trying though 🙂 If you didn’t see I posted a new version above that incorporates more of the side profile of the concept in the lower section.

        • O.o stunning Jeff. I seriously think that your concept will be pretty darn close in accordance with the real 93 concept.

          Completely agree. The kamm style back DOES look better on this design. Can you imagine how good this car is going to drive and still be super economical and practical? Craziness.. love this new SAAB direction!

          Really hope the 9-5SC and 9-4x recieves good sales this year, so we do not have to worry too much on the financial side of things.

      • Very interesting design-analysis about the tail-lights!
        I do agree in your conclusion in that regard also, but would like to add, that looking on the new 9-5SC it seems to be a very concious and right decision to turn the angle off the 9-5 tail-lights. It “talks” very well with the characteristic window that is added to the wagon.

  17. Spot on Jeff, I hadn´t seen your new version of the “frankenstein”, but in my oppinion it is by far the best frankenstein yet.
    You have a point with the old style rear lights. They do look more Saab and less generic.
    If I´ll do a new version I will definitely use the old school saab lights.

    the urSaab my favorite of all car designs.

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