SAAB of the week – Ziggy and Benta

Ah, monday– a new week! It’s time for Saab of the Week.
This time we head over to sunny Santa Barbara, CA.

Dear SU family,

I fell in love with SAAB back in 1991 with the purchase of my first Saab, a 1978 99 Turbo. Since than I have owned more than 7 SAABS including the venerable 1997 SAAB 9000 Aero.

Fast forward to 2008. My wife and I plan on updating our motoring fleet. Of course our taste is very similar. I want a 9-5 in silver and so does she. We end up driving home two gorgeous CPO 9-5’s, one being an Aero (2006 Sport) and the other with a 5 speed. Our Saab children are affectionately known as Ziggy and Benta. My wife Nicola and I hail from Santa Barbara, CA. Keep up the good work SU!

All the Best,


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13 thoughts on “SAAB of the week – Ziggy and Benta”

  1. that car looks excellent in silver (or carbon grey like mine 🙂
    Would like some pics of both cars though, and from the side too so we can see the rims. (looks a little like a double three-spoke?)

  2. Great. Somewhere out there in the desert that cool Saab stir up loads of dirt and sand! At least it looks a bit desertisch to me? Anyway, great to see pics of saabs in different surroundings. 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on Ziggy. I sent in additional pictures with Benta in them and the cars side by side but I guess the SU editors did not like them…

  4. Two 9-5’s 🙂 wish my wife would drive the same kind of car.. then when one breaks I can steal parts off the other. I can imagine it now; my mechanic asking “didn’t I replace your CPS last week?”

  5. I am an hour down the coast from these folks, and my wife has a 95 Aero auto and I have 95Aero 5 speed. We love them both. Awesome awesome cars!!! We have owned 12 Saabs. Including a 93b

  6. Seb, yeah they were abit too dark.. I would love to have more new photos of them together in daylight 🙂 cheers


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