Saab 9-5 SC dimensions

Saab has published the 9-5SC sketches with the main measurements. I’ve attached the sketch of the sedan for comparison purposes.

The SC is 2 mm longer and 18 mm higher. The head room is on the front seat 6mm larger and 15mm on the rear seats.

The rear track has also increased by 2 mm

Left: dimessions in mm; Right: dimessions in inch


11 thoughts on “Saab 9-5 SC dimensions”

  1. “The SC is 2 mm” now i know the SC is to big for my garage so i will go for a smaller SAAB;) I like the nerdiness of this post a lot! 🙂

    • montahue: No, you have a too small garage. Buy a bigger one 🙂

      So the official headroom of the rear seat is 16mm larger than in the sedan…
      I wonder if that is only acheved by the roof design. And further: what could still be done with redesign of the rear seat and/or the cushion of the ceiling?

  2. Saab, in case you lost my request from sight: I could still use those in vector format. A lot of architects would love to put these cars on their plans, elevations and sections. But preferably not as bitmap, vector (illustrator, EPS, DXF/DWG, …) is better.

  3. One of the most overlooked dimensions of “new” cars in my opinion is the (in German) called “Stirnfläche“. In English this would translate into “frontal area”. (also abbreviated “A”). It is the surface of the car (object) seen from straight ahead. The larger the surface the more air has to be “pushed away”. Together with the drag coefficient (also abbreviated “C”) this is a great indicator of the need for power to overcome the resistance of the air.

    So I would like to know the A and C value of the 9-5.

    • Sven,
      we are two searching for A. 😉

      I’ve tried to explain here many times, that the drag coefficient is not enough for comparing the aerodynamic performance of a car.

      Anyhow, the frontal surface is a well kept secret by many car makers, most of all when they compare the new model’s aerodynamic performance with the older model. 😉

      • Red J,

        I know the German AM&S magazine in its real tests publishes (at least, used to publish) the Strinfläche as part as a very detailed “technische Daten” section. Do they still do that and hasn’t the 9-5 been through a real test?

        Anyway it is a figure we definitely should try to find!


        • Sven,
          I can’t tell about A,M&S but I’ve seen the value in a German auto magazine, I was too stupid not to take a note.
          Since then I’m hunting for that magazine. 😉

          Keep you informed.

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